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E-bikes are seen on roads in numbers like never before due to their popularity in recent years. The greener mobility has made everyone shift towards the e-bike, and with its various efficient features, traveling has become a lot more convenient for everyone. E-bike comes with two common modes of operation, the pedal assist mode and the throttle mode. The pedal assist mode is commonly used in an e-bike, but the electric bike with throttle is also a preferred mode of transmission, as it resembles the scooter and motorbikes and requires little to no effort from the rider. Let's dive into details regarding e-bike throttle and how it works and benefits the riders. 

What is an e-bike throttle?

An e-bike throttle is a feature in an e-bike that allows it to propel the ride forward without pedaling. It is typically present in the form of a switch or a twist grip on the handlebar, just like a motorcycle. The electric bike with throttle works similarly to the motorbike and scooter, as when powered on, the electric motor delivers power and propels the e-bike forward. It doesn’t require any forceful effort from the rider, unlike pedal assist, which requires little to maximum effort from the rider to keep the motor engaged and propel the e-bike forward. The e-bike throttle lets you sit back and enjoy the ride by just switching on or twisting the throttle present on the handlebar, and the e-bike moves forward on its own.

How e-bike throttle works?

The e-bike throttle is designed to control the power generated by the electric motor and the speed of the e-bike. With a simple push or a twist, the riders can propel the e-bike forward and ride the e-bike effortlessly. When the throttle is twisted or pushed, the sensors detect the movement of the throttle and send a signal to the motor controller. The motor controller then activates the electric motor, which delivers the power to the drivetrain. The amount of speed of the e-bike depends upon the intensity of the twist or the push, and the electric motor delivers the power accordingly to the drivetrain. The rider then enjoys riding the e-bike effortlessly without pedaling and by just twisting or pushing the e-bike throttle. 

Different types of throttles in an e-bike 

When looking for an electric bike with throttle, you may find various forms of throttles in an e-bike, which may be confusing to determine which could be the best one. To help you decide which e-bike throttle works efficiently, here is the detail regarding various types of e-bike throttle you may see in the market. 

1. Thumb throttle 

The thumb throttle, also known as the lever as the name indicates, is controlled by the push of the rider’s thumb to regulate the speed and power of the e-bike. The thumb throttle is present in the form of the lever mounting on the handlebar in easy reach of the rider’s thumb, and when pressed with the thumb upward or downward, it activates the electric motor. Thumb throttle is commonly used in an e-bike but has various pros and cons. 
► Pros 
•  Easy to use: Thumb throttles are simple to operate as they only require the movement of the rider’s thumb to activate the electric motor. 
•  Comfortable: The thumb throttle is within comfortable reach of the rider’s thumb and doesn’t strain the rider’s hand or wrist while operating the e-bike throttle. 
•  Precise control: The thumb throttle allows precise control over the acceleration and deceleration of the e-bike and also offers fine control over the speed of the e-bike. 
•  Occupies less space: Since it is smaller in size, the thumb throttle occupies less space, doesn’t clutter the handlebar, and allows you to maintain your grip on the handlebar. 
► Cons 
•  Fatigue: Riders may experience thumb fatigue by using thumb throttle for extended periods, especially when covering longer distances. It may get more difficult in winter as the thumb will get cold and even numb in an extremely cooler environment. 
•  Unfamiliarity: Many people are used to riding a motorcycle or scooter, so operating a thumb e-bike throttle may seem to be a difficult task that may require them some time to adjust to the thumb throttle.  

2. Twist throttle 

Another common and popularly used e-bike throttle is the twist throttle, which is similar to the throttle present in motorcycles and scooters. The twist e-bike throttle, just like motorcycles, requires riders to simply twist the grip on the handlebar, activate the electric motor, and adjust the speed of the e-bike. Due to their traditional design and operation, they are popular and commonly used in e-bikes. You may also find two types of twist throttles, the full twist and half twist throttle. 
♦  Full twist throttle 
Full twist throttle requires you to engage your whole hand to operate the e-bike throttle as it extends till the end of the handlebar. With all five fingers on the handlebar, the full twist throttle allows a better grip and precise control. It also has various pros and cons. 
► Pros 
•  Intuitive experience: Riders find the full twist e-bike throttle very familiar and easy to use, especially when they are used to operating motorcycles and scooters.  
•  Better handling and grip: With all five fingers on the handlebar, the full twist throttle allows for a better grip on the handlebar and handles and controls the e-bike easily and regulates its speed. 
► Cons 
•  Wrist fatigue: Just like thumb throttle that makes the rider prone to thumb fatigue, operating full twist e-bike throttle for an extended period leads to wrist strain and fatigue. 
•  Accidental engagement: Since the full twist throttle extends till the end of the handlebar, it may cause some accidental engagement in case of a collision with the walls or other e-bikes or maneuvering it through enclosed spaces.  
♦  Half twist throttle 
Another type of twist e-bike throttle includes the half-twist throttle, which operates exactly like the full-twist throttle but doesn’t extend till the end of the handlebar. It ends halfway through the handlebar, and the missing half features a non-twisting rubber grip, which is firmly attached to the handlebar. It doesn’t require the rider to use his whole hand to operate the half-twist throttle, and multiple fingers can be used instead, usually the first two fingers and the thumb. Half-twist e-bike throttle also has some pros and cons. 
► Pros 
•  Comfortable: One of the major advantages of the half-twist throttle is that it is comfortable, and doesn’t exhaust or lead your wrist to fatigue. As you use three fingers to twist the e-bike throttle, instead of your wrist muscles, you use the grip on the handlebar to use the full throttle or hold the half twist in place for an extended duration, thus preventing wrist fatigue. 
•  Safe: Compared to full twist throttle, half twist throttle is safer in terms of accidental engagements. As it doesn’t reach the end of the handlebar, accidents with collisions with the surrounding walls and other e-bikes are less likely to occur.
•  Compatible with accessories: Since the half-twist throttle does not extend till the end of the handlebar, it provides you the space to adjust handlebar accessories on the e-bike such as mirrors, allowing a safer and more comfortable ride. 
► Cons  
The half-twist e-bike throttle doesn’t have many disadvantages except that it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to use for people with larger hands due to the limited gripping area. 

Which e-bike throttle can be the best choice?

With a variety of options available, it might be difficult to choose an electric bike with a throttle, as each e-bike throttle has pros and cons. The choice depends on the personal preference and use of the riders. But when we compare the pros and cons of each type of e-bike throttle, the advantages of the half-twist throttle outweigh the pros of the other two throttles of e-bike. 
The thumb throttle is simple and easy to use, but the thumb fatigue may make it quite uncomfortable to use. 
On the other hand, the full twist throttle may also seem intuitive and easy to use, but the use of hold hand and its extension till the end of the handlebar requires some compromise on safety and comfort.  
But the half-twist e-bike throttle solves all the issues faced in the above two throttles as it is more comfortable, convenient, and safe than the full twist and thumb throttles. Due to this reason, riders usually prefer e-bikes with half-twist throttle. 

If you choose to purchase an e-bike with half-twist throttle, you may find the best options at Addmotor as Addmotor electric bikes and electric trikes are equipped with half-twist throttle. Some of the best available models of Addmotor electric trikes and electric bikes include 
♦  Arisetan M-360 is the world’s first semi-recumbent electric trike with 750-watt power, half twist throttle, and pedal assist with torque sensor. 
♦  Citytri E-310 folding electric trike, which is an affordable electric trike with efficient performance, features, and components, also includes a half-twist e-bike throttle and a 7-level pedal assist. 
♦  Grandtan series, which is the most popular Addmotor electric trike series, and its updated version includes all the latest features and components. 
♦  Triketan M-330 is also one of the best-selling electric trikes. This addmotor electric bike with throttle also includes a pedal assist with torque sensor, parking brake system, and differential. 
  • Graaopro is a dual-battery electric cargo bike and covers the longest miles. The half-twist throttle in the Graaopro electric cargo bike provides efficient and easy assistance in propelling the e-bike forward, even when carrying heavy loads.  
You can never go wrong with an electric bike with throttle, as it makes your life easier by propelling the e-bike forward without your pedaling assistance. The right type of throttle, i.e., half-twist e-bike throttle provides added benefits and enhances your riding experience, and Addmotor has various options for e-bikes to offer. So head over to our website now and choose the right e-bike with a half-twist throttle for yourself. 

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