Battery Range For Electric Bike Explained

By Sunnie | 21 March 2022 | 0 Comments
For electric bike riders, it is necessary to know the maximum range of an electric bike. They need to plan their cycling routes based on this data. Which can guarantee safely back to the starting point within this mileage range.
If you buy an electric bike, you may find that your maximum riding range exceeds the manufacturer's stated range or uncover his range, and so on. This is because there is currently no standard for the test of cruising range in the industry. Some people do multiple practice tests to get an average or maximum and some people run the math to find the average or maximum that way. As the measurements are different, the values will be different.

Of course, in addition to the different testing methods just mentioned, many other factors can affect this value.
1. The type of terrain: Different terrains have different power requirements. Uphill requires higher power support but downhill consumes less power.
2. The weight of the rider: The heavier the rider, the greater the force required to ride the electric bicycle, the heavier the load, the more the motor will be used, and the greater the power required.
3. Wind and weather: downwind and headwind will produce different friction, and different degrees of humidity on the ground caused by different weather require different gripping forces, and so on.
4. The speed of electric bicycle-shaped driving: Generally, electric bicycles have different speed gears. The power consumption is different when you drive the first PAS or the seventh PAS, and the cruising mileage will also change.
5. How much the rider pedals: The pedals will assist the electric bike to increase its speed, and of course, it will also increase your cruising range.
6. The efficiency of the motor drive system: The efficiency of the motor drive system is also an integral part of the electric bike’s range; all other factors are considered the same. The motor drive system transfers energy from the battery to the wheels that propel you forward. Different power, different effects.
7. The energy capacity of the battery: what people are most concerned about must be the battery capacity of the electric bike.  How much power a battery can hold is one of the important factors in determining the range of an electric bike. We can roughly estimate that it can travel about 1 mile per 20Wh when other factors are neutral, or an average of the battery used by the electric bike. To calculate the capacity of this battery, we need to use a simple physical formula:
Voltage (V) × Amp Hours (Ah) = Watt Hours (Wh)
For example, if the battery of an electric bike is marked with 24V and 14.5Ah, then its battery capacity is 348Wh. If other factors are neutral or average, the cruising range of this battery is 348Wh/20=17.4miles. If you factor in external factors, perhaps the result will be closer to the actual mileage range.

Addmotor provides you with the most accurate battery data possible (excluding any external factors). We have testers to test drive and test the performance of the bike. By being able to see and understand performance, customers will be able to know which electric bike suits them the best.

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