6 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are the Best Transportation

By Jamie | 14 October 2022 | 0 Comments
Electric bikes, or e-bikes as they’re better known, are getting much more attention over the last few years than any other transportation means. Some call it a Silent Revolution.

The commute within cities usually involves short trips to the office, grocery stores, hair salons, or a shopping mall.
Imagine driving your car to all these places on a daily or weekly basis: the pollution, gas consumption, traffic jams, everything adds up to your bills one way or another. Now if you live in a densely populated state like New Jersey or California and, let’s say, 20% of people drive their car for mobility, imagine the traffic on the roads!
This is one of the reasons why people are more inclined towards having an electric bicycle over an electric car. Research shows that in 2021, the sales of 2-wheels e-bike outpaced the sales of electric cars. And it is estimated to increase exponentially in the years to come!

Reasons Why E-Bikes Are the Best Transportation

Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why e-bikes are becoming the best and most effective mode of transportation.

1. Helps You Drive Safe.

An electric bike is as smart as your smartphone. The synergy of battery packs and the electric motor can produce an instant torque and can go up to high speeds but considering many state laws and regulations, the speed of electric bikes is mostly limited to a specific range, mostly 20 mph, which ensures rider safety while riding an electric bicycle.
Along with a speed limit option, an electric bike is known for its instant breaking. It can come to a full stop in maybe around 3 meters or even less. The braking distance (or stopping distance) varies from a different model and it usually depends on the speed, size, and weight of the batteries.

2. Encourages Exercise

Being an electric bike doesn’t mean you won’t have to paddle! Riding an electric bicycle is great exercise since you’re the one who’s paddling the bike and an electric motor is there to assist you. The motor kicks in more power at low speeds or when going uphill.

This graph shows how the power of electric motors goes down when a human applies more power while paddling, which ultimately turns out to be a great exercise.

3. It’s Becoming a Trend!

Riding an electric bike has become a trend over the past few years. It shows how responsible a man is towards society and the environment. Ever since the conception of e-bikes emerged, there’s been this buzz in the market and netizens are spreading positive word of mouth about it.
Businesses, whether big or small, are adopting new ways of doing business to meet Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals). Top management knows that in order to survive in the hypercompetitive markets, they need fulfill their corporate responsibilities (like Global Goals). This is the reason why businesses encourage their employees to use emission-free vehicles, and an electric bicycle is a cheapest and most reasonable option on the list.

4. A Step Towards New Green!

The idea of e-bikes has opened doors to the newer green. Electric bikes are among the top green products when it comes to going green. These bikes can reduce the average gas consumption of people which will eventually control global warming.

5.No Need to Sweat!

If you’re a regular cyclist and find yourself dripping in sweat while pedaling down the street to meet a deadline in the morning, an e-bike might make you sweat a lot less! An electric bike can assist you in meeting your deadlines effortlessly, without sweating too much.

6. Become a Part of The Change!

Nobody knows what the future holds for the transport industry, but today, we know for a fact that e-bikes are one of the best means of transportation. The mobility with e-bikes is super-smooth and it has the potential to transform life within cities completely!
No emissions, no noise, no pollution; the electric bicycle has got everything that we need to re-establish our lost environment.
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