Electric Bikes: Three Wheelers vs. Two Wheelers

By Addmotor | 02 June 2023 | 0 Comments

It doesn't matter how old we are, bikes have been a part of our lives at some point. They have been a way for us to explore, to have fun, and to get around. Whether it was a shiny new bike we got for our birthday or a bike passed down to us from a family member, the memories of riding bikes will stay with us forever. And after so many years, the electric era has brought us back to where we all started.

As electric bikes surge in popularity, childhood memories of adventure are being revived by combining convenience with fun. There are currently two types of electric bikes on the market that will suit every lifestyle: electric bikes and electric trikes. Electric bikes and trikes are eco-friendly and help people get around cities easily. As well as being fun, they are good for your health. The question is, which one is best for you, the electric bike or the electric trike?

Enjoy the Electric Bike Riding

Whether it's an electric bike or an e-trike, each has its advantages and may be better suited to the needs of a particular group. The pros and cons of each might vary depending on what you're looking for. The commuter who rides through rough terrain might benefit from one option, while the commuter who cycles through a city might benefit from the other.
So, whether you're a seasoned rider seeking comfort and stability or an adventure enthusiast craving agility and speed, let's explore the world of electric mobility and find the option that'd suit you better.

- Two Wheel Electric Bikes

It's no secret that two-wheelers like electric bikes have always been a trend. In terms of style and perfection, a 2-wheel electric bike is an example of perfection. Usually designed with top-notch materials, it lasts for decades and can be used for a wide range of tasks. All types of surfaces can be tackled with these e-bikes, including sand, mud, and snow, making them the perfect all-season option. Electric bicycles are easy to maneuver and handle, so you can easily commute and get around without any hassle. In short, for those seeking an exhilarating ride that combines agility, versatility, and a touch of adventure, electric bicycles are the epitome of two-wheeled bliss.

- Three Wheel Electric Trikes

In general, people are more familiar with electric bikes than they are with electric trikes. But that doesn’t mean that the three-wheel trikes are any less than electric bikes. Electric trikes are an excellent choice for people with mobility issues and older adults due to their maximum support and comfort. Imagine gliding through the city streets, the wind tousling your hair as you cruise with ease and confidence, that’s the feel you get on an electric tricycle. The third wheel provides more stability, giving complete control, so electric trikes are good for people who are afraid of falling off. Aside from their robustness and ability to carry more weight, electric trikes are also more durable than electric bikes. 

Trikes vs. Electric Bikes: Comparing Their Features

- Riding experience

The major difference between the two options is the riding experience they offer. Electric bikes are nimble and easy to handle as they are like traditional two-wheel bicycles. The only difference is an electric motor that provides pedaling assistance. Electric bikes are lighter than electric trikes, so you can still pedal even if you burn through all your batteries. Electric bikes are more suitable for different terrains. E-bikes are more agile than e-tricycles since they only have two wheels. You can therefore turn quickly, and ride through a narrow opening, such as when stuck in traffic. The Soletan 66X is an excellent two-wheel cruiser electric bike that emphasizes combining comfort and fun.

Electric trikes offer better stability and balance than electric bikes. While turning and on rough terrain, there are fewer chances of tipping over as trikes have two wheels at the back that work as support. Therefore, there are fewer chances of falling off a trike and it provides a smoother and safer ride. However, trikes are heavier and take up more space on the road. Therefore, you can't easily navigate through the gaps and will have to wait if you get stuck in traffic. Trikes like the Grandtan Plus even have footrests to rest the rider on. So, if you’re someone older or a person who prefers more stability and an easy riding experience, the electric trike is a more suitable option for you.

- Carrying capacity

The cargo options and bags available on electric bikes are also plentiful. As they are smaller than trikes, they can only carry a limited amount of stuff. Despite this, the Soletan 66X from Addmotor has a remarkable payload capacity of 300 lbs.

On the other hand, electric trikes are usually more robust and have solid frames. Therefore, they offer better cargo capacity than the two-wheel electric bikes. The chances of becoming unstable while carrying extra are also less. The fat tire electric trikes come with both front and rear cargo bags and racks, which increase their carrying capacity. The Grandtan Plus can carry around 450 lbs., which is significantly more than other trikes. Therefore, the E-trike is a more suitable option if you're looking for something more practical and efficient.

- Riding Range

Although the riding range of your electric bike depends on its battery and motor, e-bikes have a much longer riding range than e-trikes. Due to the fact that electric trikes are heavier than bicycles, the trikes consume batteries more rapidly. E-bikes can typically travel up to 90-120 miles on one charge, while e-trikes have a much shorter range of around 60-70 miles. This makes e-bikes a more suitable option for long-distance commutes or trips. The Soletan M-66X has an exceptional riding range of 105+ miles. While the Grandtan Plus fat tire electric trike is just a little behind with a range of 85+ miles on a single charge.

- Comfort and ease of use

Whether you're a kid or senior, electric tricycles provide more comfort than traditional two-wheel bicycles. E-trikes are easy to balance, and the rider doesn't need to exert much effort. This will result in less energy being consumed while riding an e-trike for a longer period of time. Electric bikes are also comfortable but if we have to compare, the trike is definitely way ahead.

Electric trikes are also inherently more stable than traditional bicycles, which is why they are increasing in popularity. The Grandtan Plus comes equipped with a wide and comfortable seat, wooden footrest, ergonomic handlebars, and a step-through design for easy mounting and dismounting. Additionally, the trike's powerful 750W hub motor assists riders in conquering hills and covering longer distances with less effort. Therefore, if you’re looking for something more comfortable either stick with a three wheel trike or go with a cruiser electric bike as cruisers are also comfortable.

- Commuting and fitness

A ride on an electric bicycle is sportier and more thrilling than on a regular three-wheel bicycle. With their nimble design and powerful electric motors, e-bikes are suitable for riders who enjoy speed and adrenaline. Electric bikes like the Soletan 66X boast excellent acceleration and can handle various terrains, making them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking an active lifestyle.

Electric bicycles and tricycles both are well-suited to daily commuting, promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle. The Soletan 66X and Grandtan Plus, with their pedal-assist and adjustable power modes, allowing riders to customize their exertion level. This versatility encourages riders to engage in physical activity while still benefiting from the electric motor's assistance.


When choosing between electric tricycles and electric bicycles, there is no definitive answer. The decision ultimately depends on individual preferences, requirements, and the intended use of the vehicle. The Addmotor Grandtan Plus offers stability, ample storage, and a relaxed riding experience, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking comfort and practicality. On the other hand, the Soletan 66X offers a sportier ride that allows you to accelerate better that will fit your everyday use promoting an active way to travel.

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