Addmotor CITYTRI Electric Trikes vs. Lectric XP Trike

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With the rise of the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of transportation, electric bikes have made a good mark in the transportation industry. They aren’t just sustainable or eco-friendly but also allow the rider to stay physically fit and add the aspect of fun and convenience to their dull transportation needs. No doubt, electric bikes are a good option for urban dwellers, but when it comes to electric trikes, the stability and versatility of these innovative options are totally unmatched. 
With exceptional performance and stability, electric trikes for adults aren’t only viable options for seniors or people with mobility but suit and cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. The e-trikes are the ideal option for daily commuters, as they are agile, comfortable, convenient, and can be maneuvered through traffic easily. Therefore, due to these many plus points, electric trikes have been in demand for the past few years. This demand has led many electric bike brands to introduce their electric trike options to cover the needs of potential customers. 
Addmotor and Lectric Trikes have introduced some of the finest options in the market. With their intuitive designs and introduction of cutting-edge technology, these brands continue to offer different options for urban dwellers and commuters. The Addmotor CITYTRI electric trikes and the Lectric XP Trike are two of the latest introductions to the Electric Bikes portfolio of each brand. So, in this blog, we aim to do an in-depth side-by-side comparison of these prominent options from Addmotor and Lectric Trike.

Addmotor CITYTRI Electric Trikes
Citytri E-310 Electric Trike Folding Electric Tricycle for Seniors

The CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trikes come in 3 different variants as Mini, Standard, and Plus models. With their innovative folding design frames, these trikes effortlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, resulting in an option that not only provides a reliable mode of transportation but also delivers an enjoyable riding experience. The CITYTRI is ergonomically well-built and allows for a stable and comfortable riding experience for people of all ages. The design frame is made up of high-quality materials and is quite sleek which allows for agile and efficient traveling from one point to the other. 

In terms of performance, the battery and motor used by the Addmotor are efficient and reliable. The motor provides good acceleration, and the battery is capable of providing exceptional riding range making it a viable option for daily commuters who travel long or want to reach their destination on time. In addition, the CITYTRI has plenty of extra features such as carrying capacity, a stable folding design frame, parking brakes, and an EB 2.0 lighting system. 

All three options of the CITYTRI Electric Trikes offer the same performance and intuitive features but different wheel sizes that allow them to cater to riders of various heights. The CITYTRI Mini has an 18” x 2.4” front and 16” x 2.4”  and caters to riders between heights of 4’9” to 5’5”. Similarly, the Standard model and Plus variant have 20” x 2.4” front and 18” x 2.4” rear and 22” front and 20” rear tires that makes it suitable for riders ranging from 5’1”-5’9” and 5’3”-6’3” heights respectively. So, you can choose the option that suits your height.


Lectric XP Trike
Lectric XP Trike

The Lectric XP Trike is also a folding electric trike option by Lectric Electric Trikes. It boasts robust construction that is apparent in its frame design and allows for durability and adaptability. The Lectric XP Trike has a low step-through frame that makes it a viable option for everyone including elders or people with back pain issues. With its three-wheel stable design frame, the XP trike offers comfort on longer roads. 

In terms of power, it is powered by a nominal brushless rear hub motor. It's a class 1 or 2 electric trikes and offers smooth pedal assist and throttle. The battery is removable and provides a decent range. 

The XP Electric Trike has 2.6" slim tires that add to its agility and speed. Thanks to its 6061 Aluminum frame design, it is a lightweight electric trike option. The Trike also has plenty of innovative features to make it a user-friendly option for everyone.

A key feature that sets the Lectric Trike apart from other three-wheel options in the market is its foldable design. The innovative foldable frame makes transportation and storage of the Lectric XP Trike remarkably convenient. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, the ability to fold the trike down to a compact size can significantly simplify logistics. With this versatile option, the XP Trike is an attractive option for individuals with limited storage space or those who frequently travel with their trikes.

Comparing E-Trike Overview


When comparing the Addmotor CITYTRI and Lectric XP Trike, there are several key differences between their specs. The CITYTRI electric trike is more powerful in terms of the motor with a 750W rear-mounted motor up against a 500W rear-mounted motor and offers better acceleration and speed. The pedal assist on the CITYTRI has more levels than the Lectric XP Trike. Moreover, the battery of the Adddmotor CITYTRI is also more efficient and robust with a 960Wh pack and is also UL-certified which adds to safety and reliability.

Both electric trikes have foldable step-through frame designs. The Addmotor CITYTRI is heavier than the XP Trike, but with the more powerful the ride feels much more agile. In terms of carrying capacity, the XP trike has an edge over CITYTRI as it offers 415 lbs of hauling for cargo. The Addmotor CITYTRI also has more variants and offers different tire sizes e-trikes to cater to different riders' heights. So, with plenty of extra features, the XP Trike, the price tag of CITYTRI is much more reasonable. 

Comparison Between Addmotor CITYTRI E-Trike and Lectric XP Trike

Doing proper homework before finalizing your purchase of electric trikes is an important thing to make sure you picked the right one. So, in the comparison of the Addmotor CITYTRI and Lectric XP trike, now we are going to analyze both of these e-trike physical features, mechanical features, and Electrical features. 

Physical Features

The physical features of any electric bike or trike are of vital importance. These features will determine the comfort, convenience, and overall performance of your picked option. By assessing the physical features, you can ensure whether CITYTRI or XP Trike is the right option for your needs. 
#1 Saddle
CITYTRI Electric Trikes: Comfortable seat with backrest; 
Lectric XP Trike: Comfort seat with optional Backrest;
Comment: Both have similar seat designs and offer good support with a backrest.
#2 Colors
CITYTRI Electric Trikes: Candy Red, Yellow, Silver Gray, Neptune Blue, and Army Green.
Lectric XP Trike: Available in only Graphite Color
Comment: CITYTRI variants have more color options as compared to XP Trike which has only one color. 

#3 Tires
CITYTRI: The CITYTRI has three models and each comes with different tire sizes;
CITYTRI Mini: 18” X 2.4” Front; 16” X 2.4” Rear Tires
CITYTRI Standard: 20” X 2.4” Front; 18” X 2.4” Rear Tires
CITYTRI Plus: 22” X 2.4” Front; 20 X 2.4” Rear Tired
Lectric XP Trike: 20” X 2.6” 
Comments: The CITYTRI has more models and can cater to riders of various heights with different tire sizes. 

Mechanical Features

The mechanical features of any electric trike are also of vital importance and require proper care. The mechanical features will determine whether the chosen option will perform well and provide smooth performance with comfort. 
#1 Fork
CITYTRI: Addmotor Front Fork with 80mm of Travel;
Lectric XP Trike: Rigid Steel Fork with threadless headset

Comment: The Front Fork of CITYTRI with 80mm of Travel will provide better suspension and shock absorption.
#2 Brakes
CITYTRI: Front and Rear Wheel Mechanical Disc Brakes w Parking Brakes;
Lectric XP Trike: Hydraulic brakes w Parking brakes;

Comment: The hydraulic brakes are more powerful in terms of performance but the Mechanical Disc brakes with 180mm for 3 rotors also provide responsive stopping power and as a plus feature both the trikes offer parking brakes. 
#3 Frame
CITYTRI: 7020+6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy;
Lectric XP Trike: 6061 Aluminium Alloy Frame

Comment: Both the 7020 and 6061 are Aluminum alloys which are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio.
#4 Cargo Capacity
CITYTRI E-Trike: 380 lb carrying capacity;
Electric XP Trike: 415 lb carrying capacity;

Comment: The XP Trike has more carrying capacity than CITYTRI Electric Trikes.
#5 Headtube
CITYTRI: CNC laser cutting headtube;
Lectric XP Trike: Pieced head

Comment: The CNC laser cutting head tube gives CITYTRI a more attractive and strong look than the welding approach. 

Electrical Features

In electric trikes, the electrical features are the most important considerations when choosing any trike. The electrical features like the Motor and Battery will determine the range, speed, and performance of your electric trike. 
#1 Motor
CITYTRI Electric Trike: 750W rear mounted motor with 1,400 peak wattage;
Lectric XP Trike: 500W rear-mounted motor, 1092 peak.
Comment: The CITYTRI’s motor has a clear edge against the Lectric XP Trike’s motor in terms of power and peak wattage and as a result, the CITYTRI provides better acceleration and speed. 
#2 Battery
CITYTRI Electric Trike: 48V*20Ah UL-certified;
Lectric XP Trike: 48V*14Ah battery pack
Comment: The CITYTRI has a more capacity battery pack that’s why it can provide better range and performance. The CITYTRI battery is also safer with UL certification.
#3 Horn
CITYTRI: Electric Horn & Bell;
Lectric XP Trike: No;
Comment: The CITYTRI offers a horn for other drivers and a bell for pedestrians while the Lectric XP doesn’t. 
#4 Lighting System
CITYTRI: Addmotor EB 2.0 headlight & 5-in1 taillight with Parking light, Safety light, and Turn Signals. 
Lectric XP Trike: Integrated front & rear light;
Comment: The CITYTRI has a more comprehensive lighting system for visible & safe riding at night.

Why are CITYTRI Electric Trikes 2023 in Demand?

As cities worldwide strive to reduce carbon emissions and choose a more sustainable option, the options like the Addmotor CITYTRI Electric Trikes have come up with excellent performance and an exceptional range of features. With its foldable design step-through frame, the CITYTRI is the ideal electric trike option for urban dwellers. It is available in different colors including Candy Red, Yellow, Silver Gray, Neptune Blue, and Army Green, to match your preferences. 
With its robust 750W motor the class 2 electric trike can reach a top speed of 20mph and provides enough power to tackle different terrains and ride uphill. The motor can be engaged in either throttle or pedal assist and performs satisfyingly well in both. 
The battery also doesn’t disappoint, as with a 960Wh battery back, the CITYTRI can travel up to 90 miles per single charge. So you don’t have to worry about running out of power. Not just that, the electric trike is also an practical and versatile option and provides 380 lb of cargo capacity. Moreover, the battery pack is rated for 1000-1500 charge cycles, and with UL certification, it is quite evident that the battery will perform well for a longer period. 
The CITYTRI also features an intuitive 5-inch display on the handlebar that allows you to monitor your speed, battery level, and other important data. The variable speed control twist throttle also enables you to adjust the speed easily, while the Addmotor 25A controller ensures smooth and efficient operation.
The CITYTRI Electric trike comes in 3 models with Mini, Standard, and Plus variants. The main difference between these options is the size of a tire, so these e-trikes can cater to riders of different heights. So, it is one of the finest electric trike options in the market.

How to Ride an Electric Trike Safely?

Electric trikes are in-demand at the moment and with each day passing, more riders are adopting this latest introduction to the transportation industry. However, as the number of electric bikes and trikes on the road is increasing, the number of crashes and e-trike fire issues is also on the rise. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how to ride an electric trike safely. If you're a first-time rider or elderly rider who's nervous about starting, do not fret. You're about to learn all the safety guidelines you need to follow in order to ride an electric trike in a safe and sound manner.

Understand the difference between riding an Electric Bike & Trike

Before starting on any venture, you must understand the type of electric trike you've chosen. It is critical to understand that three-wheel electric trikes offer a different sort of riding experience than two-wheel bikes. Electric trikes are larger and heavier than e-bikes which makes them harder to handle around the corners. They are well stable but you should take proper care while taking quick turns and changing lanes quickly as you're taking more space on the road than an electric bike. Therefore, if you're new to electric trikes, it is advised to practice in some empty space to understand the difference before heading out.

Pre-Ride Checks

Now when you know what kind of ride you've, the first and most important thing before taking your electric trike on the road is to make sure everything on your Addmotor electric trikes is in proper working condition. The following are the components that you must check before going out;
#1 Brakes
No matter what kind of electric or traditional bike you ride, the brakes are of vital importance. The brakes are the most common cause of accidents on the road as people don't check them before heading and it can end up resulting in serious injuries or even death. For this reason, regular brake check and maintenance is essential for ensuring a safe ride. Checking your brakes is pretty simple, just hold your brake level and try to move your e-trike back and forth, if it moves while you're holding the brakes, it means something needs to be fixed.
#2 Tires
It is your tire that gets you through every kind of terrain, so nothing is more frustrating than a flat tire on the road. Checking your tire condition frequently and the tire pressure before every ride is crucial. You need to ensure that the tire isn't flat or the pressure is too high. If the tire pressure is wrong, it can affect the handling of the vehicle and cause a blowout. It is also important to check the tread depth, as worn tires may cause an accident. Keeping your tires in good condition will not only keep you safe but will also improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.
#3 Battery
Electric trikes run on batteries and are even heavier than electric bikes. So, pedaling them without a battery can be quite a challenging task. Without a properly charged battery, you can't engage the motor in throttle or pedal-assist mode and will have to pedal on your own like a conventional cycle. Therefore, checking your battery percentage before going out is crucial. Make sure you have enough juice to reach your destination and return home.
#4 Lights
If you plan to take your E-trike at night, proper working head or tail lights are necessary to make you visible on the road. Having the lights on is also important because it allows the signal light to be seen before taking any turn. Therefore, you should make sure that all the lights are working properly before you go out.

Wear Safety Gear

Now that you understand your electric trike and it is in proper working condition to take you out, the next step is getting yourself ready. Always wear clothes that make you easily visible on the road. During the night, it is recommended to wear reflective or high-viz clothing to make yourself visible to other drivers. Moreover, wearing protective gear such as helmets and knee or elbow pads is imperative. Remember you’ll be sharing the road with heavy vehicles and in case of any unpleasant incident, you should be adequately protected to reduce any risks. Moreover, you can also utilize safety gloves to enhance your grip.

Rely on lights & Horn

We all know that electric trikes are relatively almost silent while riding when compared to traditional vehicles. Therefore, the chances of bumping into other drivers or pedestrians are quite high as they cannot hear you coming close. So, it is advised to sound your horn to alert others of your presence. Usually, electric trikes come with a bell and horn. The bell is enough for pedestrians without disturbing too much but as car drivers are more insulated to noise, the horn should be installed to alert them.
On the road, you should also use safety lights. At night, cyclists are usually difficult to spot, so you must utilize the front and taillights to stay visible on the road. You should also use your turning lights to let others know when you’re going to take a turn or change your lane beforehand. This will enable them to spot your move easily.

Obey the Traffic Laws

The traffic laws are to ensure that everyone has safe and sound travel on the roads. Violating these laws can cause serious harm to both the violator and the people around them. It is therefore important to be aware of the traffic laws and abide by them. Adhering to the laws can help to reduce road fatalities. Be careful with the speed limit, always wear a helmet, and get your driving license.


Based on this detailed comparison, it is quite clear that while both trikes cater to different priorities and preferences, the CITYTRI Electric Trikes performs better in many departments as compared to the Lectric XP Trike. With its foldable design, impressive battery performance, robust battery, and a number of fascinating features, the CITYTRI is designed to take care of every need of urban dwellers and is a more suitable option.

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