Are You That Great Creator Who We're Looking for to Spread this Cool Thing?

By Kacey | 26 February 2022 | 0 Comments

Why should you join the Affiliate Program?
As a vehicle that combines the construction of a traditional bicycle with higher speeds, the benefits, and convenience that electric bicycles can bring to people are always increasing.
Our desire to get more people to choose an e-bike instead of a car to alleviate the high traffic load and car exhaust pollution is one of the main reasons we joined the Alliance program.
Who are we seeking?
Content creators with a broad social media audience are welcome to post their work on platforms including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
Affiliates who operate independent coupon code sites, shopping platforms, ad publishers, or additional channels are also desired partners.
Which network are we working with?
Our project is currently in stable progress on ShareASale and will be available on AvantLink Shortly.
Hundreds of affiliates have partnered with us and reaped significant rewards.
In the near future, we will join more networks to make e-bikes, an environmentally friendly and stylish form of transportation, more visible to more people!

What will you get in return?
Bountiful commissions for each qualified sale.
How to join this neat program?
Check out the links below to make it all happen!
Any unique ideas or questions on this project please feel free to drop an email to Expect us to have fun here!


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