Common Causes of Hip and Butt Pain while Riding Electric Bikes

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It's thrilling to hang onto the back of a bicycle as it picks up speed. But if the rider's body is unprepared, the encounter could be uncomfortable. Your body requires time to adjust to cycling and time to repair any harm it may have experienced during this adaptation. Cycling is more enjoyable and more comfortable when you take care of your body.
When you cycle, your hips are in flexion throughout the entire exercise and at all times during the pedal stroke. Naturally, this can make us more vulnerable to specific problems in this area. The pelvis and femur are held in place by the muscles in our buttocks. These muscles need to be active for our bodies to function well. When we ride bikes, we are frequently stressed, if our saddle is too high or we have bad form. When this occurs, the muscles in the buttock region may tense and tighten, causing pain.
We try a variety of remedies to ease them, such as riding out of the seat, shifting our hands on the handlebars, stretching, or visiting a physiotherapist. However, the comfort is just temporary, and if we do not identify the cause, the pain will eventually return. In this guide, we will be learning more about the causes of hip and butt pain and how you can avoid it.

Causes of Hip and Butt Pain

Bad Posture

The best riders can have poor posture, so it's not something you face. It's unquestionably the most typical cause and results in many aches and pains. The issue could be cleat position, handlebar height, saddle type, saddle height, or stem length. Since one problem may lead to another, locating the source requires more than just viewing a few lessons, loosening a few bolts, and adjusting a few parts.


When a person sits on a cushion, their body weight exerts tremendous pressure on its relatively small area, squeezing capillaries and impairing blood flow.

Shearing Force & Friction

When pedaled, the human body somewhat rocks back and forth on the seat cushion, rubbing the edge and creating friction.
Friction produces heat which eventually causes discomfort and skin damage. The compression effect and shear force caused by friction with the seat cushion further exacerbate the blood circulation issue.


The manner in your pedal can be hurting you. You put a lot of strain on your legs and butt when you pedal quickly, especially when you're already moving.

Poor Physical Shape & Lack Of Workout Habits

Aches and pains are common when you first start cycling. Anyone who picks up cycling again after a long absence must follow the same rules. The buttocks, legs, backs, necks, and hands are most susceptible to aches and pains. Most of them go away once you start exercising again or after your body becomes adapted to riding a bike and the workout it provides.

Not Having Your Seat at the Right Height

All electric bikes have an adjustable seat post, so it's best to check that yours is not too high or low. Along with experiencing discomfort, sitting incorrectly can also make you wear out more quickly or harm you.

How to avoid Hip and Butt Pain

The above-mentioned can be some of the few reasons for your pain and discomfort while riding. If you want to avoid the aches, just follow the guide to the end.

Cycle at a Steady Pace

Now that you know a fast pace ride for a long period of time can cause you discomfort, it is wise to take it slow. Avoid cycling too quickly, too slowly, or worse, switching between the two excessively. Rushing will probably cause you to have some hip and back pain. Cycling too slowly tends to put excessive strain on your knees, which can also be painful.
If you want a cycle with a steady pace at all times, check out Addmotor CityPro E-43!

Exercise Before The Ride & Correct Your Posture

Many people take it lightly but trust us it helps. All professional athletes warm up before their event so why not warm up before your heavy ride? Make sure you stretch for at least 15 minutes before getting on your bicycle. Your muscles will be ready for the adventure ahead if you do this. To correct your posture, you can also squat.

Wear Bike Shorts

Bike shorts of superior quality and fit, with chamois or gel liners, are necessary. If you cycle more than once a day, you'll need two pairs. You will always have a pair of clean, dry socks if you do this. Pads may be foam chamois or gel. It results in lessening the pressure on your sit bones' (ischium bones) and the saddle.

Adjust the seat's height

If you don't pay close attention to seat height, you could get hip pain. An excessive amount of motion from improper seat posts might put undue strain on the spine and pelvis. The seat post may need to be adjusted properly to prevent snapping hip syndrome, which makes the hips click. For a better fit, speak with your physician or physical therapist.

Protect Your Seat

Your seat is literally your friend for most of the ride so it goes without saying that protecting your seat is of utmost importance. You must protect your seat when cycling. If you don't, the pressure or pain while driving will cause you to have a hurting behind. You can get a seat cover made specifically for cyclists or e-bike users. You can shield your butt from unneeded pressure in this manner.


Final Words

As you can see, there are many steps you can take to stop hip discomfort from occurring or getting worse. Assert that your e-bike is fitting properly, you are not exerting yourself excessively, you are riding comfortably and with excellent posture, and that you are stretching and strengthening your hip muscles, especially those that are normally less active while e-biking. You will then be ready to go!
If you want a bike to avoid all types of discomfort, Electric Bike is perfect for you. It has an Addmotor exclusive well-padded saddle with a back handle because we care about you and your health more than anything. If you are not satisfied with the recommendation, you can always check out other electric bikes from our Addmotor website until and unless you find your butt … uhh, we mean your heart at ease.

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