As a free skater to review on an electric cruiser bike

By JMK Freeskates | 24 June 2023 | 0 Comments

Oh no way, Maddie Tice said we go to the skatepark today. Too bad, I don't have a way to get there. But wait, didn't Addmotor just send a brand new ebike to the JMK. Let’s find out more together with JMK Freeskates.
Today we'll be reviewing the Addmotor M-66X cruiser electric bike, looks like we got around about a 20 minutes bike ride. And let’s see how fast we can get there. Okay just to be clear first, I'm more of a free skater than an e-bike enthusiast. So this review is going to be coming from more of a free skater's perspective. Firstly, I'm going to start with what I liked about the ebike and then we'll get into what I didn't like.
I have not sat in a bike like this, it's crazy. Let’s see what the max speed is, it was like 20mph. It's such a nice ebike for like walking. While you're on it, like it's so low to the ground. And definitely that's to be one of the more comfy ebikes I've ever owned.
When it comes to the features of this amazing cruiser ebike. The electric cruiser bike itself came mostly assembled. All we had to do was attach the handlebar and the front wheel, connect the power and attach the headlight in the horn. That good traction feels weird not pre-skating. This is such a nice ride feels like I'm riding a low rider motorcycle. The leather handlebars brakes are all good, it is made with high-quality material, which you can feel it’s very strong. For the most part I like how you can see the wattage rating on this small LCD display on the handlebar. It shows you One of the benefits of riding an electric bike is you just kind of pass by the bikers like they're nothing. This electric cruiser bike is actually pretty crazy from the big banana seat to the leather handlebars. The fat tires, the front suspension and rear shocks all make this ebike perfect for cruising, no matter you would like to go through beach or commute in city. One other thing is the battery on this cruiser ebike has a 105 miles range per charge which is just crazy compared to the e-bikes I've ridden in the past. This cruiser ebike ride super smooth and it's really cool to be able to have a passenger and have pegs on the back. It will comfortable when you are carrying your passenger even on a long ride.Another cool thing about this ebike that I've never seen is the wooden plate for you to rest your feet and right in the middle of the ebike. 

As for the design, I think it has a really sleek low rider profile. I thought it was cool how the ebike had two separate horns. One for the car and one for civilians, it's got blinkers and a horn. That's a loud alarm this is like civilian bell, and then if that's like a coral here. So the cruiser ebike has a pretty nice display you can track your speed wattage and battery life on it. Another cool feature about this ebike is it comes with the headlight. I didn't get to use it on this ride because we're riding in the day. But this ebike has a total of seven gears which is kind of crazy. I've only seen five in the ebikes that I've ridden in the past. It's so smooth over bumps and stuff, the brake lights and blinkers on this ebike are a nice level of added safety that you don't see on a lot of ebikes.
Nowadays the cruiser ebike itself has really good power but a max speed at only 20 miles an hour which is not too bad. Considering you can carry another person other than the 20 mile an hour speed limit. How amazing it is. The only little thing I didn't really like about the ebike is its turn radius being more of a low rider bike. I'm not super familiar returning that size of ebike.
Now let's talk about the price at twenty four hundred dollars, that's kind of expensive but with the 105 mile range, the ability to carry a passenger and all the other features. You're definitely getting a good bang for your buck here that was fast. This thing is nice, I mean it zips around 20mph, it isn't like super fast but like with this size of the ebike being able to load two people and 20 miles an hour is pretty fast.
Overall I thought this was a really awesome electric bike and I'm excited to be able to use it in the future and save some energy on the way to the skate spots. Thanks again to Addmotor for sending us this awesome cruiser ebike. Let’s roll with us.


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