Addmotor M-360 Electric Trike: The Ultimate Solution for Safe and Comfortable Rides

By Addmotor | 26 May 2023 | 0 Comments
m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Blue
A sedentary lifestyle and poor diet have made people prone to musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and postural and balance issues. Due to these physical health problems, many individuals, especially adults, are unable to ride and enjoy the perks of two-wheel electric bikes. To counter this problem and change the perspective of selective mobility, a 3 wheel electric bike came to the rescue. And since then, the electric tricycle has gained immense popularity and taken over the world by storm. The 3 wheel electric bike for adults provides maximum stability, comfort, and a smooth riding experience. The low center of gravity and more contact surface due to the three wheels provides maximum stability and prevents the e-trike from tripping over, which is great for riders with balance and mobility issues.

With so many benefits, the demand for an e-trike has increased. Many people use the e-trike for a variety of purposes, from daily commuting to off-road riding. Some of you might be looking for the best electric trike available for the market that provides optimum safety and comfort. Addmotor is a known brand for manufacturing and selling the best quality 3-wheel electric bikes for adults. It has launched various top-selling models of electric tricycles. If you are looking for an e-trike that is the ultimate solution for safe and comfortable rides, then Addmotor M-360 electric tricycle should be your top consideration. So let’s see how the Addmotor M-360 e-trike provides a safe and comfortable ride to adults.
Battery: 48V*20Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery
Motor: 750W brushless front-mounted hub motor
Range: 85+ miles per charge
Tires: 20’’ X 4’’ Kenda fat tires
The pedal assist: 7-level pedal assist with cadence sensor
Throttle: half-twist throttle with variable speed control
Frame: aluminum alloy frame with semi-recumbent design
Brakes: Tektro disc brakes
Display: Addmotor 5-inch LCD display
Payload capacity: 380 lbs

Powerful Electric Motor

The Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric tricycle comes with a powerful 750 Watts front-mounted hub motor. The front-mounted electric motor of the e-trike allows quick acceleration and enough power to carry a load of at least 100 lbs. The powerful 750 Watts electric motor also allows you to conquer all kinds of terrains, whether you want to ride the electric tricycle on rough terrains, sandy beaches, snowy roads, or climb hills and mountains. 

High capacity Battery

The battery plays a crucial role in the functioning of an e-trike. The capacity of a battery determines how far you can ride your electric tricycle on a single charge. The Addmotor M-360 3-wheel electric bike for adults comes with a 20 Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery. The high capacity 20 Ah battery provides a long range of 85+ miles per charge. You can travel to your workplace or college, or go grocery shopping without worrying about recharging the battery on the way.

Semi-recumbent design for ultimate comfort and safety

We normally see upright bikes around us, in which the pedals of the bike are just below our body. People with back pain, joint pain, and mobility issues usually struggle to ride an upright traditional bike. Addmotor has designed the first semi-recumbent 3 wheel electric bike for adults with balance and mobility issues, in which the pedals are placed in front such that the rider is in an inclined position. The lower center of gravity provides better stability during the ride, which is great for people who struggle with balance. The M-360 electric tricycle also has a longer frame, compared to the other e-trikes, which helps the riders handle and control the electric tricycle. The lower step-through frame allows the riders to get on and off the electric tricycle conveniently, preventing the risk of falling. It is the most comfortable 3-wheel electric bike for adults, which allows you to ride for long hours, keeping you safe from any pain or injuries.
m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Blue 

Added features for a comfortable ride

The comfort and safety aren’t just provided by the semi-recumbent frame design of the Addmotor M-360 3 wheel electric bike for adults, it also comes with added features such as the large comfortable saddle and a backrest. The well-padded large size ensures that your core body is well-supported and provides ultimate comfort even when covering large distances. On Addmotor M-360 semirecumbent e-trike, you can ride in a comfortable position while your back is supported with a backrest. You can adjust the backrest according to your height with its adjustable backrest. The Addmotor M-360 electric tricycle also provides enough space with a large waterproof storage bag, present at the rear end, to carry goods in all types of weather conditions.

Fat tires

The 4-inch wide tires, together with the powerful motor, contribute to making the Addmotor M-360 electric tricycle an all-terrain e-trike. The fat tires of an e-trike, due to their greater shock absorbing capacity, allow a smooth and comfortable riding experience on all kinds of terrains, from smooth roads to rough and uneven terrains. The 4-inch wide Kenda tires of the M-360 semi-recumbent 3 wheel electric bike for adults have layers of protection and an anti-slip cover tire that provide stability and better roll-over capability. The wide tires provide a more contact surface and prevent the e-trike from tripping, keeping the riders safe from any kind of injuries.

Safety features

Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent three wheel electric trike is also the ultimate solution for a safe ride. It has features that provide optimum safety during the ride regardless of the time you ride your e-trike. It comes with an integrated lighting system that includes a well-illuminated head and taillight. The efficient lighting system ensures that you have a safe riding experience at night. The integrated head and taillights of the Addmotor M-360 electric tricycle are powered by the battery and controlled by the display. The 5-inch LCD display shows you all the necessary information that you need to know during the ride, such as speed, motor power, battery, PAS level, the miles covered, etc. It ensures that you ride the e-trike safely within the speed limits or do not have to worry about how much battery is left till you reach the destination as everything gets displayed in front of you. 
Nothing should stop you from enjoying your life and being independent. With the right choices in life, such as Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric tricycle, you can take over the world regardless of compromised physical health. With all its features and design, it won't be wrong to say that the Addmotor M-360 electric tricycle is the ultimate solution for comfortable and safe rides.

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