The Addmotor M-365x Electric Tricycle: A Unique Blend of Comfort, Performance, and Style

By Addmotor | 02 June 2023 | 2 Comments
Herotri M-365X Electric Trike for Adult with Banana Seat Ride
The electric tricycle has been a game-changer in many people's lives over the past few years. The numerous benefits of electric tricycles have made lives convenient by allowing greener and more comfortable mobility. An adult 3 wheel electric bike allows inclusive mobility by providing a stable, comfortable, and smooth riding experience. Any individual, from disabled, young, or older adults, can ride the electric tricycle and enjoy independent mobility. It has also helped individuals switch towards a sustainable lifestyle and decrease their carbon footprints. All these reasons have increased the popularity of adult 3 wheel electric bikes, and more and more people are deciding to include an electric tricycle in their lives. Deciding to have one can be easy, but choosing the best one could be a struggle. So here we have a recommendation for one of the best electric tricycles available in the market.
Addmotor is a known brand when it comes to producing and selling the best quality adult 3 wheel electric trikes. Addmotor electric tricycles are known for their unique style, advanced features, and high-quality components. They have a variety of models available, and each one of them is unique and meets the diverse needs of the riders. The newly launched Addmotor Herotri M-365x electric tricycle is also one of the best options to consider, as you’ll get a unique blend of comfort, performance, and style. So let's see what makes the Addmotor Herotri M-365x electric tricycle the right choice.


Motor: 750 Watt brushless front-mounted motor
Battery: 48V*20Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery
Range: 85+ miles per charge
Tires: 20’’ x 4’’ kenda fat tires
Pedal assist system: 7-level pedal assist
Throttle: half twist throttle with power cut switch
Frame: The aluminum alloy step-over frame
Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc brakes
Saddle: faux leather banana seat  
Payload capacity: 450 lbs

#  Motor

The Addmotor Herotri 365x electric tricycle is equipped with a powerful 750 Watt brushless front-mounted hub motor. This powerful motor allows you to ride the electric tricycle on all kinds of terrains, be it hills, forests, sandy beaches, and snowy or muddy roads smoothly and conveniently. The 750-watt electric motor of Addmotor 365x adult 3-wheel electric bike provides faster acceleration while requiring minimum effort from the riders and makes them reach their destination quickly. This Addmotor electric tricycle allows you to use the throttle mode, i.e., the motor does all the work and doesn’t require pedaling, or use a pedal assist system which requires you to pedal, and the electric motor will contribute to the human force. 

#  Battery

The battery is the main component to consider when determining the performance of an adult 3-wheel electric bike, because the larger the battery capacity, the longer the distance covered by an electric tricycle per charge. The Addmotor Herotri 365x adult 3-wheel electric bike has UL certified high capacity 20 Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery. This high-capacity 20 Ah battery allows the riders to ride the electric tricycle for 85+ miles on a single charge. The UL-certified Samsung battery also keeps you safe from any hazardous incidence of fire or explosion of the battery which is common with most of the batteries available in the market.

 An electric tricycle for 2 adults

We commonly call the Addmotor Herotri 365x, an electric tricycle for 2 adults. Want to know why? So this adult 3-wheel electric bike comes with a large comfortable 23’’ x 8.5’’ banana seat made with faux leather, which can easily accommodate two adults. The large banana seat allows you to travel along the city on an electric tricycle with your partner, friends, or kids. Since this electric tricycle can accommodate two adults, we call it an electric tricycle for 2 adults. You can use the electric tricycle for various purposes, such as dropping the kids to school, taking your pet with you everywhere, or taking a road trip with a friend. This feature makes the Herotri 365x electric tricycle for 2 adults different from other electric trikes.
Herotri M-365X Electric Trike for Adult with Banana Seat Ride

#  Fat tires

Another component that makes the Addmotor Herotri 365x electric tricycle for 2 adults comfortable is the presence of fat tires. The 20’’ X 4’’ wide Kenda tires allow a stable and smooth ride due to the large contact surface and more shock-absorbing capacity. The wide tires of electric tricycles also let you conquer all kinds of terrains and weather conditions due to more traction and stability. The large shock-absorbing capacity lets you ride over rough terrains and sharp obstacles smoothly and provides a comfortable and bump-free riding experience.
Not to forget the front and rear suspension forks, coupled with the fat tires, provide the maximum comfort during the ride by minimizing the impact of the bumps, even on the roughest terrains. 

#  Frame

So we have seen how the Herotri 365x adult 3-wheel electric bike provides a comfortable ride and has great performance, now let's see how the style of this Addmotor electric tricycle makes it unique and attractive. The Addmotor Herotri 365x electric tricycle for 2 adults has a strong and durable aluminum alloy frame with a step-over design. It gives an aesthetic look with the perfect fusion of vintage and modern design and features. The Addmotor 365x electric tricycle offers you a beautiful color palette to choose the electric tricycle of your favorite color. It comes in orange, blue, red, yellow, and white. This pop of color makes it attractive, unique, and aesthetically pleasing.

#  Brakes

The Addmotor Herotri 365x e-trike, like all other models, is equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes. But what makes this model of electric tricycle unique is the parking brake feature that is not present in other models. You can now park your adult 3-wheel electric bike anywhere on inclined or uneven surfaces while you make a quick trip nearby, and you’ll find your electric tricycle at the same spot. The parking brake feature prevents the electric tricycle from rolling away from its place at any inclined or uneven surface.
There are many electric tricycles available in the market that may be great at performance, some may be stylish, or others may provide maximum comfort. But the perfect blend of performance, style, and comfort can only be found in Addmotor Herotri M-365x electric tricycle. But if you want an electric tricycle for 2 adults, then Herotri M-365x will be the right choice.


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