Buy Perfectly Matched Accessories of An Ebike for Commuting

By Addmotor | 10 November 2022 | 0 Comments
Due to some health issues and to save money people are converting their travel from cars to bikes. Now simple bikes are updated to electric bikes with more benefits and solve all the health issues of the people. To travel on an electric bike, you need some accessories that make your journey more easily and happy for you. Add more is the leading manufacturing company of electric bikes and their accessories. They also provide a guarantee of their electric bikes. It's always maintained the quality of electric bikes and certified electric bike developer. Their electric bikes and their accessories are admired internationally. Here are some accessories of an ebike for commuting below:

Phone Holder Mount:
Add motor has designed a durable phone holder mount ebike for commuting. Prepared from aluminum material to protect all types of mobile during riding on mountain and weather conditions. You can set it on the handlebar of your bike and also fix it in your car during the drive. You can enjoy music and also listen to calls. Easily travel on the unknown road using google Maps because it will save your mobile from slipping. Check the details of the Addmotor phone holder mount to save your smartphone.

To travel on an ebike for commuting you need bags to handle your things during riding. Add motor provide bags for putting water bottles to keep hydrated to you during riding. Shoulder belt bags that are your best partner during riding with larger capacity are made from nylon. Phone-holding bags are resistant to water. Add motor has designed different high-quality bags. PVC bags of add motor is used to keep wallet, cell-phone, headlights, keys, traveling car locks, towels, maintenance tools, and snacks. You can protect your products from mud, dust, raining water, and available in a yellow fluorescent color that is helpful for you during night traveling. To check the prices and specifications of all types of add motor bags click here.

Citypro E-43 City Commuter Long Range Electric Bike Cyan

To make your climbing pleasant add a motor buy helmet from add motors that are available in different sizes and colors. To provide protection and conform to the rider they ready it from ABS hardshell and EPS foam.  You can use it on an ebike for commuting because it prevents you from the heat also.  

USB Rechargeable lights
Add motor has developed rechargeable led lights ebike for commuting during night traveling to mountains roads. It's perfect for all ages, and gender to ride on all types of terrains and also run for a long time. You can set it easily on the handlebar, helmet, seat tube, clothing, and at various locations on the bike. The battery of these led lights is 3000mAh and charge it with a USB cable from a laptop or pc easily. You can purchase high-quality USB rechargeable led lights from Addmotor's official website at a reasonable price.
Rear View Glass Mirrors
To overcome the chances of any accident, add motor introduces rear-view glass mirrors for bike riders. These mirrors are easy to set on the handlebar of the bike with recyclable lenses and compact durable frames. The material used in rear-view glass mirrors is stainless steel, glass, and plastic.


city commuter ebike has made the easiest journey for the rider. add motor is the best commuter ebike company that has developed all accessories of the ebike. Some accessories as I discussed above and remaining are peg pedals, trike rear fenders, bracket holder extender, stem riser extender, front basket, fenders, quick release rear rack pannier, tires inner tube, mini bike pump, rim reflective tape stripe, pedals with patterns, rim stripe inner tube protector, sun caps, grips, battery charger, rear foot pegs, a pedal extender and much more.


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