18650 2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery Cell for Electric Bike

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The rising popularity of electric bicycles attracts people to get a perfect electric bike based on their needs and requirements. People often worry when they stuck while choosing a battery because they do not know about the batteries.
Furthermore, many organizations use lithium batteries in their electric bikes to ensure better performance. The 18650 lithium-ion batteries are common for electric bikes. In this article, we bring all the possible questions that help you know about the 18650 2600mAh battery and make you familiar with the specification of the battery.

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What is a 18650 Battery?
The 18650 is a battery made of lithium-ion, and its name 18650 is derived from its measurement specification. It indicates the length and width of the battery. These batteries can use in different devices, including electric bikes, electric cars, laptops, electronic materials, etc.
The manufacturer used the lithium-ion battery cell because of its ability to run more, be rechargeable multiple times, and have higher reliability. The batteries are larger than AA battery types to fulfill the energy requirements of portable devices, it is utilized in the battery made to create a higher current and maximum voltage.
What is the meaning of 18650?
The number 18650 presents numerous things such as-
18 – Li-ion cell width presents by the first two digits of the number 18 in millimeters.
65 – The number 65 indicates the length of the battery.
0 – This number represents the battery shape.
What does a 2600mAh battery mean?
mAh stands for milliamp hours. The mAh unit presents how much current the battery can deliver in an hour. A battery rating of 2600mAh (or 2.6Ah) indicates that it can generate 2600mA for an hour, 1mA for 2600 hours, or even 1000mA for 2.6 hours. This rating is calculated by multiplying the current by the maximum production time of the battery. In actuality, the ranking is current-dependent. The battery's optimum current will use to calculate the 2600mAh value. The lifetime will be shorter if the current is higher or lower.
Why is a 2600mAh battery a big hit in the market?
A 2600mAh battery is popular because of its potential to deliver better output. Although batteries more than 2600mAh have higher potential, they also cost higher than the 2600mAh battery. The optimal combination of mAh and current capability If you go too low in mAh, the battery is unlikely to last as long as you desire. It will provide sufficient current if you set it too high. The battery's total capacity is insufficient, it could heat up, or the voltage will decrease too low for such a device.
How many 18650-sized and 3.7V*2600mAh battery cells need to make a 48V*13Ah lithium-ion battery pack?
In a battery pack, cells are connected in a series and parallel. There are 65 cells required to make a lithium-ion battery pack of 48V*13Ah using the 3.7V*2600mAh. In series form, the voltage requirements are calculated as 13 (3.7*13=48.1) and the Ampere hour required as 5 (13/2.6=5). So, following the matrix (13 series and 5 parallel), 65 cells are required to form a 48V*13Ah lithium-ion battery pack using the 3.7V*2600mAh.
Brand comparison: Panasonic, LG, Samsung 2600mAh 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Cell
The 18650 rechargeable batteries from Samsung, LG, and Panasonic are trustworthy and of decent quality. Make sure to purchase them from a trustworthy retailer, like Amazon, BatteryJunction, or the distributor directly. Well-recognized brands are offering UL-recognized battery cell that reflects the fulfillment of multiple safety parameters for your safety.
Also, these brands offer lithium batteries to EV manufacturers because of their higher demand for electronic vehicles such as electric bikes and other electric vehicles.
LG is a Korean brand that is one of the most known lithium battery manufacturers in the world. LG produces the highest number of lithium-ion batteries in the industry.
· The lithium batteries of the LG brand have low self-discharge rates and allow users to ensure the proper utilization of the products.
· The batteries have a high energy density that reflects the better performance of the batteries.
· The batteries by the LG brand have a long work cycle, which is more than 500 charges.
· It uses only high-quality charge and is designed specifically not exposed to heat.
The lithium batteries of the LG brand require special care, such as not storing the battery fully charged and requiring a protective battery case to carry the batteries in the pocket.
Panasonic is the fourth-largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer in the world. The brand has a strong market presence in Japan, and its strong ties with the well-known brand Tesla indicate the chances to grow in the industry.
· It has a long 300 to 500 charge-discharge life cycle, which allows people to enjoy the battery life, ensuring optimum utilization.
· Ties with the Tesla car make the brand reliable and improve brand visibility in the market.
· The batteries' high energy density reflects the higher performance and indicates the potential to run longer efficiently.
· People find the lithium-ion batteries made by Samsung to be costly and heated easily that reflect the lower battery performance.
Samsung also creates lithium-ion batteries, which ensures delivering higher quality and better performance to the users. Samsung is also a trusted brand among the people and develops high-quality lithium-ion batteries.
· The Samsung brand’s lithium-ion batteries have higher capacity and stable discharge voltage. Also, the Samsung cell battery pack is rechargeable up to 500 times.
· It has small internal resistance and a long life cycle that helps people to ride electric bikes or operate other devices.
· The batteries by the Samsung brand are small, lightweight, and provide better performance to the users.
· The lithium-ion batteries manufactured by the Samsung brand are expensive for people.
· The unprotected lithium battery cells are not good because they do not have an embedded electric circuit that prevents your battery from overcharging and over-discharging.
The LG is a well-known brand, and you can choose the LG brand’s battery for improved performance and better use of your electric bikes or other products. These brands have almost similar features, but LG provides more stability than other brands.
These are some frequently asked question that allows you to know the importance of the lithium-ion battery. Also, make sure to use the protective battery type to ensure your safety and security.


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