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We live in an increasingly tech-savvy world, with technological advancements taking over the horizon and forever changing the dynamics of modern life. There are several technological inventions that have revolutionized the vehicle industry, such as electric trikes and electric bikes.  
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We at Addmotor hope to offer something for every taste, from laid-back trikes to an assortment of accessories. With years of perfecting the design, technology, and experimentation, Addmotor has developed a series of top-notch electric bikes that are fast, comfortable, eco-friendly, and safe.  

World-first Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike In Orange

The USA made ebikes are made to suit the needs and lifestyles of customers who will become part of the Addmotor family. At Addmotor, we are constantly expanding our product line to ensure customer satisfaction by providing everything the customer needs. Over the years, we have put in a lot of effort to build a name for American made electric bicycles.

Providing eco-friendly and top-notch performance options for urban and city transportation at reasonable prices is what we strive to do as a company. In order to provide more high-quality, personalized products and services to its customers, the company manufactures electric bikes and parts and accessories for them around the world.

Electric Bikes from Addmotor

Addmotor specializes in electric bikes, as you might expect from their name. The company made its mark in the industry through its obvious focus on electric bikes. From there, the company kept on offering models that are city-ready, folding, hybrid, trike-ready, and cruiser-friendly through their specifications, design, and integration of components.  

E-bikes or electric bikes are bicycles with electric motors and rechargeable batteries that assist riders as they ride. Electric bikes from Addmotor are stylish with a high level of performance, affordability, and quality. You can find a bike for every lifestyle and every manner in our collection of e-bikes. You will be able to save money and stay healthy with electric bikes. Step-through and step-over options are available from the brand.

Each of the company's e-bike models is distinguished by its unique specifications. In addition, we offer various frame designs and geometry to match the riding style and terrain of each rider. The range of uses they can serve is extensive, including cargo delivery, daily commutes, household errands, and even rough terrain rides.  

Electric Trikes from Addmotor

If you're looking for something with a higher loading capacity, do check out Addmotor Trikes. Electric bikes have two wheels, while electric trikes and three-wheel electric bikes have three wheels. The rider of an electric trike or three-wheel electric bike is provided with stability and safety by having three wheels. The e-trikes are an efficient and safe method for getting around without paddling yourself to a sea of sweat over long distances. They are ideal for seniors, people with disabilities, and even normal healthy adults.

Even though electric trikes are a little slower than bicycles, they provide safety and are very effective at carrying payloads. With their fat tires, our electric trikes can be ridden through rough terrains such as mountains, snowy roads, and beaches. Addmotor's E-trikes collection includes some of the most demanding E-trikes that are durable and fun to ride.

Accessories from Addmotor

As part of our mission at Addmotor, we are committed to providing our customers with everything they may need to make their riding experience more enjoyable. Having that in mind, Addmotor has also created an inventory of accessories for e-bikes and trikes.

There's a wide range of essential accessories, such as additional batteries, mirrors, chargers, tires, lights, and brakes. While keeping your customization needs in mind there are also phone mounts, stickers, caps, and grips to cover your every need.

The electric bike usa made brand - Addmotor is considered one of the most prestigious electric bicycle brands in the United States. You can't go wrong with an electric trike or bike from Addmotor because they offer excellent value for money and are comfortable and powerful.

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