2022 New Ride-Addmotor CITYPRO E-Series Electric bike, Difference with Others

By Sunnie | 14 February 2022 | 0 Comments

It is a new year and Addmotor is debuting a new generation of EB2.0 system E series E-bikes
This series of electric bicycles is completely different from the previous models developed by Addmotor, and even more unique in comparison to existing urban electric bicycles on the market. But what exactly makes them so unique?
1. Frame: The current market often utilizes an oval frame, and Addmotor utilizes a polygon frame.
2. Tires: Designed with 26”*2.3” tires that are larger than the current market.
3. Controller: 7-speed adjustable gears, control lights, and other multi-function LED displays
4. Battery: 960Wh/20AH battery, which is also one of the biggest features of the EB2.0 system.  The maximum mileage can be up to 125 miles per full charge.
5. Integrated Lighting system: full LED lighting system, providing a wide-angle lighting area, which can save up to 15% of energy consumption

In addition to the features listed above, Addmotor's E-Series e-bike is available in 8 colors, providing a variety of choices for those who have different color preferences.

E43 is a low-step electric bike that is perfect for females and E53 is a high-step design for males. For people who work in the city, it is an ideal vehicle for transportation at an affordable cost. Riding an e-bike can help avoid traffic jams or the embarrassing state of missing the bus.

Let's imagine, how happy you’ll be riding a bicycle around your beloved city on a refreshing morning.


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