Come and Prepare for Your Spring Ride!

By Kacey | 21 February 2022 | 0 Comments

As the weather warms up, a range of outdoor activities will be ready to begin. Has it been a while since your e-bike has been started?
Now is the time to check your e-bike and get it fully charged!
Not sure where to start riding? Maybe see if the following recommendations can provide you with a reference.

Pioneer Square - Located in Portland, Oregon
If you are located in Portland, OR, riding an electric bike is a perfect way to get around.
Portland is one of the most advanced bicycle transportation systems in the United States, and the design of its bicycle transportation system has become a classic reference case for many national urban plans. Portland has more than 350 miles of bike lanes, off-road lanes, and shared bike boulevards. Bicycle parking facilities are available on light rail cars and buses for those who are tired of riding.
Bicycling to schools, supermarkets, libraries, and other places is common here; bicycling to work is even more common. Bicycle facilities have long been integrated into the city's infrastructure. Whether you live here or are just visiting the city, you should feel free to experience a leisurely ride in this picturesque green city.

Pioneer Square is named after the Pioneer Courthouse across the street, which covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters. Almost every red brick on the ground is inscribed with the name of someone who donated to build and maintain the square. If you are tired of riding, you can sit here with your friends and family to chat, drink, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the slow pace of Portland life.

If you've never been on an e-bike before and don't know which one to pick to start your spring ride, here's an option you can't go wrong with.
The Addmotor E-Series CITYPRO Ebike is a very starter-friendly model.
This electric bike is perfect for commuting and touring and is currently priced at only $1599. Up to 8 different color options are available, including two types of low step and high step. Different riders can choose the model that suits their needs better.
This price is very economical for an e-bike with the new EB2.0 system.
What is EB2.0 system? There will be detailed information about it here.


Fort Myers - Located in southwest Florida
The thriving city of Fort Myers is rich in history and natural resources and is connected to an outlying island with white sand beaches, birds of prey, and a wide variety of recreational activities.
When you think of this place, the first thing that comes to mind is the ocean sun and the beach.
A Cruiser electric bike is a must-have when you want to have fun on the vast sandy beaches.
Click here to see more Cruiser electric bikes.
Have more recommendations for more suitable locations to ride? Or if you've had some memorable and interesting riding experiences, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!


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