Best Senior Electric Trike 2023, Comfortable & Versatile

Learn more about the features and specifications of the best senior electric trikes with rear motor to get a perfect travel companion based on your needs.
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Every ride gives us lots of memories and experiences. Riding an electric trike is not limited to traveling from one place to another. It brings your inner happiness to your face and allows you to enjoy every moment of your life. Senior riders want extra from their travel companion. They want a companion that ensures higher comfort and a relaxed ride. Moreover, the electric trike is a nature-friendly travel companion that encourages people to choose a pollution-free travel companion.
Electric trike brands offer multiple advanced features to make every ride perfect for senior riders. Offering an electric trike for senior riders is not just another trike, but it includes the features to provide ultimate comfort and effortless ride. The electric trike provides a balanced and stable ride to the senior rider. It also costs less and requires less maintenance costs. Collectively, the attractive feature makes the electric trike a most demanding travel companion for the senior rider. 
This article will discuss the best electric trikes for senior riders by assessing the features and specifications. It will help you understand what makes the best electric trike perfect for senior riders. So, let’s scroll.
Recommend the Best Electric Trikes
Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike
#1 World's First Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike
Addmotor M-360 is the world's first semi-recumbent electric trike, which makes every ride more comfortable and efficient. It is best known for its highly comfortable seating position. The trike's seat comes with a backrest, and the feet of the rider are positioned a little forward, making every ride comfortable. It is a perfect trike for a senior rider who wants to relax their back while riding. 
#2 48V*750W Front Brushless Hub Motor
Many senior riders are unable to push the pedals on inclined or rough surfaces. The powerful 750W motor of the trike is efficient enough to push the electric trike or provide assistance to the riding and make pedaling easy for the rider. The rider can adjust the pedal assistance based on their ability to pedal the electric trike on the different surface types. The brushless motor in the electric trike is more durable than the motors having brushes. 
#3 Impressive Range
The electric trike has a 48V*20AH lithium-ion UL-certified battery that provides an impressive range of 85+ miles (PAS 1) on a single charge. The rider can enjoy riding by depending on the battery power and explore multiple places on a single charge. Also, the UL certification indicates the higher safety of the rider and encourages them to ride confidently.  
#4 Exceptional Payload Capacity
Payload capacity provides mental relaxation to the riders. The higher payload capacity means the higher weight the rider can carry on the electric trike. The Addmotor M-360 electric trike offers 300 lbs+80 lbs payload capacity, which enables the rider to not compromise with anything when it comes to payload capacity. 
#5 Strong and Durable Frame
The trike has a 7A19 Aluminum Alloy Frame, which is strong enough to handle any surface type along with carrying the weight. The frame has an anti-corrosion quality, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The aluminum frame is lightweight compared to other material frames and helps in balancing the additional weight of the motor and battery on the trike.
#6 Comfortable Riding with Fat Tires
The 4-inch fat tires make every ride convenient. The tire of the semi-recumbent electric trike provides better stability and control to the rider and makes riding perfect for surfaces like roads, beaches, etc. The tires increase the fun of any adventurous ride and run for years. The excellent grip and traction boost the confidence of the rider to explore any surface type without worrying about discomfort. 
#7 Addmotor LCD Display
The Addmotor electric trike offers an LCD, which presents the current status of the electric trike. The waterproof LCD presents the speed, trip distance, battery usage, PAS level, and other important information, which helps the rider monitor the performance of the electric trike and enhance their riding experience. The continuous monitoring helps the rider to take timely action and avoid inconvenience. 
More Details: The M-360 has been rebranded as the Arisetan M-360. The Arisetan M-360 II has upgraded with a rear mounted motor, differential, parking brake and reinforced trailer tube. It can better ensure your comfortable riding! 
TRIKETAN M-330 II Rear-Mounted Electric Trike
#1 48V*750W Rear-Mounted Motor 
The 750W motor efficiently provides power and makes riding effortless for the rider. The motor encourages the rider to cover more miles without feeling tired or exhausted. Also, the rider can adjust the pedal assistance to engage the motor and make pedaling easy, even on inclined or rough surfaces. The motor is mounted on the rear part of the electric trike to provide a stable and balanced ride. 
#2 Impressive Range
The new upgraded Triketan M-330 II provides a range of 85+ miles (PAS 1) on a single charge. The senior rider can use the throttle to travel without exerting the pedals. Also, the UL-certified battery makes the ride safer for the rider and boosts their confidence. Also, the mid-axis torque sensing technology consumes less power and increases the range of the trike. 
#3 Payload Capacity
Carrying all the required stuff makes the ride better. Also, speed is compromised in some trikes because of the heavy load. Addmotor Triketan M-330 offers 350 lbs + 100 lbs payload capacity and runs efficiently without impacting the speed of the electric trike. Moreover, the waterproof bag prevents the loaded items from rain, dust, and mud.
#4 Frame 
The eight color options along with a step-through frame enhance the look of the electric trike. The aluminum alloy frame of the Addmotor Electric Trike indicates the strength and durability of the trike. Also, the step-through frame provides better control and stability to make riding easy for senior riders. The fender of the trike also prevents the rider from dust and mud. 
#5 Parking Brake and Differential
The parking brake in the electric trike ensures safety and security. The rider can park the trike anywhere by using the parking brake, even parking on sloppy surfaces. The parking brake blocks the tires from moving while the trike is parked and provides mental relaxation to the rider. 
The differential in the electric trike also provides better control and stability to the rider, especially during sharp turns. The rear wheels of the electric trike are independent of each other and can rotate in a different direction and at different speeds because of the differential. It makes riding safe and comfortable for senior riders. 
#6 Reinforced Trailer Tube
The bend in the trailer tube while towing weight can make a bad impression on the rider. It can be a reason for a higher inconvenience to the rider. Addmotor electric trike makes a thickened trailer tube with a reinforced frame to increase the strength of the trailer tube. The reinforced trailer tube of the Addmotor electric trike helps you focus more on riding the trike instead of worrying about the trailer tube.
#7 Mechanical Disc Brake
The mechanical disc brake is one of the highly efficient and trusted brakes that provide instant stopping power and make every ride safe. The rider can explore any surface with better control by trusting the mechanical disc brakes and making every ride joyful. 
Find Your Travel Companion
The best electric trikes we mentioned are based on the specifications and performance. Many riders show trust in the Addmotor brand and make their life better with the Addmotor electric trikes. Addmotor is one of the most reliable brands of electric trikes in the market because the brand offers higher safety and comfort. You can choose any trike from the market, but we suggest you do a little research and find the best one. Also, book a test ride to understand what suits the best to your needs and requirements. 


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