Get Your Trike on: A Comprehensive Review of the Addmotor M-330F Folding Electric Trike

By Addmotor | 22 September 2023 | 0 Comments
Triketan M-330F Folding Electric Tricycle for Adults 2023 Folding Electric Trike Yellow
Experience the freedom and versatility of the Addmotor M-330F folding electric trike. This cutting-edge electric trike is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation for riders. With its powerful motor, long-range battery, and innovative features, the M-330F offers a unique riding experience that combines performance, reliability, and practicality. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, this trike is sure to impress with its exceptional capabilities and folding design.

Unleashing the Power

At the heart of the M-330F is a robust 750W*48V rear-mounted motor, delivering impressive power and torque to tackle various terrains with ease. The Addmotor M-330F Folding Electric Trike is designed to deliver impressive power and performance. With its robust 750W*48V rear-mounted motor, this trike is capable of tackling various terrains with ease. Whether you're riding through city streets or venturing outdoors, the M-330F's powerful motor ensures smooth acceleration and consistent cruising speed. Experience the thrill of effortless riding as you effortlessly navigate hills, inclines, and uneven surfaces, all while enjoying the comfort and stability provided by the trike's three-wheel design. This trike is built to handle inclines, declines, and uneven surfaces, providing a smooth and efficient ride every time. With the M-330F, you'll experience enhanced acceleration, steady cruising speed, and the ability to conquer challenging road conditions without breaking a sweat.

Long-Lasting Battery Performance

One of the standout features of the M-330F is its high-capacity 20AH Samsung Lithium-ion battery. This advanced battery technology not only provides the e-trike with an impressive range of up to 85+ miles on a single charge but also ensures long-lasting performance. The trike is perfect for daily commuting or embarking on extended adventures, the M-330F's reliable battery will keep you going for miles on end. Say goodbye to range anxiety and enjoy the freedom of exploring without the worry of running out of power. Whether you're embarking on a long adventure or using the trike for daily commuting, the M-330F's impressive battery range will keep you going for miles on end.

Innovative Folding Design

One of the standout features of the M-330F is its folding structure, which allows for easy storage and transportation. With a few simple steps, the trike can be conveniently folded, and the head can be retracted into the frame, saving valuable space in your garage, apartment, or vehicle. This folding capability makes the folding 3 wheel electric bike an ideal choice for those with limited storage space or for riders who want the flexibility to transport their trike easily. The M-330F sets itself apart with its innovative folding design. With just a few simple steps, this trike can be easily folded, allowing for effortless storage and transportation. Whether you're tight on space in your apartment, need to fit the trike in your car trunk, or want to bring it along on a vacation, the M-330F's folding capability ensures that it can accompany you wherever you go.

Enhanced Riding Experience

The M-330F incorporates the latest technology, including the 3rd Gen Mid Axis Torque-sensing system. This advanced torque sensor provides a seamless and intuitive riding experience by detecting the rider's pedal input and delivering precise motor assistance. With 36 torque sensing points, the M-330F offers responsive and efficient power delivery, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing battery efficiency. You'll enjoy a natural and dynamic ride that adapts to your pedaling style, providing an extra boost when needed and conserving energy for longer rides.

Safety and Convenience Features

Addmotor has equipped the M-330F with several safety and convenience features to enhance your riding experience. The trike is equipped with a parking brake system, providing added stability and control when parking on inclines or declines. This feature ensures that your trike stays securely in place, even on uneven surfaces. Additionally, the reinforced trailer tube allows for attaching a trailer to the back of the trike, expanding its carrying capacity for additional cargo or even your furry companion.

Advanced Technology for an Enhanced Riding Experience

The Addmotor M-330F is equipped with advanced technology features that further enhance the riding experience. One notable feature is the 3rd Gen Mid Axis Torque-sensing system, which provides seamless and efficient power delivery. With 36 torque sensing points, the trike's pedal-assist system intervenes at just the right moments, offering a responsive and intuitive riding experience. This technology not only improves the overall performance of the trike but also helps to conserve battery power, extending the range and allowing for longer rides.

Customizable Accessories for Personalization and Practicality

The M-330F offers a range of customizable accessories that allow riders to personalize their trikes according to their specific needs and preferences. The rear rack is designed to accommodate various accessories, such as cargo bags, baskets, or even a trailer for added storage capacity. This flexibility enables riders to carry groceries, supplies, or other belongings conveniently. Additionally, the trike's step-through frame design makes it compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, including additional lights, mirrors, and bells, allowing riders to customize their trikes for maximum comfort and practicality.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Transportation Solution

Investing in the Addmotor M-330F Folding Electric Trike not only provides a reliable and convenient mode of transportation but also contributes to a more sustainable future. With its electric powertrain, the trike produces zero emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, electric trikes offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation methods. By utilizing the trike for daily commuting or running errands, riders can significantly reduce their reliance on costly gasoline or public transportation fares, saving money in the long run.

An Inclusive and Accessible Ride for All

The M-330F is designed to be inclusive and accessible to riders of various abilities. The step-through frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting, making it ideal for individuals with limited mobility or flexibility. The stability and balance provided by the trike's three-wheel configuration offer added confidence, particularly for riders who may feel uneasy on traditional bicycles. Additionally, the trike's spacious cargo capacity and various attachment options make it suitable for carrying groceries, and small pets, making it an excellent choice for seniors or individuals with mobility limitations.


In conclusion, the Addmotor M-330F Folding Electric Trike offers a comprehensive solution for riders seeking a versatile and reliable mode of transportation. With its powerful motor, long-range battery, folding design, and advanced features, the M-330F provides an exceptional riding experience for both urban commutes and leisurely adventures. Whether you're a senior looking for a comfortable and stable ride, or an individual seeking a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation, the M-330F is sure to exceed your expectations. So, get your trike on and embrace the freedom and convenience that the electric trike for adults has to offer.

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