Everything about Electric Bike Mid-Drive Motor, Explained

Discover how mid-drive motors revolutionize electric biking, delivering torque, efficiency, and unparalleled performance to improve your riding experience.
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The rise of electric bikes has truly revolutionized the way we travel. It has provided us with an eco-friendly and budget-efficient way to commute, exercise, and explore our surroundings. Not only that, electric bikes are universal and can be ridden by everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you're a teenager looking to save money or an elderly person who is unable to ride a conventional bicycle, electric bikes can cover anything.

With their wide range of benefits and plus points, electric bikes have gained tremendous appreciation and popularity over the years. Despite being so popular, there are still some misconceptions about it. It is common for people to become confused about how to choose between a hub motor or a mid-drive motor due to a lack of knowledge about which one would be best.

If you’re an electric bike enthusiast or someone who wants to make the right purchase to get the most value for your money, it is wise to understand everything about this technology.

In this blog, we will learn everything about mid drive electric bike motors by unraveling their functionality and advantages. We will also see why you should choose one. So, get your helmet and prepare to ride the world of mid-drive motors.


What is an Ebike Mid-Drive Motor?
Mid-Drive 1000W MotorAs the name suggests, the mid-drive motor also known as the central drive motor is located near the electric bike’s bottom bracket. Unlike the hub motor which is integrated into the wheels, the mid-drive motor is positioned near the pedals and crankset which allows the motor to power the bike’s drivetrain directly.

With this strategic placement, you can enjoy improved performance, efficiency, and a more natural riding experience for everyone to enjoy. The mid-drive motor is more effective in terms of performance than hub motors. The motors produce high torque and provide good acceleration, allowing you to ride up hills with ease or swiftly traverse rough terrains.

How Does an Ebike Mid-Drive Motor Work?

The mid-drive motor produces more torque than the cyclist pedals, amplifying their pedaling force. The motor aims to improve the level of help in response to the rider's force. This technology, often known as pedal-assist or pedelec, offers a comfortable and natural riding experience by assisting rather than completely replacing the rider's efforts.

As a result, riding a bike with a mid-drive motor is like getting a hidden power boost. As you pedal, the mid-drive motor moves along with you. While it does not completely take over, it gives you more control so that your journey is more pleasant and comfortable.

As mid-drive motors work with electric bicycle gears, they are very convenient. With the pedal assistance mode or gearbox, you can control the motor's power. It might be helpful if you are traveling uphill to have a motor to provide you with extra power. Also, it might help you maintain your speed when traveling on level ground by providing a soft boost.

An advantage of mid-drive motors is that they provide a natural and fluid riding experience. There is still pedaling involved with this activity, which differs from riding a scooter or motorcycle. In short, the motor makes pedaling easier and more comfortable, particularly on hills and other challenging terrain.


Advantages of Mid-Drive Motors

#1 Efficiency & Performance

When compared to traditional hub motors with similar power, mid-drive motors have higher performance and torque. A key reason is that mid-drive motors drive cranks instead of wheels, multiplying power and allowing bikes to utilize their existing gears more efficiently. Imagine yourself approaching a steep hill as an example of this. It would be easier to pedal if the bike's gears were changed and the cadence remained the same. In this way, with a mid-drive motor, your bike can also benefit from that gearing change, delivering more power and range.

#2 More Torque

Despite having a torque sensor, the hub-drive motor can still only be controlled by the amount of current, raising the motor's rotational speed to raise the torque. As a result, there will be more energy wasted, less efficiency overall, and more power usage.

The more modern mid-drive motor consists of a combination of internal gearbox gears. A variable-speed ratchet formed by a number of clutch gears inside the motor will boost output torque and have greater load and climbing capacity. Additionally, because of its more sensitive torque sensor, the bottom bracket axle will accelerate more quickly when the crank's pedaling force changes.


#3 Better Centre of Gravity

The hub-drive motor is heavy, so whether it is mounted on the front wheel or the back wheel, the bicycle's centre of gravity will not be balanced. Additionally, using the engine to help will make you feel extremely frustrated, which makes it difficult to control the bicycle. This negatively impacts your riding experience. Additionally, the weight of the motor itself will produce spinning inertia that will contribute to the load on the braking system.

On the other hand, with a mid-drive motor, the electric bike's balance will not be affected under fast driving, and it does not require additional batteries or anything for counterweight. Therefore, Addmotor offers a upgraded Grandtan M-340T electric trike is ‌a mid drive electric trike to offer better stability and comfort.

Additionally, it will lengthen the braking system's lifespan and enhance braking performance by putting a lesser burden on the braking system. Consequently, having a mid-drive motor allows you to ride more comfortably and in control. Therefore, the balanced weight distribution of the mid-drive motor can be really useful whether you want to enjoy off-road or mountain riding situations.


#4 Robust & Easy to Maintain

Since the hub-drive motor in e-bikes has so many external parts, their failure rate will rise with regular use. However, the mid-drive motor has a very high level of integration, and it can typically achieve protection levels over IP65, meaning it can totally withstand intrusions from both dust and water jets from any angle.

The mid-drive motor on the bike is also extremely easy to service and maintain. Without damaging any other parts of the bike, you can simply remove two unique bolts to remove and replace the whole motor unit. This means that troubleshooting and repairs can be done in any typical repair shop. However, if you had a hub motor mounted to any of your wheels, even routine maintenance procedures would include taking off the wheel to repair it.

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