Best E-Bike Trails to Roam in Minneapolis

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From New York to California to Florida, more and more Americans are attracted to travel on electric bikes, catching up with the rest of the world's trend towards e-bikes. The major shift towards urban cruiser ebike is due to a variety of reasons, including the desire for environmentally friendly transport, a better way of travelling, and better road scenarios.  

Electric biking along the beach and on trails is a simple and exciting solution for people everywhere looking for fun, de-stressing, social, and fresh activities to participate in. Bikes are fun to ride, but not everybody can ride them on a journey that makes an unforgettable impression. To make your Minneapolis e-bike experience a five-star experience, you should know the best trails to explore.

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Best E-Bike Trails to Roam in Minneapolis

With its many bike paths and individual trails, Minneapolis consistently rates itself as one of the best bike cities in the United States. Regardless of the weather, the city promotes biking trails. The perfect combination of river views and cityscapes, as well as the perfect medley of natural and urban sights, make biking in Minneapolis a mind-blowing experience, whether you're out for a joy ride, getting to and from work, or working out.

With thousands of miles of coastline hugging the Pacific Ocean, electric bikes in Minneapolis from Addmotor are a delight to ride.  

There's nothing quite like pedaling along one of Minneapolis's most breathtaking bike trails. Minneapolis's landscape is one of the most diverse places to drive on two wheels, with dreamy ocean views, breathtaking skylines, and lush forests. The city of Minneapolis has more than 97 trails covering 856 miles, so you are sure to find the perfect trail for you.  Here's a list of trails in Minneapolis for all different riding styles if you're looking for some places to ride.

The Midtown Greenway Trail

Located in south Minneapolis, the Midtown Greenway is a 5.5-mile-old railroad corridor with trails for biking and walking. The corridor is grade-separated from the street grid across most of its length, either in a gorge that passes under bridges that carry streets overhead or on a levy that carries traffic overhead.

This allows barrier-free bicycling that is faster than using a car to travel across town.  Winter plows, lighting at night, and 24-hour access to the Greenway are included. The Midtown Greenway trail is visited by thousands of tourists and hundreds of runners and cyclists each spring, summer, or any normal day in the year. No matter how snowy or cold it gets, the heart cyclists keep visiting this trail throughout the year.  

Cedar Lake Regional Trail

Taking the route of the former Great Northern Railway and Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway, the Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail follows former railroad lines. Connecting downtown Minneapolis with other popular bicycle and pedestrian trails in the western suburbs, it runs from downtown Minneapolis.

On the Cedar Lake Regional Trail, you'll experience the best of both worlds with a view of the city skyline and some woodland serenity. Located in Hopkins, the 4.4-mile paved trail passes through quiet neighborhoods in St. Louis Park and connects to trails surrounding Cedar Lake.

Grand Rounds Scenic Byway

Designed and sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway was recognized and supported by the program for its scenic beauty. Known as the nation's premier urban parkway system for more than a century, the Grand Rounds is one of the nation's longest continuous systems of public urban parks. It offers over 40 miles of bike trails throughout the city for Minneapolis ebike fans.

As well as being natural, the Grand Rounds includes constructed features, such as canals, lagoons, greenways, parks, and playgrounds. With this urban bike loop, you can see the most beautiful sights of the city, such as the Chain of Lakes, the Mississippi River, Minnehaha Falls, and the downtown riverfront.

Bottom Line

The weather in Minneapolis keeps on changing throughout the year, sometimes it is extremely cold in frigid winters and tends to be hot and humid in summers. But with a vast option of trails and e-bike lovers throughout the city, Minneapolis is great for biking almost all year. Are you looking for bike trails that are easy to ride? Get yourself a suitable electric bike from electric bikes for sale Minneapolis from Addmotor.

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