Double the Power, Double the Capacity: Exploring the Benefits of GRAOOPRO

By Addmotor | 16 October 2023 | 0 Comments
Electric cargo bikes are an efficient mode of transportation that can fulfill diverse needs, including carrying goods and cargo. They often come with a heavy-duty motor, a power battery, a heavy load capacity, and more.
Introducing GRAOOPRO, the most robust, powerful, and versatile electric cargo bike designed to handle various tasks. It’s a dual battery electric bike that can go up to 210 miles and is capable of carrying 450 lbs of weight.
GRAOOPRO is equipped with a 48V/750W rear-mounted motor that delivers an impressive 80 Nm of torque and a peak motor wattage of 1000W. This remarkably robust motor ensures stability even when carrying heavy loads.
Discover the power of GRAOOPRO with key features that can meet various needs.

Graoopro Dual Battery Electric Cargo Bike Best Electric Bike Orange

What Makes Graoopro Stand Out From The Rest?
When it comes to meeting diverse user needs with the best electric cargo bike, GRAOOPRO is the ideal choice. It accommodates everyone, from regular commuters to adventure seekers.
Graoopro's high-quality features and functions make it an excellent choice for a variety of needs. Its key features include:

• Powerful 48V/750W Rear Motor:
GRAOOPRO is equipped with a 48V/750W rear motor that provides 80 Nm of torque and a peak power of 1000W. These features make this electric cargo bike a robust choice, ensuring excellent acceleration and stability. This powerful motor can easily handle heavy loads, even when conquering hills.

• 960Wh Samsung Cell Battery:
While many e-cargo bikes struggle with limited distance coverage, GRAOOPRO stands out. As a dual battery electric bike, it offers an impressive range of 210 miles per charge. Plus, with Samsung cell batteries renowned for their quality, you can rely on long-lasting power. You also can take advantage of the 7 available pedal-assist levels to extend your journey.

• Huge 450 LBS Payload Capacity:
300+150 lbs, or in total, 450 lbs, is what the GRAOOPRO bike is capable of carrying. It has a great holding capacity that will surely accommodate all your cargo-related needs. You can use it to carry groceries, packages, or any other items you want to transport. Plus, its spacious cargo area is designed to accommodate an additional attachable seat, making it suitable for transporting one or two kids as well.

• Front Fork Suspension:
GRAOOPRO is not the best electric cargo bike by name, its features also prove that. It has an oil spring fork  with 80mm of travel that can absorb any kind of shock or vibration coming from the ground. As a result, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable riding experience, even in rough terrain.

• Durable 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame:
Addmotor has a reputation for manufacturing exceptionally robust and durable bicycles. The GRAOOPRO model is no exception. Constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, it strikes the perfect balance between lightweight maneuverability and robust strength. This material not only makes it easy to handle but also ensures resistance to corrosion.

• Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake:
GRAOOPRO is equipped with a Tektro mechanical disc brake featuring a motor cutoff sensor. It’s a safe and reliable braking system that ensures safe as well as efficient braking. With a substantial 180mm brake disc, you’ll get super responsive stopping power in all kinds of weather conditions.

• Integrated Button & LCD Display:
Similar to other Addmotor electric cargo bikes, the GRAOOPRO boasts a patented integrated button and LCD display, simplifying controls with a single-button press system. The high-resolution LCD provides real-time data, allowing effortless adjustments and monitoring during your ride.

• LED Light System & Horn:
Not only daytime, ride your bike even in low light or at night with the GRAOOPRO cargo bike. This one is designed with both front and rear lights to keep you safe and visible on the road. 5-in-1 taillights are super unique and add an aesthetic look. Also, all the lighting systems are LED, which reduces energy consumption by 15%.

Some Other Features:

Among all the features mentioned above, GRAOOPRO also offers several other key features to consider:
Wooden Footrest Board: This model provides a spacious and sturdy footrest for riders during their journey.
Half Twist Throttle: It provides smooth speed control and responsive acceleration for a comfortable riding experience.
Butterfly-Shaped Line Design: This design optimizes the rear rack space and enhances the bike's aesthetics.
Centre Mount Kickstand: A center mount system is a reliable and stable kickstand system that minimizes the risk of tipping over possibilities.
Graoopro Dual Battery Electric Cargo Bike 2024 Best Electric Bike  Orange

Why Would You Need the Graoopro Electric Cargo Bike?

Whether you're a daily, business, or urban commuter, the Graoopro should be your top choice for a reliable electric cargo bike. You're already familiar with its key features, now discover how it can become your daily companion:

Versatile Cargo Capacity:

GRAOOPRO features a roomy cargo area that's perfect for carrying a variety of items such as packages, groceries, and even pets. Also, you can add an extra seat to transport your baby.

Urban Mobility And Convenience:

With a range of 210+ miles on a single charge and a 450 lbs load capacity, GRAOOPRO is the top choice for urban and suburban commuting. It provides a compact, eco-friendly solution, reducing carbon emissions.

Cost Effective And Health Benefits:

This dual battery electric bike saves on transportation costs and promotes good health. GRAOOPRO offers 7 pedal assist levels for customizable use to suit your needs and extend the range.

Good for All Ages:

Riding an electric cargo bike is pretty much like riding an e-bike, and they have no differences. The key difference you’ll find between them is power and load capacity. So anyone who can ride an e-bike can ride an e-cargo with ease.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why Graoopro is the best electric cargo bike and what makes it worth considering. Its motor, battery, body frame, suspension, brakes, and pedal assist level will genuinely provide double power.
On the other hand, a huge 450-pound weight-handling capacity is something you’ll rarely find in other e-cargo bikes. Use it for your groceries, cargo, and packages, carry your pets and kids, and whatnot.
So what are you waiting for?
Simply get the cargo bike and start using it for your daily usability and needs.


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