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Electric trikes are becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life, but they can be especially beneficial to women. If you're looking for an affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, the GRANDTAN City electric tricycle is a fantastic choice as a women's electric trikeLet's talk about the features that set this tricycle apart from the rest.

Bafang Brushless Motor, 48 Volt, 750 Watt

There is a strong 48V*750W Bafang Brushless motor in the GRANDTAN City electric tricycle, allowing for speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Because of this, it's ideal for commuting long and small distances inside the city. Best of all, in full-throttle mode, the motor handles all the work, so you don't have to bother about pedaling. It is the best 48v 750w electric trike for women.

Design with Three Wheels

The GRANDTAN City electric trike's three-wheel design makes it exceedingly simple to steer and stable when in motion. Thus, riders of varying heights and weights can ride in safety and pleasure.

Comfortable, Upright Structure

You can ride in comfort and style on the Grandtan City electric tricycle thanks to its upright backrest and other ergonomic features. The bike's seat and handlebars are each adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit for your size and riding style.

Components of High-Quality

Using only premium materials, the Grandtan City electric tricycle is a dependable and long-lasting mobility choice.
The frame material, aluminum alloy, is extremely durable and guarantees a rock-solid ride. The tricycle's adjustable suspension and built-in disc brakes give you a lot of control over your ride.

With a Single Charge, You Can Travel Over 90 Miles

The Grandtan City electric tricycle is great for extended journeys because of its enormous range (90+ miles on a single charge).
The trike also has a sophisticated PAS system that provides many power modes to maximize economy and range.

Upgraded Samsung Cell Battery

The Grandtan City electric tricycle has a robust and long-lasting Samsung cell battery. Depending on the terrain and conditions, you may go up to 90+ miles on a single charge with the help of the UL-approved 48V*20.0Ah battery pack.

Grandtan M-340 Electric Trikes for Adult In Cyan Green

How to Choose the Best Electric Ladies Trike?

Whether you’re looking to get a bit of exercise or just have some fun, an electric trike is a perfect way to start your journey.
However, not all electric trikes are created equal—so what should you look for when shopping for the ideal electric trike? Let’s take a closer look.

• Frame Design and Comfortability

A good electric trike should have a strong frame that will provide stability while riding. It should also be comfortable enough to accommodate your body type and size.
Look for adjustable handlebars and seats so that you can customize them to fit your stature perfectly. Test out any electric trike before buying it, as this will give you a better sense of how comfortable it is for extended rides.

• Powerful Motor and Battery Pack

Electric motors come in different sizes, so make sure that the motor on the electric trike you choose has enough power to provide smooth acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities.
You should also check the battery pack; many models come with removable batteries so that they can be easily charged indoors or outdoors. Look for an efficient battery design that offers long-range performance without too much-added weight.

• Safety Features                                              

Safety is always paramount when selecting an electric bike, make sure that any bike you purchase has safety features such as reflectors, brake lights, horns, and headlights installed as standard equipment.
Additionally, look at the construction materials used; steel frames offer more durability than aluminum ones over time and might be worth considering if safety is your top priority.



If you are looking for an electric trike with pedal assist for women, we recommend you GRANDTAN CITY 3 Wheel Electric Bike. It has all the features to help women ride around the town comfortably and safely. When shopping around for an electric trike, remember to look at its frame design and comfortability factors as well as its motor power and battery pack efficiency in order to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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