Everything about Electric Bike Hub Motor, Explained

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Electric bikes come with different types of motors. Motors are considered the heart of these bikes. The motor is the first thing people consider before buying an electric bike. The motor has a significant impact on your bike riding experience. So, choosing a motor is based on your needs and requirement that how much power a motor you want. 
There are different motors available in the market, like mid-drive motors, geared and direct drive motors, hub motors, etc. So, the riders must have to consider both aspects of the motor based on their needs and get the right electric bike that enhances their riding experience. 
This article will explore everything about the electric bike hub motor to understand why the hub motors are crucial and how it enhances our riding experience. So, let us dive deeper to understand more about electric bike hub motors. 
What is Electric Bike Hub Motor?

The hub motors are built into the hub of the wheels of the electric bike. The rear hub electric trike motor considerably prefers more by the brands than the front hub electric bike motor. The rear wheel hub motor and stator are connected to the gears to control the speed during a turn because the motors rotate much faster than the rotation of the wheels. The motor assistance allowed the riders to operate the bike without putting in the effort.  
How Does the Hub Motor Work?
Ordinary motors have brushes to revert the electric current to make sure the axles are rotating in the same direction. The hub motors do not come with the brush. The hub motor replaces the brush with the electronic circuit and separate coils. The circuit of the hub motor switch on and off constantly to provide power to the coils to create the force to run the motor. 
The electric bike functions no less than a human body. There is a motor controller in the electric bike to control the motor. It is typically the brain of the electric bike. The wires are the nerves of the electric bikes, and the nerves are connected to the handlebar to control the bike. Also, the wires are connected to the main battery to supply power to the different parts or features of the electric bike, like the liver, which stores energy and supply based on the requirements. The handlebar has a throttle that controls the speed of the electric bike, and the display shows the odometer, predicted range, and charging status. 
Pros of Electric Bike Hub Motor

- Speed: The rear hub motor in the electric bike is placed in the rear wheel, which assists the riders and makes riding more convenient. The riders need not pedal too hard or put in effort. They can use the throttle to move their class 2 electric bike without using the pedals. Also, the riders can use the 5-7 level pedal assist system and customize them based on their requirements and prevent themselves from feeling tired or exhausted.  


- Range: The hub motor in the electric bike increases the rotor’s spin, and the higher speed of the rotor requires the gearing system to control the speed of the hub motor electric bike. The hub motor enables the riders to enjoy a thrilling ride at the top speed of the electric bike. The hub motor increases the efficiency of the electric bike’s battery and lowers the power requirements. This way, it extends the battery life and enables the riders to cover long range without thinking about the performance.  


- Durable: he life of the brushes in the electric bike motor is shorter, which reflects the low life span of ordinary electric bike motors. On the other hand, there are no brushes in the hub motor of Addmotor electric bike, which indicates the long life of hub motors. Also, the gearing system in the electric bike and the pedal assist system enables the riders to switch based on their requirements.


- Convenient: The electric bike hub motor is cheaper than the mid-drive motors of similar power. Also, the cost of maintaining the hub motor is less because there is no wear and tear in the motor. The throttle control allows the riders to ride without using the pedals. There are multiple models available with the hub motors in the electric bike and riders can choose based on their requirements. So, all these factors make electric bikes more convenient and comfortable for riders. 

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