Are Electric Bicycles Legal in the United States?

Are electric bicycles legal in the United States? These you must know...

By Muriel | 22 July 2021 | 1 Comments
Sooner, electric bicycles will become a major part of road transportation. Below the rapid growth of electric bicycles, the lack of knowledge is confusing lots of people. Some people say the electric bike is just a motorcycle. Some say the electric bike is not legit in my state. Although in the same country, the electric bicycle law is different from each state, and the e-bike law is continuing to be improved...
Don’t worry, we're going to fill you in with some electric bicycle knowledge, the electric bicycle laws in this article.

Are electric bikes considered motorized? 

This might be the most confusing question before you get to know an electric bike. Well, it actually depends on the laws of the state you live in. Each state has different laws for electric bike riding. That means even your bike looks like an electric bike, it might be defined as an electric bike in California but an electric motorcycle in New York. The main definition of electric bike or motorcycle in each state is the 3 tiered classification. 26 states have used the 3 Class to define whether it’s an electric bicycle or an electric motorcycle. 3 Class is now becoming the measurement of the United States laws in riding an electric bicycle.

What is E-bike Class?

Class 1: Bicycle equipped with pedal assist and the maximum speed is 20 MPH.
Class 2: Bicycle equipped with pedal assist and throttle. The maximum speed is 20 MPH.
Class 3: Bicycle equipped with pedal assist and the maximum speed is 28 MPH.

These 26 states now have adopted the 3 class standard for electric bikes: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. For example,  California the state Addmotor has located in. California is one of the states that using the 3 Class law for an electric bike. There’re some rules that riders must follow in California or any other state as well.
*Helmets are required for riders of Class 3 e-bikes in California.
*Under age 16, it’s not allowed to ride Class 3 e-bike unless he/she is a passenger.
*Riding Class 3 e-bike will face some certain access restrictions situation.
Addmotor electric bikes are mostly Class 2 with a 48V battery and a 750W motor electric bicycle which allows you to ride at a maximum speed (up to 20 mph) with or without pedaling.
Other states possess their unique rules or maybe haven’t defined electric bikes for now.

Do I need to register my E-bike?

There are certain states that require registering your electric bike. The states that require electric bicycle registration are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.
On the other hand, an electric bicycle has been defined as a motor-driven bicycle in New York. Electric bikes are also subject to the registration, licensing, and insurance requirements that apply to motor vehicles. Not like California, According to the existing city ordinances and regulations, you only can ride Class 1 electric-assisted bike in New York. However, the good sign is electric bike has been legit to ride 30 miles (per hour) on August 5th, 2020 in New York.
If you live in the stats that requires a registration of your Addmotor e-bike, please check the submit form here:

Is it important to wear a helmet?

Although some states like Nevada do not require riders to wear helmets, it's safer to wear helmets while riding your electric bike. 25 states and Washington DC require wearing a helmet when riding an e-bike or as a passenger. Some states like Nevada don’t have an age limit for riders. Connecticut, Maryland, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and Louisiana, all these 5 states require wearing helmets for all ages and across all e-bike classes and bicycles. 
Even though there’re some states that don’t require it, in-laws, wearing a helmet to protect yourself is an important action during the riding.

What are the rules for riding on the trails?

Riders should follow the local laws and read the specific national parks and forests rules before having an amazing trip. To know about the local riding rules, it’s better to consult with the local agency. Some state rules like Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are currently thinking to have new regulations around electric bicycles access. The recreational opportunities and accessibility rules on public lands have expanded these years. It still varies for specific trails and classes of e-bike and the laws in each state.

Can I Ride A Hunting/Mountain Ebike? Where?

Most of the time, electric mountain bikes (EMBT) can ride on any natural path trail specifically for motorized and non-motorized use. Natural path trails consisted of motorized singletrack, doubletrack, and primitive roads. Regardless of how riders should be aware that electric mountain or electric hunting bikes are not the same as traditional mountain bikes which can ride everywhere. The majority of states allow Class 1 and Class 2 electric bicycles for the Hunting zone by State. But, in Pennsylvania, only class 1 bikes are allowed in the hunting zones instead.

Always Ride Safe, Add Fun!

No matter which state you stay in practices the riding skill is important. Especially the first ride on an electric bike. Before you hit on the road, ride it on the empty ground until you get familiar with it. Turn on the headlight and taillight when you ride it at night. It keeps you visible to others. Knowing how to operate each function and keeping sales help you enjoy the journey!
World’s has been changing every day. It’s normal that the self pedaling the traditional bike is likely to be replaced by a powerful electric bike someday. The law of electric bikes will be more completed with the e-bike growing.

Law of Each State:
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