E-43 vs. E-53: comparing the CITYPRO electric commuter bike

By Addmotor | 10 June 2023 | 0 Comments

In-Depth Review of Citypro-Ebikes

Ebikes are the best displacers of cars and commuter vehicles, giving the rider the confidence of the electric pedal assistance. To engage more audiences in the ebikes, Addmotor introduced the CityPro ebikes with the models E-43 and E-53. The company is so far known for more distinctive designs, and with their CityPro e-bike, Addmotor selected the most straightforward design, which resulted in the best comfortable commuter ebike with a wide range of prices and speeds.



Both 500W ebikes feature a polygon frame with tapered tubes and gentle curves. The middle tube design is the main difference between the frames of the E-43 and E-53. The two commuter ebikes feature:
• The length of 70 inches
• The wheelbase of 44 inches
• Minimum seat height of 28.3 inches
• The adjustable seat tube, can be extended to a height of 36.6 inches, maximum.
• The suspension features 100 mm of travel which is adequate for city roads as it absorbs most of the road bumps.
Referring to the styles of frames, the best electric commuter bike is the Citypro E-43, the one that is easier to mount because of its step-through design, making it easy to get on, avoiding the little hustle and ride whenever you want to.
A little drawback of the model E-43 that's been complained about so far is the difficulty to remove the battery, because of its' step-through design. The battery is set up on the down tube so whenever you try to remove the battery, you will hit it against the frame.


E-43 and E-53 are both featured with a 500 Watt rear hub motor.
A nominal power of 500 Watts is an exemplary standard for most commuter ebikes. Nonetheless, these 500W commute bikes, E-43 and E-53 do not just stick out to this peak. At some overburdened conditions, the motors on the best electric commuter bike can generate up to 907 Watts, which is enough power to enable the rider to even get out of the steep hills, and accelerate really fast. At its highest speed, it tops off at 20 miles per hour, fulfilling the standard of all class 2 ebikes. This speed of the ebike is perfect for long commutes.
Both 500W electric bikes feature 7 levels of pedal assist. The lower pedal assist leads to a greater range. The two of the ebikes come with a thumb throttle for the break. The four little buttons on the left handlebar control the Motor. Both ebikes have a bright and well-lit LCD display that helps during the ride, conveying all the necessary information.


Addmotors' Citypro E-43 and E-53, both feature a powerful battery, having the capacity of 20Ah. Addmotor claims that, only on the 1st level of pedal-assist, the commuter ebike can get up to 125 miles of the range, even if the range is concluded by 30%, you get 90 miles. A large range also means a longer recharge time, which is around six and a half hours.


The commuter ebikes, E-43 and E-53 feature hydraulic disc brakes of 180 mm, which are pretty solid. Comparatively, the brakes are highly powered as the maximum speed of the bike is about 20 MPH, which provides the extra mile for safety purposes.


The best electric commuter bike comes with double-walled aluminum rims with 12-gauge spokes. The rims are well built and very strong to handle the ride over the city road.


The puncture-resistant tires are the most astounding feature of these commuter e-bikes, featuring the high-end Kenda GIGAS tires with convex glue thread patterns. Which gives a strong grip over the bike when in heavy rainfall. Compared with the price of the bike, the tires are beyond impressive and couldn't be denied for the value.


Being rated as the best commuter ebikes, E-43 and E-53 are loaded with the extreme features that any commuter could have.
Their incredible range is one of the features that helped the ebikes to stand out as the perfect ebikes around. With around 90 miles of real-world range, these ebikes are excellent for commuting, and for sure the charging time is not a big deal for this high power of the battery, which could give a ride around the town. Also, the battery needs to be recharged once every two weeks, so 6 to 10 hours of charging ain't that bad.
The decent LCD displays of both models deliver all the information needed about the ride over these bikes. The level of the pedal assist, current speed, miles covered, and battery level, all are shown on the screen of the LCD.
Another amazing feature present in these 500W electric bikes is the torquey ness of the motor, due to the 907 watts of peak power output, there's no motor latency. The second you press the thumb throttle; you'll be zooming at a great speed of 20 MPH.
Each level, from the 7 levels of pedal assist, will boost to a certain top speed. Level 1 increases the speed up to 8 MPH and level 7 will get you to the top speed of the commuter e-bike which is 20MPH.


Concluding that both E-43 and E-53 Citypro ebikes are reasonable and pretty decent choices among commuters. An ebike with a large range is a more comfortable alternative to ride, either of the model E-43 or E-53, as both are good choices.


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