3 wheel electric bike manufacturing

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Electric tricycles provide versatile mobility, ease of upkeep, and cost. They can fit on tiny highways, enabling motorized access in confined locations. Electric tricycles can also be a great choice for local deliveries in big cities or challenging-to-reach areas.

They are the perfect answer to the short-distance transportation demands of the daily commutes, an alternative to cars and a better way of cycling. Etrikes are a fantastic alternative for people who want dependable transportation in rural and urban environments due to their wide range of applications.
And we are going to introduce the manufacturing process of the electric trike to help you better know it.

Process for Tricycle Stamping

The initial stage in the production process is stamping. First, a cutting machine is used to size the raw steel. After that, the sheets are punched and cut. Each tricycle component is manufactured using a unique mold attached to a press machine that stamps out the required forms. The creation of robust and long-lasting components depends heavily on the quality of the molds.
Statistics show that parts are produced using stamping techniques between 60% and 70% of trikes. As a result, stamping technology greatly impacts the quality of the final product, production effectiveness, and manufacturing cost.


Process of Tricycle Welding

During body assembly, the hot-stamped body components are pushed together. Because it enhances the quality and durability of the tricycle body, arc welding is the most popular method of welding used in the production of electric tricycles.
Thin plates that have been stamped and formed into tricycle bodies are then connected and welded together. The secret to creating an extremely strong trike body is high-quality welding. The building blocks of the production process for trike bodies include assembly and welding.

Numerous thin plate stampings connected by bonding, mechanical connection, welding, and riveting make up the intricate tricycle body shell. Welding is the most often utilized joining method in contemporary vehicle body manufacture since the majority of materials used for trike body stamping are low-carbon steel with good welding capabilities.


Process of adding components to the frame

The gearbox requires some adjustments to make it suitable for use with electric vehicles because it is designed to be threaded into a bicycle wheel. Three rounded splines are used in the input gear of the hub to transfer torque to the gearbox.

The hub's output has to be changed next. The whole outer casing of the gearbox is the hub's output since the hub often sits in the middle of a bicycle wheel. The installation of a differential to the powertrain is more of a constructing and machining exercise than a practical improvement to the drivetrain. Hence is added too.

Bearing blocks, which carry the majority of the weight from the two back wheels, are the final important component of the frame. A straightforward block of aluminum stock with two bearings pressed into it makes up each bearing block.

For stopping, the tricycle uses two disc brakes, one on each back wheel. Because they are relatively high-quality brakes, for example, the electric fat trike would need higher braking power for its larger tires. So, they require a lot of adjusting to get them to operate correctly, but once they do, they can stop you swiftly and are easily powerful enough to lock up the back wheels while you're moving at a high rate of speed. The bearing block corners and one of the vertical aluminum plates are used to install the brake calipers.

The motor must be modified as the last mechanical stage. Battery pack installation is done afterward. By bending some matte black acrylic and adhering it to the metal top plate above the battery compartment, a shell is created to conceal the compartment for the batteries. Large metal blocks should be clamped immediately above and below the bend line, and the line should be heated using a heat gun to bend the acrylic neatly. The aluminum blocks both support the acrylic during bending and provide a cooling device for the acrylic that you don't want to bend.

Adding luggage spaces and depending on which package of the electric trike is being made, the components are added later. The LED lights and displays etc. are added later on.

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