Crossed 10 miles with Addmotor M-66X Ebike

By Auto Auction Rebuilds | 03 April 2023 | 0 Comments

We are back and we got a surprise for you. A company reached out to me very recently called Addmotor. I did some checking around on their website. Looks like they make some pretty reputable electric bikes. I don't want you guys to miss out on too much. But this is a series SOLETAN M-66X. Honestly, this ebike looks kind of cool. I like the old school looking, tires there almost look like vogues, you know what I mean. Wheels with that kind of mustard looking. This thing looks pretty awesome. What do you think Nick? Let's bring her out into the daylight where we can see her a little better. I haven't ridden it yet and you'll know if I'm lying because it keeps track of your mileage. Now obviously the terrain where I live is not that great. The bike was really awesome, it came with a fully charged battery. 
Randy: What do you think? It's pretty big, as a teenager would you ride it? 
Nick: Yeah I'd ride it.
Randy: You'd ride it, did I pay you to say that?
Nick: No! 

Okay, it's an interesting looking electric bicycle. I like it, I wasn't quite sure about it when I first saw it. I was like I don't know but I'm gonna be honest with you. I really like this little ebike. You got a big old banana seat here. Climb on and let me pull this kickstand up. It got some buttons over here. You have turn signals, this is your left and you'll see a little indicator flashing left. And even better you got your little turn signal on the back. It's hard to see in the daylight. And you've got your power settings right here. Seven is like super power mode and down to one. All right, we'll put mine in seven just for the fun. It's in seven and you can click it all the way down to one. Yeah, no kidding man, this ebike I got it up to about 13 miles an hour. The top speed I don't even know what it is. All right, I put you guys on the handlebars. We'll see how this does. I'm almost scared to put this ebike in power mode with it going that fast. So I don't know how well you can see the screen but full battery and we've ridden two miles on this ebike now. It’s still a full charge and we're in like super power mode so maybe I can turn that down a little bit. Maybe we could turn it on number five, let's see how that does. I mean she still gets it, yeah. All right, let's kick her up into power mode seven. Let's see how fast she can go. 19.5, 19.7, and I weigh 230 pounds. If I just pedal, I'm going over 20 now. Oh, we're cruising man. Three miles I figure nobody's gonna believe me unless I show you guys. Nobody’s gonna believe that I've ridden this ebike this far but I've actually been pedaling. You could be in first or seventh that motor is going to go the same speed regardless. I still get some exercise but I get to go a lot further. It seems like I'm actually making progress getting somewhere. I barely pedal it all and I'm going almost 20 miles an hour. I've now ridden this ebike six miles.
I'm gonna ride her a little more. I'm gonna try to put 10 miles on this ebike today. And then I'm gonna give you my first real life impressions of my Addmotor ebike 10 miles in one day. They'd be cheating just a little bit because of the electric motor. But at least I'm out here. We're about to hit mile number seven. I got three more to go, guys. I'm telling you I'm gonna ride this Addmotor ebike and lose weight. I was cruising 22 miles an hour. We're at mile nine and I don't know if you can see how nasty this road is here. This is one of the worst roads we have out here. So I think we're gonna just take her on a little spin. This is a bumpy road. This is where this full suspension on this ebike really comes in handy now. The traction on this ebike is really good. I feel very confident riding this electric bicycle on this bad road and I feel great riding it on paved roads as well. So I think this is a good all-around ebike. It can take you just about anywhere you want to go. I want to show you guys we did it, 10 miles and I brought you along for this journey because I didn't want anybody to think for a minute that I cheated. It's really cool because I get to see a lot more of this area. I fully anticipate getting out on this ebike and doing this more often as an example. I turned the power level down so I would have to exercise more. So now I have to work harder to go faster. It feels good and it reminds me of being a kid except when I was a kid I had a lot more energy for stuff like this. Today this electric motor comes in really handy by the way we crossed our 10 miles. This ebike is awesome and I probably said that a few times. It's important for me to let you all know that they did send me the ebike at no cost, they didn't pay me anything for it. But they sent me the bike and they said to do a review if you like it. Because I would have given them a bad review. Free product or not I'm going to keep it real. If it's cool, I'm going to tell you it's cool. If it's not I'm gonna tell you it's not. So I could try it out for you and give you my honest experience
 I'm going to give you a link to their website down below the video. I want you to go check it out. You got your brake lights in the back little turn signals. There's a lot of settings you could go through. It's a nice bike and I highly recommend if you're looking for an ebike. If you're in the market which is probably why you're watching this video or you're just really cool and you watch my videos because you're awesome. I highly recommend this ebike if you're in the market for one. Be sure to check out the link below this video. I wanted to to pull up the website so I could tell you a little bit more about it if you're interested in technical specifications. This ebike is on sale actually it was $2399 and they have a payment starting at 150 a month if you use affirm. They've got like a little cart and all kinds of accessories you can get. Different colors with different white walls and you can see all the different colors. I think this ebike is great now, of course I'll do another review on it further down the road after I've had it for a while. But I can't recommend this ebike enough, it's a great product. A very fun time I had today and I hope you enjoyed going with me. I really wanted to make sure you guys saw that I actually put those miles on the ebike and I didn't try to cheat anybody or lie to anybody. I'm serious about it, it's a cool product and I will have a link for you down below. I guarantee you some of your friends are probably looking into electric bikes and they would probably really like this one. If not this particular model they've got plenty of others to choose from the website. So this would be the end of the video, thank you for your time and have a good day.


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