Top 8 Benefits of Riding an Electric Bicycle Regularly

By Addmotor | 08 December 2022 | 0 Comments

Everyone loves biking. As one of the great means of transport, electric bicycle is much easier to ride than a regular bike. Besides, riding an electric bicycle is considered “an excellent form of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise”.
Someone argues that electric bicycles provide more power for its pedal assist system, which means riders can spend less effort to cover more mileage and go farther. Actually, however, electric bicycle riders are getting more exercise.  

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1. Riding an electric bicycle helps to improve mental health
Riding electric bikes is conducive to mental health in many different ways. For example, increase the release of adrenaline and endorphin, and improve one’s confidence through achieving a goal.
Cycling is not only a sport but also an outdoor activity. You can grab your electric bicycle for a short trip to work up a sweat or join the community to get to know each other.
2. Riding an electric bicycle helps to burn calories

A simple formula for losing weight is “ calories > calories”. That means you should burn more calories than the one your intake every day to keep fit. By riding your electric bicycle, you can burn 400 to 1000 calories per hour, which depends on the intensity and the weight of the rider.
If you are a cycling enthusiast, you must be in a good shape.
3. Riding an electric bicycle helps to strengthen muscle
Keep pedaling not only burn calories but also strengthen your muscle at the same time, especially the hip muscles, hamstring, quadriceps, and calf. You can’t train your legs as well-built as the sprinters’ one unless you put plenty of time on a squat rack, but perfect hip.
4. Riding an electric bicycle helps to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness
Your heartbeat rate is 2 to 3 times higher than normal times while riding at different speeds and on different terrains. Under this situation, your cardiac muscle can get fully well-trained and it contract more powerfully, even vessel wall gets more flexible, which results in a larger vital capacity and better respiratory function.
5. Riding an electric bicycle helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer
Riding an electric bicycle improves your heart beat rate, makes your blood circulation system works, burns your calories and lowers your chance of being overweight. As one of the sports included in the general health and fitness guidelines for adults aged 19 to 64 from NHS (National Health Service), cycling can lower your chance of getting serious diseases like heart attack and cancer. A study found out that people who commute to work by bike are 50% less chance to get caught heart disease or cancer.
6. Riding an electric bicycle puts less burden on your body
When people talk about the advantages of cycling, the topic is always about sports. This makes people wonder if running is a much easier way to exercise. As a weight-bearing sport, running is more likely to get injured, while cycling is not. When scientists compared the long-distance racers with the riders, they found out that the muscle damage of racers is 133-144% higher, and they are 87% more likely to get inflammation.
Although riding electric bicycles is less likely to get injured, a proper riding plan is needed.
7. Riding an electric bicycle makes you sleep like a baby
Spend a tiring day on your electric bike can improve your sleep quality may sound arguable. But scientists think that people can reduce stress by doing exercise which finally results in better sleep quality. Obesity is one of the factors of insomnia, but riding electric bikes is always a solution.
8.  Riding an electric bicycle prevents Dementia
When your pedal alternately via your legs, both your left brain and right brain are getting built up at the same time. Not only your nervous system becomes more agile, but also you look much younger.


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