10 Tips to Protect Your E-trike from Being Stolen

By Addmotor | 26 April 2023 | 0 Comments
E-trike thefts are common all around the world, and there is a large number of adult electric tricycles stolen every year. In the USA, an estimated 2 million electric tricycles get stolen each year. That’s a huge number! E-trike is valuable and equipped with all the expensive will many expensive components, so it is alluring to thieves. They either stole the whole electric tricycle or any expensive component from it, such as the battery. So instead of living with a constant fear of getting your electric tricycle stolen, it is better to take necessary precautions and protect it from being stolen. To help you in this, we have gathered 10 tips to protect your e-trike from being stolen.

1. Get high-quality locks

The first necessary step to protect your e-trike from theft is buying good quality locks that can’t be accessed easily. Whether going out for a short period, it is essential to lock your e-trike for protection. The most recommended are U-shaped locks that protect your electric tricycle from being stolen. You can wrap the U-shaped locks around the bike frame and the wheels, securing them tightly.  

2. Use multiple locks

A single lock sometimes may not be enough to protect your e-trike from theft. Multiple locks may be required, especially in unsafe areas. Multiple locks will also let thieves struggle to break through them all, and they might not get enough time to do that, which may discourage them. You can use the U-shaped locks to secure the frame of your e-trike and the chain locks to secure the other parts.

3. Lock it to a solid object

Many riders do not lock their e-trike to a solid and fixed object, and it is easier for the thieves to carry away the electric tricycle without breaking the lock. So it is recommended to lock your electric tricycle to a fixed object like a lamppost, fence, motorbike stand, concrete barrier, etc., which requires them to pick the lock to steal your e-trike.  

4. Park your e-trike in an open and busy area

If parking your electric tricycle in a public place, make sure that the area is well-lit with streetlights and is a busy place. In well-lit and busy places, the thieves are reluctant to perform such activities. Make sure to park your e-trike where the CCTV camera is most suspected, such as at entrances and allotted parking spaces.

5. Secure the components of the electric tricycle

As we said, in the beginning, thieves steal either the whole e-trike or its components, as the components of electric tricycles are also expensive. The most expensive and alluring component of an e-trike is its battery, which needs to be secured properly. Many adult electric tricycles come with a removable battery, so you can either take it with you when parking for a long duration or lock it separately.

6. Avoid routine parking in the same area

When taking your electric tricycle to work or college, you park your e-trike in the same area. It may provide information to the thieves regarding your locking system and pattern, and it gets easier for them to target your e-trike. So to avoid such planned targets, park your electric tricycle in different areas of the same place so that it’s difficult to track you.

7. Bring your e-trike inside

Sometimes you have to visit shady areas where such criminal activities are common, and you cannot park your electric tricycle outside. In such cases, it’s better to bring it inside the place. It might be difficult as some stores and workplaces do not allow vehicles inside, but some places let customers bring in their electric tricycles for adults indoors. You can request the owner or your boss to allow that considering the safety of that area.

8. Install a GPS tracker

Mounting a GPS tracker on your e-trike is a great way to protect it. It may be an expensive method, but it may help you get back your electric tricycle. It may also alert you if your e-trike moves a bit from its place by an unauthorized person. Even if gets stolen, the tracking device may help you locate your e-trike and the thieves.

9. Get the insurance

Like every other expensive purchase, you can get the insurance of your e-trike. It is a great way to recover some losses in case of theft. Homeowners or personal items insurance might not cover the theft of electric tricycles, but you may have to get special insurance to cover the loss.

10. Make it look less desirable

The new, shiny, and good-looking things generally lure the thieves. So camouflaging your e-trike to make it look less desirable and unimpressive may sound ridiculous, but it may deceive the thief and protect your e-trike from being stolen.
Electric tricycles are expensive items to purchase, and people can face great losses in case of theft. So taking necessary precautions and following these tips may help protect your e-trike from being stolen.


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