Addmotor M-330F Vs Lectric XP Folding Electric Trike Comparison

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Folding Electric Trikes are the most popular and affordable way of enjoying outdoor rides, commuting to work, and running daily errands without any difficulty. The Foldable E-Trikes are convenient and reliable equally with their unique features for riders.  


However, when it comes to choosing the best folding 3 wheel electric bike, you need proper knowledge and understanding of best-selling models. In the article below, we will compare the two top-selling models of Folding Electric Trikes, Addmotor Triketan M-330F, and Lectric XP. Let's take a brief look at the necessary details of both models and help you make a smart decision while buying a folding electric tricycle.  

What Are Folding Electric Trikes:

Foldable trikes are 3-wheeled cycles that can be folded from the center for easy transportation and storage in tight spaces. These trikes are equipped with high-capacity batteries and powerful motors to give you the advantage of comfortable rides over long distances. 


Folding electric trikes for adults are best for those who want to enjoy effortless rides on different terrains while traveling in a car or via public transport. Moreover, you can utilize your trike for daily commuting to work, weekend tours, and carrying heavy loads on motor-powered pedal assistance. 

Benefits Of Folding Electric Trike For Adults:

Foldable 3-wheel electric bikes are fun to ride and enjoy exploring new places without hard manual pedaling. Some of the most considerable benefits are mentioned below. 
Easy to store and transport

•  Suitable for adult and elder riders equally  

•  Cost-effective way of transportation 

•  Easy to ride and control 

•  Best for all types of terrains and carrying extra loads

•  Allow multimode commuting i.s. Cycling and vehicle transport

•  Health benefits of low-effort workout 

Addmotor M-330F Folding Electric Trike And Its Features

The Trikitan M-330F Foldable E-Trikes For Adults is a favorite for its excellent performance and riding comfort. The trike is built on a strong 6061 aluminum alloy step-through, attractive frame. The trike has the ability to carry 450 Lbs weight up to 85+ miles on every single charge. Some other best features of this Folding 3-Wheel Electric Trike are listed below. 


This powerful folding electric trike is equally efficient in performance over all types of terrains. The foldable frame makes it less difficult to store in congested spaces, and transport within your car. The length can be reduced to 49.5 inches by folding from the front wheel backward. 

# Motor and Battery Power

The folding 3-wheel electric trike is fitted with a rear hub powerful motor of 750w to generate the required torque for smooth riding. This motor ensures a proper supply of power for the efficient functioning of the trike over various types of terrain. 

Furthermore, the Folding Electric Trike is equipped with high-capacity lithium Samsung 48V * 20Ah battery to provide power to the motor and other working parts. The battery can assist you to enjoy 85+ miles of effortless cycling on every single charge.

# Rear Differential And Parking Brake System

The Triketan M-330F is mounted with a rear wheel differential that allows both wheels to turn independently and effectively in the corners. The differential works to move the outer wheel quicker in sharp turns. Moreover, the Addmotor folding e-trike has a parking brake system for risk-free parking over slopes or uneven surfaces. The brake handle is attached to the handlebar for easy use and effective activation.

# Safety Features

The Triketan E-Trikes are the best for adults and elders with balancing problems. The trike has multiple front and tail lights to ensure proper visibility and keep pedestrians and other drivers alert about your next move. Also, the tricycle is featured with triple mechanical disc brakes to ensure smooth and safe stops in normal or emergency situations. 

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful motor and battery 

  • Long distance coverage 

  • Extensive cargo capacity 

  • Comfortable sitting 

  • Easy to fold, store, and transport 


  • Hard to ride manually because of heavyweight 

  • Not useful for off-road riding

Lectric XP Folding 3-Wheel Electric Bike

The Lectric XP Folding Electric Trike For Adults is the best alternative to the traditional cycles. This trike features some amazing features and abilities such as a powerful motor, high voltage battery, rear differentiator, and hydraulic brakes. Some other important features of the Lectric XP are listed below. 

# Design And Built Quality

The trike has a fully foldable 6061 aluminum alloy lightweight frame and with stylish design. The total length of the tricycle can be reduced to 38.5 inches by folding. The strong frame has maximized loading capacity of 415 lbs.

# Motor and Battery Power

Lectric XP E-Trike is fitted with 500W brushless to provide the essential power for efficient functionality. The rear hub motor is able of generating 65NM torque to help you enjoy trouble-free rides on plain and sloppy terrains. 

On the other hand, the trike features a long-lasting battery of 48V * 14AH capacity to fulfill the power requirements. The battery can provide power assistance up to 60 miles per charge.

# Safety Features

To ensure the safety of the rider, the Lectric XP trike is equipped with front and rear lights for better visibility at night. Additionally, the trike is equipped with 180 mm hydraulic brakes for effective stops and 2 extra parking brakes for safe outside parking.  

Pros and Cons


•  Powerful motor and high-capacity battery

•  Maximized cargo capacity 

•  Easy to fold and transport

•  Affordable price 

•  Useful for riders of all ages 

•  Lightweight design 


•  Low performance during long rides and on hard ground 

•  Short distance coverage as compared to the M-330F

Comparison Of M-330F and Lectric XP Folding E-Trike

You can understand the difference between the features of Addmotor Triketan M-330 F and Lectric XP Folding Electric Trikes for adults by comparing the features of both models. Below is the side-by-side comparison of both Foldable E-Trikes. 

Feature Addmotor M-330F Lectric XP
Battery 48V 20Ah 48V 14 Ah
Motor power 750W 500W
Cargo Capacity 450 Lbs 415 Lbs
Riding Range 85+ Miles 60 Miles
Trike Weight 112 Lbs 69.5 Lbs
Pedal Assistance 7 levels 5 levels
Display and Controller LCD+ chip type controller LED + 20 Amp motor controller
Rear Differential Axle Installed Installed
Folded Length+Width 49.5 + 37 inches 38.5 + 30.5 Inches
Trailer Attachment Yes No
Brakes Front, rear disk + one parking brake Front, rear hydraulic+ 2 parking brakes
Prices $2999.00 $1499.00

Pro Tips To Select The Best Folding Electric Trike

Always consider the following before buying a folding E-Trike. 

•  Your budget 

•  Needs of use

•  Motor power requirement 

•  Cargo capacity

•  Warranty of component and customer support

•  Previous buyer reviews and feedback 

Final Verdict

Folding Electric Trikes are the most popular, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way of transportation. The article is a comparison of two best-selling models, the Addmotor M-330F and Lectric XP foldable E-trikes. 


The choice between both depends upon your specific needs and requirements. If you need a large cargo capacity, long-distance coverage with high motor power, and excellent performance and don't care for the price, the Addmotor M-330F is the best match for your needs. 


On the other hand, if you don't have a high budget, long-distance coverage, and loading requirements, the Lectric XP is the perfect fit for you. You can enjoy effortless rides without compromising performance at a reasonable price. 

Overall, both e-trikes are best in performance based on their components and abilities. To make an informed decision, always consider your budget, requirements, and use of the trike. Both the trikes are the best option to explore new places by reducing fuel expenses and carbon footprint.

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