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Different types of eBikes have various stylish and modern-looking displays. However, some of them are just full of unnecessary features, while others need to provide the utility that is expected of them. 
So with all the options out there, how can you find the perfect eBike display, and why are our EB2.0 LCDs the best option right now? Keep reading to learn more. 

Why is a Display Important for an eBike

An eBike display provides all the necessary riding information at a glance. This makes it easy for the rider to understand their riding patterns. It also makes it possible for the rider to make further decisions such as
A proper display will help the rider make split-second decisions about things such as:
Are they riding at a safe speed?
How much further can they ride with electrical assist?
How many miles have they already covered in this riding session?
Are any indicator lights or blinkers turned on?
As such, the rider can get answers to all these questions, and more without having to reach their phones or stop the eBike. 

What Makes a Good Electric Bike Display

An eBike display is all about riding experience and safety. Therefore, the factors that make up a good eBike display are:
♦ Readability: It should be easy to read the display, especially during direct sunlight and other harsh environmental conditions.
♦ Relevant Information At A Glance: It should provide all the necessary information without powering down or cycling through between different screens.
♦ Intuitive and Snappy Controls: The controls to change the display settings, and adjust eBike parameters should be easily accessible and responsive. Also, these changes should be immediately reflected in the display. 

Types of eBike Displays

eBike displays can be categorized into two types based on the display technologies used. These are:

Here, LEDs offer higher contrast, better viewing angles, glare resistance, and energy efficiency. On the flip side, LCDs are much more affordable. 

Comparing the Smart Displays of Top Electric Bikes

Addmotor EB 2.0

Our EB2.0 LCD is the most optimal solution for eBikes. It's a no-nonsense eBike display that's responsive and puts out a constant stream of information to give the riders everything they need to know. 

Features of the EB 2.0 Display
Location Information on Display
1 Battery Level
2 Odometer
3 Miles/Km Toggle
4 Indicator
5 Speedometer
6 Cruise/Assistance Indicator and Operating Modes
7 Pedal AssistLevel Indicator with Right turn signal
8 Turn Signals and Lights Indicator
- Easy-to-read display that puts out all relevant information on a single scene. 
- Dedicated indicators for blinkers, hazard lights, cruise mode, and headlights.
- A built-in odometer that can track single/trip and accumulated mileage 
- Option to switch between km and miles for both the odometer and speedometer. 
- Black and white display only. 
- Doesn’t come with a clock to display the time.
- Lacks the option to customize display settings.

Bafang LCD Display for Addmotor Grandtan Turbo

Bafang’s LCD offers a much more modern and stylish take. It’s got a colored screen and a speedometer that takes up most of the real estate. 
The display also boasts some additional features, such as a clock and the option to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.. 

Location Information on Display
1 Clock
2 Lights indicator
3 Battery percentage
4 Speedometer with a watt meter
5 Odometer
6 PAS Mode indicator (switch between Eco and Sport)
7 PAS Level Indicator

Stylish color display
Built-in clock
Option to customize display settings and additional features.
Light sensors that automatically turn on the headlights when riding in dark environments.
Option to set a password to lock the display.

The display size can be a little smaller.
Clock and battery percentage text can be too small for some riders.
Doesn’t include a turn signal indicator on the main screen.
The odometer only displays trip/single mileage

HIMIWAY Upgrade Smart Ebike LCD Display 

HIMIWAY has a fuss-free LCD that covers the basics. However, it lacks additional functions and can be quite expensive. 

Location Information on Display
1 Headlight indicator
2 Battery level
3 PAS level
4 USB Charging status
5 Walk Mode indicator
6 Speedometer
7 Single mileage odometer
8 Power Levels indicator

Displays all relevant information at a glance
Easy-to-read display with large text and indicators.
Extra indicators for walk mode and charging status.
The included odometer only tracks single mileage.
Black-and-white display only.
Doesn’t include a clock.
Can’t customize display settings.

Rad Power LCD Display Upgrade

Rad Power eBikes have a versatile display since they pack a ton of information into a small screen. That said, it does miss out on certain underrated features and the small screen can make it all overwhelming. 

Location Information on Display
1 Battery level
2 Odometer (single and accumulated)
3 Mile/Km toggle for odometer
4 Speedometer
5 PAS Modes
6 The watt meter and error code indicator
7 PAS level and headlight indicator
Single and accumulated odometer
A dedicated indicator to remind when maintenance is due
Option to switch between Km/h and MPH
Built-in USB port to charge external devices (such as mobile phones)
Doesn’t include a clock on the main screen
Doesn’t come with an option to adjust brightness and other settings
Black and white display
Lacks turn signal indicators

Aventon Full Color Display, BC 280  

Aventon has a full-color display that’s packed with smart features. With this setup, you can control speed limits, access additional eBike data, and also sync data with the Aventon app. 
All good things aside, screen space is somewhat limited and it doesn’t put out all necessary information at a glance. 

Location Information On Display
1 Headlight indicator
2 Battery level
3 Speedometer
4 Power Level
5 Odometer (Single and accumulated)
6 PAS Level

Full-color display
Single and accumulated odometer
Smart sync with the Aventon app

Lacks a clock and other subtle features
Somewhat smaller display
No space for turn signals or other indicators


An eBike display is very important when handling the rider’s user experience and safety. The display can help the rider understand the bike’s status and also make other important decisions. 
The readability of the screen, responsive controls, and placement of relevant information are key components of any good eBike display. 
We have compared several displays of the best e-bike brands in this article, and you can go through your riding habits and choose the one that best matches your needs.


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