Urban Commuting Redefined: Exploring The Addmotor Triketan Series Electric Trikes

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In the consistently evolving world of e-trikes commuting, a revolution has gained momentum by redefining the way of effortless biking. The game-changing Triketan series of Addmotor electric trikes for adults is ready to transform the way you navigate around the town. 
The Triketan series of e-trikes will change your daily commute from a mundane chore to a thrilling adventure. The city streets will become your playground and traffic jams will be a distant memory for you while riding one of these innovative electric trikes.
This article is a full review of all three models of Triketan e-tricycles and will help you select the most suitable trike for yourself. Let’s unravel the innovative features, undeniable charm, and eco-friendly allure of these amazing fat tire electric trikes. 

Introducing The Triketan Series E-trikes Of Addmotor

The Triketan series includes three remarkable models, the Triketan M-330, M-330F, and M-350. Each model is meticulously engineered to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your daily rides.
All models are the same in battery and motor power but the difference lies in components and abilities. 
These electric trikes for adults are thoughtfully designed with cutting-edge technology to offer you unmatched comfort and convenience on all terrains equally. 


►  The Triketan M-330 Electric Trike

Triketan M-330 II Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors, Cyan Green

#1.  Design and Construction

The Addmotor Triketan M-330 is a remarkable electric trike with amazing features and abilities. The tricycle is focused on delivering you an unforgettable experience by seamlessly combining style, performance, and comfort. 
Based on the needs of riders, the M-330 has now been upgraded with 6 major upgrades to provide a more comfortable riding experience.
The frame of the M-330 trike is made of 7A19 alloy aluminum material that is not only strong but also lightweight and makes the transportation of the e-trike easy. 

#2.  Power and Performance 

This 3-wheeler has upgraded with the 750W rear motor that can generate a torque of 80N.M. This powerful motor can effortlessly run the 3-wheeler with a total load of 450 lbs.
Furthermore, the powerful electric trike is equipped with a 20Ah*48V Samsung battery that offers 85+ miles range per charge. This long-lasting battery takes 9-10 hours to charge fully and has a long lifespan of 1000-1500 charging cycles.

#3.  Safety and Other Features

The M-330 Triketan electric trike for adults has improved handling and traction with its 20 X 4-inch tires. These tires offer convenient performance on all types of terrains. The trike has a powerful front flashlight and a multi-purpose rear light. 
The new Triketan II M-330 e-trike has additional features and functionality such as the differential, parking brakes, reinforced trailer tube, torque sensing, and more!
Moreover, this e-trike features a 5-inch LCD to track the performance directly while on the go. The tricycle offers exceptional stopping power with its Tektro brake levers and 180 mm rotors. These brakes are highly effective on both urban streets and outdoor terrain. 


►  Addmotor Triketan M-330F Folding Electric Trike

Triketan M-330F Folding Electric Tricycle for Adults 2023 Folding Electric Trike Red

#1.  Performance and Power

The M-330F model folding electric trike is equipped with the standard Addmotor 750W*48V motor. The motor ensures seamless navigation and swift acceleration by producing 80N.M torque. This motor offers an extended range of up to 85+ miles of effortless cruising over various terrains with a 20Ah battery. 
The battery of this trike has a long life span of 1000 to 1500 charge cycles. The electric tricycle is equipped with torque sensors that effectively extend the battery timing by 30%. 

#2.  Control, Display, and Lights

Now tracking the performance of the trike during rides is much easier with the multi-function digital display of Triketan M-330F. You can track the performance of your tricycle by monitoring the PAS level, motor output, battery power, speed, and indicators status. 
Moreover, a modern chip-type controller for power distribution and effective controls. This folding electric trike is installed with powerful front and rear lights to enhance visibility during dark times. The rear light consists of turning and indicators, and a brake light. this rear light is helpful in early indication to all those coming behind you on busy roads. 

#3.  Frame and Build Design

This version of the Triketan series is constructed with all-aluminum alloy material. The lightweight folding frame makes this an ideal choice for urban and countryside commuting. With this lightweight frame, the M-330F folding electric trike is easy to transport and park in narrow spaces. 
This trike is installed with 50 mm travel front forks to avoid bumps and shocks of undulated roads. Furthermore, the folding electric trike for adults is fitted with a rear differential to avoid a single axle problem that allows both rear wheels to turn independently in sharp turns. 

#4.  Gripping and Tires

The trike offers exceptional grip and excellent stability with the 20 X 3-inch wide tires. The puncture-free tires are constructed in 3 layers to enhance their durability. You can ride your trike on all different terrains including city roads and hilly trails without any safety concerns.


►  Triketan M-350 Fat Tire Electric Trike

TRIKETAN M-350 Fat Tire Electric Tricycle for Adults Neptune Blue
The Triketan M-350 e-trike model is engineered to redefine your riding with its innovative design and impressive features. This model is focused on offering you an unmatched riding experience like no other. 

#1.  Frame and Build

The M-350 fat tire electric trike boasts an alloy aluminum frame of 6061 gauge for convenient ride and strength. It offers an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride on uneven and bumpy surfaces with the addshox fork of 80 mm travel. this model of Triketan Series is installed with Tektro mechanical disk brakes of 180mm to effectively apply stopping force for smooth and secure stops.  

#2.  Handling and Tires

Your M-350 electric trike for adults features 60 TPI Kenda Gigas tires of 24 X 4 inch on the front and 20 X 4 inch on the rear to offer superior grip. These fat tires offer unwavering stability and traction on all types of terrains and extreme weather conditions. 

#3.  Sitting Position and Comfort

The exclusive well-padded saddle offers comfortable sitting with a backrest during long rides. You can rest your back and avoid spinal stress using the backrest during long rides. Also, you can adjust the height of the handlebar according to your sitting comfort. 

#4.  Electric Motor and Battery

The M-350 e-trike features a powerful 48V750W front-mounted motor to accelerate the trike. This brushless motor offers an exceptional boost with its ability to generate 80N.M torque. The Main power source of the fat tire electric trike is a 20Ah long-lasting battery that offers 85+ miles of distance coverage on each charge. 

#5.  Controls and Digital Display

A 5-inch digital display is also installed to show the status of speed, PAS level, and other necessary indications. Modern technology chip-type controller is installed to enhance the response time of different controls.


The Triketan series e-trikes of Addmotor are a real transformation in urban commuting. These robust electric trikes offer unmatched comfort and convenience of rides as compared to other electric-powered tricycles. 

The Triketan series has 4 sub-models M-330, M-330 mini, M-330F, and the M-350 electric trikes for adults. The robust power assistance and durable construction of these models make them the best option for all commuters. Don’t miss the chance to explore unseen places with one of these fat tire electric trikes of the Triketan series.


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