Everything You Need to Know Before Riding Your Electric Tricycle: A Pre-Ride Guide

By Addmotor | 03 June 2023 | 0 Comments
SOLETRI M-366X Electric Trike for Two Adults Ride
Electric tricycles have become increasingly popular in the market among adults. The three wheels in an e-trike that provide stability, comfort, and safety have given all the adults another chance to become independent and enjoy their life by riding on their own. This shift to the three wheel electric trike has also become a blessing to the environment, which is being polluted by unhealthy practices of human beings. The electric motor in an electric trike makes riding easy and convenient, but there might be some things that you need to know before taking your first ride on an electric tricycle. So we have compiled a pre-ride guide for an e-trike for a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

What is an Electric Tricycle?

Before we hop onto the pre-ride guide of an electric tricycle, let's first skim through the features and components that make the riding experience of an electric tricycle different from a traditional bike. The three wheels in an e-trike provide comfort and stability to adults who have mobility issues and are unable to maintain balance on a two-wheel bike. The main component of an electric tricycle for adults is the built-in electric motor that provides pedaling assistance to the riders making the ride more convenient and smooth. The adults who cannot pedal at all can use the full throttle mode of an e-trike, and the electric motor will do all the work. The electric motor works on a rechargeable battery, and its capacity determines the range you can cover while using the motor. The fat tires in the fat tire electric trikes allow you to ride smoothly on terrains, hilly lands, sandy beaches, or snowy roads.  

Pre-ride guide for adult electric tricycle

#1.  Prepare your electric tricycle

Just like you get ready before heading out, you should prepare your electric tricycle for the ride. First, check that the battery of your electric tricycle is fully charged or can cover the miles on the remaining charge. Clean your e-trike before heading out, and check the tires by pressing them to ensure they are properly inflated and don’t get flattened during the ride. Check the wear and tear of the tires to avoid any mishaps during the ride. Also, check if the gears of the e-trike are shifting smoothly and whether the chains and pedals are functioning properly for a smooth

#2.  Safety

Before anything else, the priority should be your safety. Even though a three wheel electric trike is a lot safer than an electric bike due to the stability it provides, you cannot compromise on safety. You never know if any unforeseen situation occurs, like losing control of the e-trike, or accidentally hitting something. So make sure to wear a helmet along with knee and elbow pads for safety and protection and to prevent yourself from any injuries. Not only this but for a safer ride, all the other features of the e-trike should also be functioning, especially the brakes and lights. Also, ensure that the seat and the seat belt are tightened properly.   

#3.  Getting on an e-trike

The difficulty the adults used to face on an electric bike was to mount it but mounting a 3 wheel electric tricycle is a lot easier due to its stability. You may also think that getting on an electric trike might be challenging as you cannot tilt an e-trike like a two-wheel electric bike before hopping on it. But that’s not the case, getting on an electric tricycle for adults is more convenient than the two-wheel electric bike. Make sure the motor is turned off before you get on the fat tire electric trike, and for the first time, try to mount by keeping your foot on flat ground for better stability. Then grip the brakes and hold the brake levers tightly so that the e-trike remains in its place and you can easily step through the e-trike. You can use the pedals to climb and step through the electric tricycle. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as sitting on a chair or sofa. Once you are in a comfortable riding position on the e-trike, you can turn on the electric motor.

#4.  Adjust the seat accordingly

The seat or saddle of the electric tricycle should be properly adjusted according to height and comfort. In the initial days of riding your new electric fat tire trike, you should adjust your seat slightly lower than the height you usually prefer on your two-wheel bike. It lowers your center of gravity, and provides additional stability, lowering the risk of any accident or injury. Also, it is important to consider the type of seat you want according to your comfort before you buy an electric tricycle. Addmotor e-trikes come with upright and semi-recumbent riding positions. Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric trike has an extra-large saddle and adjustable backrest to provide more comfort and stability and is considered the best electric tricycle for adults with bone and joint issues and pain. While all the other Addmotor e-trikes have an upright seating position which is the most comfortable riding position as it puts less strain on joints.   

#5.  Start with slow and steady speed

As you take your first ride on your electric cargo trike, it is better to start slowly to avoid any accident due to mishandling or losing control. Keep in mind that the driving mechanism of an electric tricycle is the same as that of traditional bikes. As you start the motor, first press the clutch and the brakes and then shift to first gear. When you are ready to accelerate and pedal the bike, first leave the brakes and then the clutch and your e-trike will start moving. But keep your speed slow in the beginning so that you can easily ride over the obstacles. As electric tricycles for adults are heavy and wide due to the presence of two wheels at the rear part, it is not easy to pass over an obstacle quickly like an electric bike and requires some more time and space to ride over the obstacle. So prepare yourself in advance, to pass through an obstacle on an electric cargo trike. Also, keep in mind that an electric tricycle has a wider footprint, so it cannot easily pass through narrow passages or very close to other vehicles.  

#6.  Taking turns

Turning your electric fat tire trike might be different from electric bikes due to their wider rear part, as there are two wheels at the back. So it's better to know how to turn your electric tricycle before taking your first ride. Due to its size and a wider base, you would require more space and time to make a turn, and the riders are advised to make a turn in advance. Another thing to consider while turning your electric tricycle is to avoid leaning over too much, such that any of the rear wheels get off the ground, and the e-trike loses balance and rolls over. So make sure you keep your weight centered by comfortably sitting in the middle of the motorized three-wheel bike so that all three wheels are in contact with the ground. Turning an electric fat trike is a little different from a two-wheel electric bike and would require some time to adapt to it, so it is better to practice in your neighborhood or an open space in the initial days of riding to get hold of the bike.

#7.  Read about the ebike law of your state

People tend to forget to read about the e-bike laws of the state and end up violating the rules. So before taking your first ride, you should read the details about e-trike rules and regulations of your state so that you don’t break any law. You can read e-bike-law-in-each-state-details to know about information according to your state, like the minimum age for riding, maximum speed, maximum power, and if a helmet and license are necessary during the ride. 

#8.  Managing the battery of your electric tricycle

The battery is the main component in a 3 wheel electric tricycle along with an electric motor, so you should know how to maintain your battery beforehand to avoid any battery issues during the ride. You should keep the battery of your electric tricycle fully charged and don’t let it fully discharge before recharging it as it would affect the life of the battery and compromise its capacity. Extreme high and cold temperature is the biggest enemy of the battery and reduces its life, so it is advised to keep your fat tire electric tricycle in a moderately cool environment and not under direct sunlight as it would discharge the battery quickly even when not in use. Charge your e-trike in a safe environment, as the batteries have a risk of explosion and catching fire. Also, don’t let your electric tricycle stand idly for a long period, as it would increase its self-discharge rate affecting the overall lifespan of the battery.   
You might think that an electric tricycle for adults is challenging to ride. It takes time to get hold of an electric fat trike, but once you adapt to it, there’s no turning back due to the comfort and stability it provides to adults. Hope this pre-ride guide helps in making your first ride a memorable experience.


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