Addmotor Christmas Buying Guide On Electric Bikes

By Addmotor | 15 December 2022 | 0 Comments
There is almost no disadvantage to electric bikes, which are considered to be the best form of transportation. There are numerous electric bikes available, which even exceed the range of non-electric bikes because of the continuous increase in demand for electric bikes. Different lifestyles are accommodated in different categories.  

E-bikes are an excellent option for riders who want a non-polluting alternative to a car, a faster means of getting around town, or a little boost on climbs. However, these electric bikes aren't cheap.

Best Christmas Deals on Electric Bikes  

The popularity of electric bikes has grown over the past few years. It is, however, more expensive to purchase these e-bikes than to purchase a non-electric bike. Good news, however, for those of you planning to buy electric bikes: there are a number of opportunities to purchase a well-respected brand like Addmotor at a discount price right now at the end of the year.

The price can be the deciding factor for many first-time buyers. Therefore, the sales make a great time to make the switch to assisted riding. Let's look at some of the discounted prices offered by Addmotor on various models.

Christmas sale deals at Addmotor

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it's time to start preparing for Christmas Sales at your favorite electric bike retailer, Addmotor. The Christmas sales event is one of the last opportunities of the year to score record-low prices on these electric bikes and trikes. Here are some of them:

All-terrain E-bikes

Choosing a model like All Terrain means you know what you are getting. With all-terrain e-bikes, you can throw anything at them, and they will handle it with no problem. These bikes will take you anywhere you want to go.
MOTAN M-5500 All-terrain Mountain Bike - Save $300
The Addmotor M-5500 is the first electric bike equipped with a 1250-watt motor. With a strong and sturdy frame, this powerful all-terrain e-bike is your reliable companion for outdoor adventures. Battery life is up to 60+ miles thanks to its Lithium-ion long-lasting 17.5Ah battery. A pair of 26-inch wheels with 4-inch tires allows you to ride anywhere, including rough terrain. The M-5500 is available for a $300 discount during the Christmas sales.
MOTAN M-5500 All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike
Wildtan M-5600 Electric Bike - $400 Off - Save $300 
Wildtan M-5600 can be a great partner in the woods, especially for hunters and fishermen. With its 1000-watt motor, the M-5600 can easily handle 350 pounds. It also provides a 60+ miles per charge riding range, thanks to its powerful 17.5Ah battery. To keep you safe at night, it also has front and rear lights. Christmas sales can save you up to $300, similar to the other option.
Wildtan M-5600 1000W Mid-drive Bafang Fat Tire Electric Bike
M-560 P7 All-terrain E-bike - Save $200
This Motan M-560 P7 offers an adjustable spring suspension fork and large tires, making it an ideal all-terrain bike. With its durable 350lb load capacity, the 750-watt rear-mounted motor can handle loads up to 350 lbs. This bike seems like a good option for those who want to ride on both trails and roads. During the Christmas sales, you can save $200.
M-550 All Terrain Electric Fat Bike 

City Electric bikes

When it comes to commuting, getting around town, or running errands while staying fit, city electric bikes are a great option. You'll get there fast and go a long way with it.  
E-43 CityPro Electric Bike - Save $200  
CityPro e-bikes were introduced by Addmotor to encourage more people to commute by e-bike. A lightweight, sporty, step-through electric bike, the E-43 CityPro is an excellent commuter bike. Although small in size, the E-43 offers 250 lbs of payload capacity thanks to its 500-watt brushless motor. Using PAS 1, the 20Ah battery can provide up to 125 miles per charge. During the Christmas sale, you can save up to $200.
CITYPRO E-43 City Electric Bicycle 
E-53 CityPro Electric Bike – Save $200  
In terms of features, the E-53 is identical to the E-43. Compared with the E-43, the only difference is that the E-53 is standard with a step-over design. It is powered by a 500-watt brushless motor with a peak power of 907 watts, strong enough to carry up to 250 pounds. Moreover, the Addmotor E-53 City Pro electric bike includes commuter-worthy features and components that make it an excellent choice for everyday use. Christmas sale prices for the E-53 are 200 USD lower.
CITYPRO E-53 Commute Ebike 

Giveaways for Electric Tricycles

Along with the discounts, there will be gifts as well. Every trike sold by Addmotor comes with a free mirror and backpack worth $135 as part of their Christmas promotion. Don't you think it's amazing?
grandtan M-340

Bottom Line

Electric bikes are a very convenient way to get around town quickly and in a way that is fun and still gets you some exercise. There's no better time than Christmas deals to purchase the bike that perfectly fits your routine. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Addmotor and avail the discounted price now.


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