Electric Bike Riding Tips: How to Ride Safely?

By Ella | 06 June 2022 | 0 Comments
Traveling by e-bike is becoming more and more common. It helps to save money, keep fit, and protect the environment. But with so many new riders joining the road, it is important to keep yourself safe and away from bike accidents. Here are some tips that you can follow.
Do some warm-up exercises before cycling
You've probably never done a warm-up before cycling. But in fact, a warm-up is very important to help you do better and to protect your body from injury! We found a five-minute warm-up video on the Cycling Weekly YouTube channel. It consists of six stretches, so maybe you can give it a try before your next ride.
Prioritize safety first
Whenever you set out on the road, you should always make sure that your bike's brakes are functioning well and wear a helmet when you ride. The former can prevent you from having a serious crash as much as possible, and the latter may save your life once a crash or fall occurs. How to check whether the brakes are working correctly? Just squeeze the brake levers, and if there is a slightly spongy feeling on your hydraulic brakes or a loose and weak feeling on your cable pull brakes, you should fix them immediately. Of course, there is no permission to ride without a helmet in California. Please wear a helmet on the road as it is important to ride safely. Lastly, it is recommended to purchase a MIPS bike helmet.

Make yourself extremely noticeable/visible
Many manufacturers try to design some e-bike accessories to help the riders keep themselves safe when riding. Addmotor, in particular, takes this very seriously. For those who enjoy riding at night, we upgraded our lighting system with a wide-angle white LED headlight and a versatile taillight. The taillight is controlled by the patented uneven buttons on the handlebar and designed with various warning modes to show the riders behind what is about to happen, such as turning right/left, braking, or that there is something wrong with your bike, etc. The 40-lumen headlight is not only waterproof but ensures a visible distance of 200 meters and a 180°side view. However, these two lights are only compatible with Addmotor E-series and M-81 models. So, if you want to upgrade your e-bike, the USB bike light set and rim reflective stripes are also great options to make your bike visible. Anything that makes you more visible will greatly reduce the odds of an accident.    

Additionally, the E-series and M-81 models are equipped with an electric horn that can reach 108 maximum decibels and be transmitted 492 feet away. This helps other drivers notice your position when you need to change lanes. While having a horn is helpful on the road, you may also want to consider installing a bell to warn pedestrians. A horn may be too loud and so a bell can be a more considerate option. Either way, a horn or a bell is essential to keep yourself safe when riding.
Use the mirrors
It is also great to add bike mirrors to your electric bike. Just like cars, having mirrors can help you see what is happening behind you. You do not need to turn your head around, making your ride much safer. You can invest in Addmotor mirrors, which are suitable for all Addmotor e-bike models. The adjustable viewing design will never let you down.
Follow the riding ordinances of your local area
This might sound simple and obvious, but sometimes people tend to ride against the traffic or have some other violations of basic safety principles to shorten the riding distance. As so, take it seriously. Additionally, the e-bike policy is continuously changing. It’s important to be updated about any local or federal changes regarding e-bike policies. When an accident occurs, it may be too late to notice it.
You may also be interested in the Laws of Each State. 
Take an additional battery when camping
While it may sometimes be ok to run out of battery in the city, the same cannot be said for the outdoors. Be sure to bring an additional battery for your bike if you love to camp from time to time.
Avoid using your hands and protect your head when you fall
If you fall off your e-bike, please remember to avoid using your hands. When you are riding your e-bike at a relatively high speed, sudden collisions and falls can produce a large impact. If you land directly on your hands, the weight of your entire body and the impact of collisions and falls will cause serious injuries to your hands, wrists, and elbows. It is best to spread the impact over a large surface area, such as the side or back.
More importantly, remember to protect your head. Try to tuck your chin towards the chest and lift your arms to protect your head and neck. It can help effectively avoid direct impact.
Wearing a helmet, obeying local traffic rules, and riding a highly visible electric bike will allow you to ride more safely. If you fall, there are things you can do to save yourself from serious injury. Safety is a top priority when riding and it cannot be stressed enough. Enjoy yourself out there on your e-bike but remember to keep yourself safe.


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