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After you buy an electric bike, you want it to last until it breaks down. Before that, you want to make sure you don't have to use a lot of money for maintenance. Most of the parts of the electric bike can be fixed easily without the overbearing prices but when it comes to battery, it can become costly.
Therefore you cannot just expect to keep on changing the batteries of your Addmotor electric bikes when something happens to it. To ensure it doesn't happen, we have our Samsung EB 2.0 48V*20Ah battery packs ready to fit in and gear up for your adventure.
You may be wanting to learn about how these batteries can be beneficial for your addmotor electric bikes. Rest assured because, by the end of this article, you will know everything that you need to know about this battery.

What are Samsung EB 2.0 48V*20Ah batteries?

 Samsung EB 2.0 48V*20Ah batteries
Samsung EB 2.0 48V*20Ah batteries are newly designed UL-certified batteries used in Addmotor electric bikes available in 2 colors i.e Silver & Orange. What is UL certified you may ask? More on that later, don't worry!
These battery packs have expanded to an astounding 960Wh(48V*20Ah), and the driving range on a single charge has reached 125 miles, allowing Addmotor users to experience a better and higher-quality riding experience with a longer mileage (PAS1).
These battery cells use Samsung's most recent high-capacity 21700 battery cell combination, which results in a cell capacity that reaches 5000mha and an enhanced maximum discharge current of 3C compared to the previous package (Samsung 18650 2600mha is 2C). This implies that it can better regulate the temperature rise and offer stronger protection for the battery's overall safety.
To maximize its size and assure a better connection and optimal heat dissipation, the nickel chip is attached to this newly designed battery cell combination. A copper component is also added to the output terminal section to ensure the reliability of the battery output.

Integrated Battery Assembly Bracket

A brand-new integrated battery assembly bracket has been created by Addmotor. Now the battery arrangement is more practical and takes up less space. The support system provides the strongest protection for all components and is capable of withstanding extreme external pressure. It perfectly complements the protection module. The old version's flaws and uncontrollable elements of human welding are eliminated by the design, which enables the fully automatic welding machine to complete the battery assembly with greater rectification.


Addmotor is very concerned about safety. Therefore, a battery safety template has been specifically created to protect both you and the battery. This battery features unique triple protection against short-circuiting, dual protection against over-current charging, and over-current discharging.
Both a unique high/low-temperature sensing protection function for charging and a high/low-temperature sensing protection function for discharging are present in this battery. Dual protection circuits are intended for MOS tubes that are both charging and discharging. The additional MOS tubes provide redundancy and guarantee that the safety-protection capabilities of the battery are doubled.

Gold Plated Contact Pins

This battery uses gold-plated contact pins, which are highly conductive, capable of transmitting a lot of currents and producing less heat. The specially created larger version may increase the volume while optimizing the separation between the positive and negative electrodes, which prevents the formation of electric arcs.
The battery is stronger and safer thanks to the base's use of UL-certified materials. The magnetic automated retorquing system used for the charging port's outside cover makes it user-friendly and practical. When charging the bike, the charger head's 7-shaped form makes it more useful.

Battery Case

The battery casing is substantially thicker than the previous generation, with a case thickness of 3.0MM and a thickest point of 3.5MM. It can safeguard the battery and is composed of materials that meet UL certification.
The newly created and specially designed snap lock makes sure the battery is properly secured to the bike's frame and that the key may be removed when the lock is locked to prevent frequent contact with the rider's legs.
You can change the fuse if necessary thanks to an externally changeable fuse holder at the base of the battery casing (In previous versions, you may have had to disassemble the entire battery case to replace the fuse).

UL Certification & Its Importance

The third-party certification business UL LLC, formerly known as Underwriter Laboratories, has been around for more than a century. UL was established in 1984 in Chicago. To make the world a safer environment for both customers and workers, they certify products. Additionally, UL is a recognized standards creator in the US and Canada, establishing industry requirements for producers of cutting-edge goods.
UL 2271 certification is offered by UL for battery products (cell, module, and pack) for use in a variety of light motive or transportation-related applications. UL assesses the ability of the battery packs to meet the standard requirements (which include the ability to withstand simulated abuse conditions based upon the manufacturer’s specified charge and discharge parameters) through construction requirements, as well as electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing evaluated per the standard’s compliance criteria. (source:
Because of the facts mentioned that their testing procedure is more demanding and extensive than other certifications in several crucial respects, UL Certification is the highest-rated safety certification worldwide.

Electrical safety
Fire safety
Mechanical safety.
UL is a nonprofit, impartial organization that has no financial interest in the goods it tests. Therefore, their endorsement is neutral. A product's safety and performance claims have been thoroughly validated by a third party, according to UL approval, which provides assurance.
M-66 Electric Bike with Long Range In Yellow

Benefits of Samsung EB2.0 48V*20AH battery

Rated with 1000–1500 charge cycles.
Maintaining power during the discharge cycle might result in energy savings of up to 50% when compared to a conventional lead-acid battery.
Made from a stable lithium-ion chemical composition that is encapsulated inside the battery, preventing the possibility of leakage
An internal battery management system that controls temperatures and balances the cells 

What Makes Samsung Battery Special?

Not just the cells but the entire battery pack meets UL standards
48V*20AH has a larger battery capacity
Fully independent research and development(Battery Casing) 

Final Words

This battery pack is being used with most Addmotor electric bike models now. The sustainable riding range can be up to 125+ kilometers (PAS1) per charge on city commuting ebikes such as E-43/E-53. Please feel free to visit our website for additional information about the products.
This blog should have given you a better understanding of the UL certification and battery utilized in these e-bikes, as well as what it signifies and why it's important. Manufacturers' continuing dedication to quality and safety is demonstrated by their UL certification. Even if it might cost a bit more for Addmotor or take extra testing time, UL gives Addriders peace of mind.

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