Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes 2022

By Jamie | 26 October 2022 | 0 Comments

One of the most fun ways to enjoy summer is to ride a beach cruiser electric bike. On a sunny, warm day, the beach cruiser electric bike is the perfect choice for cyclists who enjoy leaning back and relaxing.

With an electric motor, Beach Cruiser e-bikes are powered entirely by power, allowing riders to climb steep terrain or move with ease. These beach cruiser bikes have become incredibly popular among people of all ages because of their unique design and comfort. In terms of looks and comfort, beach cruiser electric bikes are one of the most popular e-bike categories.

Beach cruiser electric bikes from Addmotor let you ride and enjoy bike rides without the strain and exhaustion of traditional cycling. You can ride a California cruiser electric bike to the beach or spin it while enjoying a beach picnic.

What to look for when choosing a Beach Cruiser electric bike:

There is nothing better than riding your bike on the beach. It is a pleasant summer activity to visit the beach because of the ocean smells, waves, and warmth of the sun. However, keep these things in mind when selecting an electric beach bike in order to have an enjoyable experience:


There are many people who cycle to burn calories. Some use it to speed up their travels to a destination. Both scenarios might be better handled on a road bike since they are designed to push the rider. However, a beach cruiser e-bike provides the maximum level of comfort, since its design enables a person to enjoy riding it as much as possible. Consequently, an electric beach cruiser bike that's not comfortable is pointless. So, always stick with the most comfortable ones.


People usually consider the bike's functionality when choosing a bicycle. Although this is certainly important, there isn't any denying that aesthetics can play a significant role as well. Among the styles renowned in the cycling community, the ebikes made in California are at top.

Battery and Motor:

When choosing an electric beach cruiser bike, you will want to make sure it can take you where you need to go as fast as you desire. For this reason, you should look for motors that are powerful enough to reach speeds of at least 20 miles per hour. In terms of battery packs, choosing long-lasting lithium-ion packs that can be recharged quickly in just a few hours and can last for miles are preferred.

M-66 R7

Features to ensure safety:

The beach cruiser electric bikes move on uneven surfaces at times, so safety is a top priority. Be sure to choose an electric bike with high-quality disc brakes both upfront and at the rear. Last but not least, if you plan to ride a bike at night, you will need a powerful LED headlight and a horn.

M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike

Addmotor's M-66 is a true urban warrior when compared to some electric mopeds that are designed for both on- and off-road travel. With its iconic retro look and step-through frame, Addmotor's M-66 R7 is arguably the finest electric cruiser bike available.  

The M-66 features adjustable handlebars and banana seats, so you can adjust the seating position to your comfort. With a motor that produces 750W and a 20AH battery, this e-bike delivers power on demand. You can ride uphill and conquer uneven roads and beaches without any problem with the California e bike. Also, with the EB 2.0 hydraulic disc brakes, customized e-horns, and uneven button design, riding is much safer. So if you want the best beach cruisers, this capable e-bike won't let you down.


Electric beach cruiser bikes offer a unique combination of style and comfort unmatched by other electric bicycle options. Although they are not the fastest, beach cruiser electric bikes are certainly among the most enjoyable ways to get around on two wheels.

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