Experience Unmatched Comfort and Power with the Addmotor ARISETAN II M-360 E-trike

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Comfort and reliability should not be an expectation but must be a deliverable. When it comes to electric trikes, it should be an effortless riding experience without the pressure of safety and quality issues. With that said, Addmotor has done its job by releasing the ARISETAN II M-360 E-trike.
This e-trike incorporates upgraded components, which takes your riding experience to the next level. With better performance, style versatility, and dynamics, the trike makes its way to one of the most reliable trikes in the market. To better understand the hype of the Arisetan II M360, let us dig deeper into the functionality and performance metrics of the trike.

Ariestan M-360 II etrike

Why Choose This?

Trikes can be tricky if they do not have the essential dynamics and smoothness of a ride, which does not always mean the performance of components but also the styling direction. When choosing an excellent daily commute, we always look into the perspective of reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Arisetan II is precisely that. This trike is a better option when it comes to riding in style and comfort.
Now, towards the real question. How the Arisetan II stand out? The answer is simple. This trike is appealingly functional. So, whether you want to use it for your daily commute or for a casual ride, it is your way to go.

How is the Motor?

The most important thing to look into when choosing an electric trike is the motor component. The Arisetan II M360 gives you a raving 750W motor which sits on the rear of the trike. The vision for the placement of the engine is straightforward. It helps in improving the stability of the bike while giving you better control and adaptability.
Coming to handling, the position of the motor is suitable in the events of acceleration and deceleration. Since the weight is evenly distributed, it makes braking and accelerating more stable. Apart from the safety perspective, the rear-mount motor also helps in stable cornering, which is a considerable performance plus for the customers.

Precision of the Arisetan II M360

Precision is easy to take into consideration but quite hard to implement. Especially when it comes to an uneven number of tire rides. This largely depends upon the weight engineering of the trike. The Arisetan II takes the lead here. The power output of the trike adapts itself to the amount of force applied. This implies that the trike will not tilt or rise from any direction at faster speeds, giving a smooth and precise ride.

Packing More Punch

Capacity and cargo space are something other than what you sign up for when looking for a trike. But in general interpretation, if you are buying a trike, you need to think of the ways to put your groceries with a couple of things, at least not a primary concern. But the Arisetan II delivers out of the box here.
Since the need to carry luggage can never run out, the M360 gives you the option of an attachable trailer tube for your cargo capacity. Designed specifically to compliment the overall vibe of the trike, the trailer tube can be easily attached to the bike to give you an expanded space. The trailer design mimics the original method of the trike.

Brake like a Pro

Even a trike can make you feel powerful. Having said that, the braking system of the Arisetan II is exemplary. The upgraded Tektro 180mm Disc brakes provide just the proper force to stop even at higher speeds. The braking does not feel uneven and rough. The individual brakes on each rear wheel provide stability so the trike stops precisely. The design of the brake system is simple, and the grip is solid.

Smooth Mobility

How is the ride of the Arisetan II M360? This electric trike gives you comfortable rides no matter how bumpy the road is. The tires are designed to provide minimum hiccups while driving over harsh and rough patches. The 20'' x 4.0'' fat tire electric trike gives you the feasibility of riding smoothly over all terrain.
Another simple yet worthy addition to the electric trike is the rear fenders. Not only do you get comfortable, but also clean rides. These fenders will protect the trike and your favorite jeans from dirt and splash on a rainy day.

Semi-Recumbent Trike

While maintaining the comfortability standards, one of the most important yet subtle feature of the trike is its semi-recumbent nature. Slightly inclined backward, the seat position gives less stress to the back and cuts off excessive workout during riding. The seat position is ideal for people who have restricted mobility and gentle on joint pains or injuries.

Display and Battery

Coming to the ever-important feature, the lighting display of the trike, which may not be the crucial feature, is similar to getting the best toppings on a plain cake. Integrated with a powerful 20AH battery, which, apart from giving a better run span to your bike, gives some flashy 9-beam headlights best for viewing at night. The headlights are controlled by the main display. The 5-inch main LCD display gets extra points for providing multiple riding mode options for convenience.

Comfort with style: the Arisetan II M360

The features of the M360 provide convenience, but did Addmotor hold the standard for comfort and style, too? Yes. The Arisetan II has a unique signature style that has yet to be changed despite the integration of upgraded components; the design is similar with little tweaks. The meticulously crafted curves paired with the engineered dynamics of the trike do not only give visual appeal but also comfortability. Or comfortability of ownership. The Arisetan II is manageable, stable, and a good investment for daily commute.


The Arisetan II M360 is a power pack when it comes to functionality and performance. Paired with good design style and comfort, this 3 wheel electric bike for adults is a complete package suitable for daily commutes or a holiday ride. If you are considering this option, do look at the Addmotor for the best purchase.

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