Addmotor Triketan II M-330 vs. Electric Fat Trike

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A better travel companion must be needed for a good ride, but choosing a perfect one is like finding a needle in a haystack. We always choose something that provides value for our money and fulfills our expectations. To make this simple, we picked two high-performing electric trikes for comparison based on their features and specifications. So, let’s compare the Addmotor Triketan II M-330 electric trike and the Electric Fat Trike. 
E-Trike Basic Specifications
Specs Triketan II M-330 Electric Fat Trike Expert Comments
Battery 48V*20Ah
Samsung Lithium-ion
48v*11.6Ah Triketan electric trike runs approximately 1.7 times more than the Electric Fat Trike.
Motor 750W  
rear-mounted motor
Front Geared 750-1,000 Watts Both electric trikes offer a powerful and efficient motor to make pedaling easy.
Weight 99 lbs 88 lbs Triketan is slightly heavier than Electric Fat Trike.
Range 40-85 miles  12–26 Miles Addmotor Triketan provides a long-range, which is much higher than Electric Fat Trike. 
Pedal Assist Yes Yes Both trikes offer a pedal-assist system for smooth and effortless riding. 
Throttle Yes Yes The throttle allows riders to enjoy riding without pedaling the electric trike. 
Gears Yes Yes Both electric trikes offer gears to handle the surface types effectively.
Price $2999 $1998 Addmotor Triketan is expensive, and its features justify the price. 
The basic specifications indicate the Triketan electric trike offers better features than the Electric Fat Trike. Also, the cost of the Triketan II M-330 is higher, which is justified by the additional features offered by the brand that include a rear speed differential, bell, advanced 25A controller, etc. So, based on the price, the specifications of both electric trikes are justified. Riders can choose Addmotor Triketan for better comfort and convenience. 
Types of Pedal Assist Sensors 
The electric trike mainly has two types of sensors: torque and cadence. The sensors assess the rider’s action and send the signal to the electric trike’s motor to supply power or activate pedal assist. Both sensors work to make pedaling effortless for the rider. 
Torque Sensor: The torque sensor is more advanced. The torque sensor precisely measures the force applied by the rider on the pedal to understand the actual power requirements. The sensor measures the appropriate power requirement based on the condition and makes riding smooth and effortless. 
Cadence Sensor: The cadence sensor works through a magnet, which is like a switch. The magnet is on the crank of the trike that turns on when the rider starts pedaling and off when the rider stops. The rider needs to adjust the levels of pedal assist to adjust the power supply and make riding easy.  
Types of Electric Motor: Rear Mounted vs. Front Mounted
The motor is placed on the rear wheels of the electric trike, which makes the rear part heavier. The rear wheels of the electric trikes bear the motor’s weight, which indicates the reason for better traction by a rear-mounted motor than a front-mounted motor. The rear motor ensures balanced weight distribution and higher traction. On the other hand, the front-mounted motor provides improved navigation. Also, the maintenance of the front-mounted motor is easier than a rear-mounted motor.  
Safety Features
Features Triketan II M-330 Electric Fat Trike Expert Comments
Brakes Tektro Mechanical Brake Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes Both electric trikes offer the same braking system for better safety of riders. 
Parking Brakes Yes Yes (Parking Lock) Both trikes have parking brakes to ensure better safety and security. 
Differential  Yes No Differentials make riding stable and safe. Only Triketan offers a differential for a better riding experience.
Maximum Capacity 450 lbs 275 lbs Addmotor Triketan has a higher payload capacity than Electric Fat Trike.
Lights Yes Yes Lights provide better visibility in low light conditions. 
Display 5-inch LCD Nokee Monochrome LCD LCD shows real-time information of the electric trike. 
Trike Bell Horn+bell No Triketan offers a bell for enhanced safety of the rider. 
Considering the given safety features, the Addmotor Triketan adult electric trike offers better safety than the Electric Fat Trike. Every feature has a significant importance to make riding safe and convenient. Electric Fat Trike also offers safety features to ensure rider’s safety, but a comparison indicates that Triketan is a better travel companion.  
The Pros and Cons of Mechanical Disc Brakes:
Easy and cost-effective maintenance - Require Less Specialization.
Highly Durable - resistant to dust, mud, and other factors.
Affordable compared to hydraulic disc brakes
Frequent cable monitoring required
The Pros and Cons of Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
Accurate and instant stopping power
Require less power for applying full brakes
Require lower maintenance than mechanical brakes 
Costlier than mechanical brakes
More Extra E-Trike Features
Features Triketan II M-330 Electric Fat Trike Expert Comments
Charger 48V*2.0A 5 Pins, US Standard DC Charger 48V*2A Both trikes offer the same charger. 
Controller Addmotor 25A Controller / Addmotor Triketan offers a 25A controller for a fast transfer rate and precise control. 
Tires Kenda 20" X 4.0" 30 TPI Fat Tires (F) Kenda Gigas, 24in x 4in at 5-30 PSI /(R) Kenda Krusade, 20in x 4in at 5-30 PSI Both trikes offer efficient tires that handle different surface types. The fat tire provides better grip and stability. 
Saddle Wide saddle with backrest Velo Flurry VL-6105 A cushioned saddle drivers better comfort. Both trikes offer a wide, comfortable saddle, and Triketan also has a backrest for enhanced comfort.
Suspension MOZO 50 mm of Travel Front Fork Dual Suspension Electric Fat Trike offers dual suspension for better comfort. Suspension is efficient enough to absorb the shocks and vibrations. 
Baskets Front and Rear Basket  Rear Basket Baskets enable the riders to carry extra cargo, and Addmotor offers a front basket. 
The Benefits of Fat Tire Electric Trike
A fat tire electric trike offers better traction and grip to the rider and enables them to handle different surface types. Fat tires are highly efficient on rough surfaces to ensure better safety and convenience. Also, low-pressure fat tires reduce the shocks and vibrations while riding on bumpy or uneven terrains to make riding more comfortable. 
Basic Service
Services Triketan II M-330 Electric Fat Trike Expert Comments
Warranty 2-years 1-year It is better to read the terms and conditions to avoid inconvenience. Addmotor trike’s quality enables them to offer a two-year warranty.
Returns 14-days 30-days Returns are accepted, but companies have the power to make deductions on the refund amount. Electric fat trike shows trust and offers double time than Triketan. 
Addmotor Triketan offers more features to make riding better and delivers an enhanced riding experience. Both adult e trikes are good, but you cannot choose both. So, choose the one that makes riding better and impactful. 

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