6 Tips and Tricks for Riding an Electric Tricycle

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Electric bikes have grown a lot in popularity in recent years. People of all ages and genders are opting for them, and it's not hard to see why. After all, who wouldn't want a better transportation alternative that is cheap and eco-friendly?  

Of course, electric bicycles offer many of the same benefits that regular cycling does but because you’ve got an added motor. However, for some people, especially elders and people with disabilities, this addition isn't enough and they need something more stable. This is where electric tricycle for adults come into play since they come with an additional wheel.

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Physical disability is a mishap that can happen to anyone, but not letting it disturb your life and enjoyment is a choice. It is possible to lose weight by riding electric trikes for adults, increasing muscle mass, improving coordination, and improving cardiovascular health.  

By finding a suitable 3 wheel electric bike for adults, you can make your commute more convenient and easier. With simplicity and comfort, cyclists can enjoy the benefits of cycling without worrying too much about rush-hour risks associated with traditional two-wheeled bicycles.

When you have used a bicycle for years and then try to get on a tricycle for the first time, having a third wheel can be intimidating. There are several reasons riding a trike differs from riding a bike, including its sitting posture, lower center of gravity, and upright handles. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you have a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

#1 Pay attention to the seat

The seat plays a crucial role in ensuring that you have a comfortable ride. Therefore, it's one of the first things you should take into consideration when making a decision. Look for something firm, supportive, and not too tough, especially if you plan on long rides. Your knees should be in the 3 o'clock position when the pedals are in the correct position.

The two options for seat position are upright and recumbent. Trikes with upright seats give you the feeling of riding a bicycle without the worry that you may fall over when you stop or lose balance. However, they can also grind on your knee joints similarly to a traditional bicycle.  

In contrast, recumbent riding requires getting used to an entirely different style of riding - but one that is popular among those who suffer from knee pain. Consider an upright tricycle seat if you don't suffer from knee pain and you already know how to ride a bicycle. This is because these tricycles are easier to spot and easier to use.

#2 Getting on and off a tricycle

There are a lot of similarities between electric bikes and trikes, but getting on and off a tricycle can be a little tricky. On a bicycle, you can tilt the seat towards you, but on a tricycle, it is typically lower.

It is better to hold both brake levers tight when getting on and off a tricycle so that it doesn't slip away from you. Once you are firmly seated on the tricycle, let go of the brakes and step on the ground to gain some momentum without putting pressure on your knees.

#3 Turning is different

With a bicycle, cornering is easy. With a tricycle, it isn't. Changing directions on a bike is easy without losing much speed. To avoid tipping over, you must apply the brakes when turning on a trike.

Leaning into a turn can cause you to tip over as soon as you lift one wheel off the ground. To keep all three wheels grounded on a tricycle, it's imperative to keep your weight centered during turns.

It's for this reason that tricycles don't really appeal to bikers. In spite of this, maintaining speed and stability when turning isn't as difficult as many people believe. The only thing you need to do to keep all three wheels on the ground is shift your center of mass to the other side of the turn.

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#4 Riding on slopes

As a tricycle has a lower weight on the road than a traditional bicycle, it is less likely to tip backward when climbing uphill. This is one of its biggest advantages. Furthermore, you won't need to keep a minimum amount of forward momentum up the hill in order to avoid tipping over.  

Using the brake allows you to stop whenever you need to rest, and putting the bike in the easiest climbing gear allows you to make your way up the hill slowly.

#5 Consider the wheel path

An individual's wheels follow a set path when they ride a bike. You can see this line on the ground when you're riding on muddy terrain. Since bicycles have a single-wheel path, both front and rear wheels travel on the same surface.

Tricycles, on the other hand, have three wheels. Because of this, the three wheels do not travel on the same type of terrain. As the rear wheels are mounted on either side of the front wheel, the ground over which each rear wheel travels will differ from the ground over which the front wheel travels.

As a result, accelerating too much on unfavorable terrain is not advised. Therefore, when there are several obstacles on the path or the ground is slick, it is advisable to slow down.

#6 Follow the road camber

It is common for roads to be cambered or tilted, however slightly, so that water runs off. In general, this is not an issue on bikes since you can tilt your body to compensate for the tilt of the road.

Tricycles, however, have flat wheelbases, and they cannot be tilted without tipping over. Consequently, riding cambered roads is likely to cause you to feel as if you are constantly turning downhill, usually toward curbs or ditches.

The only way to counteract this is to turn your tricycle uphill slightly continuously. This is a small movement, but one that you need to become familiar with.

Bottom Line

The tricycle provides some advantages over the bicycle, but it also provides a very different experience with a variety of challenges and solutions. Choosing between an electric trike or bike is ultimately up to you, depending on your pathways and riding ability. Adult electric trikes for sale can be found at Addmotor if you prefer trikes.

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