Addmotor Citytri E-310 vs. Lectric XP Trike: Which Electric Trike is Superior?

By Addmotor | 25 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Citytri E-310 Electric Trike Folding Electric Tricycle for Seniors
In the modern world of powerful e-trikes, there are too many models available in the market with amazing features and abilities. But, it can be hard for you to select the perfect model among all these electric trikes for adults that can tackle your riding needs effectively. 


Today, we are going to compare Addmotor Citytri E-310 and Lectric XP trikes, both of which belong to top brands in the electric bike industry. Our main focus is to compare every feature of the e-trikes from their built design to power abilities and figure out which is the best for offering more value at a low price.  


Let’s delve into the details of Addmotor Citytri e-310 foldable electric trike and Lectric XP for a fair comparison, that will enable you to make a wise decision about buying the perfect companion for your rides to enjoy effortless commuting around the city. 

Introduction To Addmotor Citytri E-310 Foldable Electric Trike

The Citytri E-310 comes in 3 different versions standard, mini, and plus to accommodate riders of different heights and body postures. The main difference between all 3version is the dimension of the tires, which offers easy sitting posture and effective control to the riders. This powerful foldable electric trike is designed to alter your urban commuting and countryside riding.


The Citytri E-310 is accurately designed to elevate your riding experience and fulfill your daily riding needs. The trike is fitted with a 20 Ah battery that covers up to 90+ of the distance on every single charge. Moreover, the Citytri e-trike features a powerful 750 W heat-resistant motor that generates 90 Nm torque and can run the trike with a top speed of 20 Mph.

Introduction To Lectric XP Electric Trikes For Adults

The XP electric trike for adults is a product of Lectric bikes and is focused on offering unsustainable mobility and ease of ride. This trike is designed with a foldable step-through frame of 6061-grade alloy aluminum material and comes in only a standard model. It was very famous before the innovation of Addmotor’s Citytri E-310 tricycle and is known as the first fully folding frame electric trike. 


The Lectric XP comes with a standard 14Ah battery that can cover up to 60+ miles per charge. Furthermore, the trike features a rear hub motor of 550 W that can generate a torque of 65 Nm to run the trike. Still, it is a good trike but can’t compete with the Addmotor’s latest innovation Citytri E-310 which has better abilities as compared to this.

Comparison Of Citytri E-310 and Lectric XP E-Trikes

This comparison will help you to understand the features and capabilities of both e-trikes. For an effective and easy comparison, we have divided the features into 3 categories based on design, technical specifications, and safety features to compare side by side. Let’s get started with the design features of Citytri E-310 foldable electric trike and Lectric XP and figure out which one is better.  

►  Design and built features comparison

Feature   Addmotor CitytriE-310 Lectric XP Trike
Frame Material 7020+6061 aircraft-grade material  6061 alloy aluminum material
Frame design Step-through Step-through
Available colors 5 color options are available  Available in graphite color only
Handlebar Adjustable   Adjustable  
Head tube CNC laser cutting technology Pieced 
Model/variations 3 (mini, standard, and plus) Only 1
Front Suspension Installed Not installed
Seat post 31.6mm thickness 27.2 mm
Foldable frame Yes   Yes  

As you can see, all the design-related features of both e-trikes are compared in the above table. The Addmotor Citytri E-310 wins with better design specifications than the Lectric XP. The Citytri trike has a strong, sturdy frame made of aircraft-grade material that is convenient for all types of terrains. So, in the first category, Addmotor’s foldable electric trike has the upper hand with its strong frame and stylish design. 
Let’s move next to compare the power features and abilities of both electric trikes for adults.

►  Power Features Comparison Of Citytri E-310 and Lectric XP

Feature   Addmotor CitytriE-310 Lectric XP Trike
Motor power Rear mounted 750W Rear hub 500 W
Torque production 90 NM 60 NM
Peak Motor Watts 1400 Watt  1092 Watt
Battery capacity UL-certified 20 Ah 14 Ah
Mileage per charge 90+ miles  60+ miles
Top speed  20 Mph  14 Mph
PAS Level 7 PAS 5 PAS
Speed differential Installed  Installed 
Controller 25 A 20 A
Digital display Installed  Not-installed
Payload capacity 280+100 Lbs 330 Lbs

In the second phase, we compared all the power features of the Citytri E-310 foldable electric trike and Lectric XP. All over again, the Citytri E-310 has won the battle with its high-power motor, long-capacity battery, and other features. The Addmotor’s adult electric trike is the perfect companion for you to enjoy effortless rides with its long-lasting battery and powerful motor. 


The Citytri E-310 has already won the competition with its amazing features and abilities. But still, we have one category remaining that focuses on the safety features of both e-trikes. Let's find out which one has better safety features to ensure a safe riding experience. 

►  Safety Features Comparison Of Citytri E-310 and Lectric XP

Feature  Addmotor Citytri E-310 Lectric XP Trike
Brakes 3 disc brakes 2 hydraulic brakes
Parking brake Installed Installed
Multi-function rear light Installed Not-installed
Turning indicators Installed Not-installed
Horn Horn+ bell No horn
Tires  20*2.4,18*2.4-Inch reflective tires 20*2.6 slim tires

The Citytri E-310 foldable electric trike has triple disk brakes to put the stopping pressure on all three wheels equally. These triple brakes keep the trike stable and help the rider maintain the balance during any emergency stop. Also, the Citytri trike is equipped with reflective tires and 5 in 1 backlight with indicators to enhance the visibility to other vehicles during rides.

Which of the two e-trikes is superior?

In the comparison of both e-trikes, the Addmotor’s foldable electric trike emerges as a clear winner with its amazing features and powerful performance. The Citytri E-310 is a perfect combination of stylish design and power to exhilarate your rides more conveniently. The powerful electric motor, high-capacity battery, and sleek design of this trike make it the best affordable e-trike for everyone with a low budget.

Final Thoughts

In this comparison of electric trikes for adults, we have compared the features and abilities of Addmotor Citytri E-310 and Lectric XP. The aim of this comparison was to find out which e-trike offers more value to the customer on a limited budget. Although both e-trikes have great abilities and features, the Citytri E-310 folding electric trike has better technical specifications and performance abilities than the XP trike. 

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