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Electric trikes have become a popular mode of transportation in recent years due to their various benefits. It has brought much convenience to many lives, especially the adults who struggled to ride traditional bikes due to their inability to maintain balance and stability. Due to this reason, e-trikes have become a part of many garages and parking lots. With the built-in electric motor that makes riding very convenient comes some problems too. The new riders might face some difficulties in managing their electric trikes and would panic in certain situations. So to help all the new riders who have recently bought an electric trike or planning to buy one, we have compiled some common problems that the riders usually face along with the solutions to avoid any panic situations.

Battery problems and solutions

The battery is considered the heart of a electric 3 wheel bike, so any minor default in the battery may result in the malfunctioning of the electric trikes. Imagine having a dead battery as you push the power button to start the electric trike. Usually, as you start your e-trike, many lights on your battery pack blink up, but when the battery is dead, none of the lights blink up. It can be either your battery is not charged or damaged. If your battery is not recharging and it seems that it has been damaged, then you need to check the voltage using a voltmeter. If you get a low reading, it indicates there’s something wrong with the battery. Another reason for not being able to start your e-trike could be due to BMS. BMS protects your battery from overcharging and over-discharging and also maintains temperature. So as it detects that the battery is over-discharging, it cuts off the power to the motor.

Motor problems and solutions

Another main component of electric trikes is the electric motor which should also be functioning efficiently. But sometimes riders hear some strange noise from the electric motor as they move the paddle, which can be due to various reasons that need to be diagnosed before thinking about the solution. The electric motor may make noise due to worn-out bearings or gears, loose bolts, and friction.  If you hear grinding noises, it indicates that there may be worn-out gears or loose bolts. You can easily tighten the bolt to solve the problem. The worn-out gears or bearings can be replaced to avoid noise. The noise can also be due to friction, for which you can use a lubricant on ball bearings for a smooth and noise-free ride.

Pedal-assist problems and solutions

The pedal-assist feature of e-trikes is what makes them popular in the market and among adults. If the pedal assist of a electric 3 wheel bike doesn’t work properly, then it wouldn’t be any different from a traditional bike. The problems with the pedal assist occur when you take your electric 3 wheel bike for adjustments and repair, and the mechanic doesn’t align the parts appropriately. When the sensors or the magnets are misaligned, the pedal assist mode of e-trikes does not function properly. The solution to this problem is the fixation of the magnet, with the help of a flathead screwdriver. If this doesn’t work, it is better to take your electric 3 wheel bike to an e-bike repair shop to get the sensors reconnected and realigned.

Throttle problems and solutions

Another great feature of electric trikes is their full throttle mode that allows the movement of the electric 3 wheel bike on its own by use of the electric motor without the involvement of human force. It is a great feature when a person gets tired of pedaling but still has miles to cover. In this situation, if the throttle mode malfunctions, it can be a problem for you. The throttle usually malfunctions due to improper usage. The wire that connects the throttle to the motor may break when the throttle is abruptly pulled and released. It is recommended to safely pull the throttle while twisting it a bit and then release it slowly. In case of wire breakage, you can get the wire replaced, and it won’t be heavy on your pocket.
So these are some of the problems you might face while owning electric trikes, but with the knowledge and the solutions mentioned, you can easily manage the problems on your own. 


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