Discover the Freedom of Three-Wheeled Riding with Addmotor's M-360 Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike

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The Addmotor M-360 electric fat tire trike is the future of exciting mobility. Prepare for an exciting adventure that combines a motorbike’s freedom with a tricycle’s steadiness and comfort. This electric marvel will revolutionize your ride with its cutting-edge design and unrivaled performance.
 Prepare to turn heads, feel the wind in your hair, and have an adventure like no other. With the Addmotor M-360 etrike, you can say goodbye to the usual and welcome to the remarkable. Let the adventure begin!
 Let us dive into a detailed product review to help you discover the distinct features of this fat tire etrike.

Product Review

For starters, the look of the electric fat tire trike is magnificent. It has a significant presence as it is an adult electric trike, but the nine color options make it even better. You can pick your favorite color, so the looks of the etrike are excellent, to say the least.

• Electricity Powered

The adult electric trike lasts for a long time on a single charge. It is entirely electric and has a 750W motor mounted at the front. This etrike can last up to 85 miles if driving at 8 miles per hour (approx.) on a single charge. The battery life is adequate for domestic purposes and for traveling.
Due to the ongoing economic crisis around the world, many people and daily commuters find it hard to keep up with fuel prices. Therefore, the adult electric trike is a great option for everyone.

• Strong & Durable

The M-360 etrike is durable and made to last long. The frame is constructed of Aluminium that prevents corrosion and rust. Aluminum alloy 7A19 is used in the construction of the frame. Instead of using metal or plastic, the M-360 is better in terms of durability and toughness. Yes, it can take a lot of extreme weather conditions and rough mountain rides.

• Tires

The puncture-resistant tires are a bonus add-on to this etrike. Tires getting punctured are one of the biggest problems that riders can face. Flat tires can kill your excitement, but you don’t have to worry about them as long as you are riding the M-360, which is equipped with puncture-resistant 20” x 4” tires.
The fat tires add versatility to the fat tire etrike that enables you to commute through even and uneven surfaces with the same comfort, grip, and performance. Cruise through meadows, beaches, and highways without worrying about any sort of compromise on the performance of the etrike.
The braking system is also reliable, and each rear wheel comes with its independent braking system, which ensures balance and doesn’t allow the adult electric trike to lose traction and slip while braking.


• Ideal Travel Partner

Despite the weather conditions, M-360 etrike would take care of all of your sensitive things, such as your wallet, documents, and precious items, such as costly phones and gadgets. How? Well, the waterproof basket ensures that your precious items don’t get wet, whether it’s raining, snowing, or whether you’re passing through a waterfall! 
Spacious storage capacity allows people to commute easily without worrying about their things. The design of the Trike is made in such a way that it is ideal for people with back pain. The seats don’t add pressure and are comfortable enough not to trigger any kind of pain in the back.


Some distinct features make Addmotor better than all the other competitors. it  all comes down to personal preference but below are a few standout reasons to prefer Addmotor:

• ​​Quality

Addmotor is well-known for manufacturing high-quality electric etrikes. They emphasize longevity and reliability in their designs, using quality components and rigorous testing techniques. Their etrikes are constructed to last, offering a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

• Multiple Models and Colors

Addmotor offers a broad choice of fat tire electric trikes to suit different needs and tastes. Addmotor has alternatives to adapt to various riding styles and terrain conditions, whether you're searching for a compact etrike for urban commuting or a more powerful off-road option.
If we take a look at the M-360, we realize that it has a staggering nine color schemes to choose from. For many people, color is a critical choice; sometimes, if the desired color is unavailable, customers often shift to a different product. Addmotor cares about the customers’ preferences, which is why they have induced such a versatile color palette.  


• Features

Addmotor blends new features into their fat tire electric trikes, boosting ease and safety. Addmotor seeks to give a cutting-edge riding experience, from modern LCD displays and ergonomic controls to integrated lighting systems and suspension components, everything is up to date, and according to the modern requirements.

The M-360 etrike has a payload of 450 pounds. One of the most important things when buying a new ride is to consider the availability of spare parts.
Pedal assist is a standout feature of the etrikes. When you turn on the pedal assist, the motor provides assistance to you to pedal easily. Due to pedal assistance, you can easily pedal for long durations without getting tired.


The adult electric trike from Addmotor, M-360, is ideal for daily commutes. Its powerful electric motor has an excellent range of up to 85 miles on a single charge which is more than adequate for local traveling. It also has rear storage with fat puncture-proof tires, meaning nothing from bad weather to uneven roads can stop you. 
All the components installed are from respectable brands, so durability is not an issue. Addmotor’s customer and after sales services are widely acknowledged, and the availability of spare parts is also common.


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