5 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep with An Electric Bike

By Addmotor | 16 January 2023 | 0 Comments

Everyone undeniably loves the time of holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. Some people even look forward to these holidays for a whole year, not kidding! Many Americans regret their holiday feasts and make unrealistic lofty goals for the coming year. Most of the time, resolutions are kept only during the first few months of the year. What is the key to thinking of a resolution you can stick to for the entire year?
A realistic objective must have clear advantages (such as happiness and good health) and be doable. Experts concur that the key is to set realistic goals. Find goals you can realistically stick to. A quick way to accomplish several worthwhile resolutions is to purchase an electric bike. Even though e-bikes might not seem like a practical option, millions of Americans utilize them for mobility for a variety of reasons.
You can keep the following 5 New Year's resolutions in 2023 with the help of electric bikes.

Be More Active

Losing weight is a general New Year's resolution, but it's simple to put it off in the weeks leading up to the new year. With an e-bike, you can stick to your commitment to be more active rather than lose weight. By riding an e-bike a few times per week, you can stay active without going to the gym. You might not even be aware that you're exercising if you hunt for new places to explore.
The exercise is impact-free and efficient. You can get a good low-impact workout by cycling vigorously even when utilizing pedal assistance gadgets. Studies have shown that e-bike riders get more exercise each week since they cover greater distances than regular bike riders, a fantastic exercise routine that is thrilling and enjoyable.

Help The Environment From Your Side

Maybe you've been recycling more frequently, cutting on plastic use, eating less meat, and doing minor steps to benefit the environment. The phrase "protecting the environment" conjures up images of high ideals needing radical adjustments in lifestyle, but you don't need to go to those lengths to make a difference.
Addmotor electric bikes like the M-70 Retro emit no exhaust! There's no issue even if you are not ready to ride the bike every day. An e-bike will have a significant environmental impact even when used to replace brief errand runs. This simple action will enable you to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the environment and planet.

Save More, Spend Less!

Let's face the fact that the economy is in a recession despite the experts' unwillingness to acknowledge it. Because it appears there will be no relief from the excruciating inflation rate in 2023, wise shoppers will increase their savings. Some Americans can't afford the cost of rent, utilities, and food, so they must reduce their spending.
Reducing the number of times you visit Starbucks can help you save some money, but what can help you save even more? When you take into account the savings an Addmotor e-bike provides, it is priceless! An excellent place to start is with a few hundred bucks. Let's start by saving a few hundred dollars a month on gas.
When using an e-bike, parking expenses are no issue. Additionally, compared to autos, e-bikes require less maintenance. This year, you may save thousands of dollars by purchasing an e-bike. Check to see whether your state or local offers e-bike subsidies to start saving even more right immediately.

Travel to New & Exciting Places

Not sure where to begin but hoping to travel more in 2023? Traveling to a new location is a no-brainer when you have so many beautiful bike lanes to explore the nation on an e-bike. And you'll probably find some places off the main route that tourists driving can't find!
Not prepared to travel far? Take your bike on a weekend adventure! You can ride your moped-style electric bike anyplace, from parks to mountain routes, if you're itching to tear up some gravel. Many medium- to large-sized U.S. cities have designated bike lanes distinct from traffic so you can ride worry-free if you prefer something more on the road.

Try Something New Each Month

Keeping a New Year's resolution might be difficult since we frequently want to take on a lot at once. If you try something new every month, your electric bike will help you get there. You can discover more of your hometown if you ride an electric bike. (And give you some suggestions for your next move!) Next month, you could try a local eatery; the next month, you could ride to a nearby city. You can push yourself to try something new by riding an electric bike once a month.

Final Words

Even if you think of the perfect resolutions to chase after and achieve within the year, it is tough to provide the same commitment every day, week, and month. It may be tough to make a New Year's Resolution that you can keep, but it doesn't have to be. Therefore, a simple yet efficient option to keep up with everything is to buy ebike for yourself!
Addmotor will help you realize your New Year's resolutions and ensure the process is enjoyable by offering you one of the many hundreds of ebikes we have in stock.


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