Introducing the Addmotor GREATTAN L | The Electric Passenger Trike That's Built for Family

By Addmotor | 10 May 2024 | 3 Comments
Enjoy Alone Or Share The Experience With Friends On The Greattan L Trike
In an expanding market of electric trikes, the Addmotor GREATTAN L steals the spotlight for users looking for family-friendly transportation. 

This electric passenger trike is ingeniously designed with a spacious rear seat to enhance the riding experience for families who wish to explore the outdoors together. After all, leisurely neighborhood rides and adventurous off-road journeys are way more fun when you have company.
Parents also enjoy going for school runs on this electric trike since its lower passenger seat is safe for the kids, too. You won’t have to worry about your child losing balance or the e-trike tipping over.

With its robust features and versatile design, the GREATTAN L is redefining what it means to incorporate convenience, performance, aesthetics, and safety into a single electric passenger trike.
Let’s discuss the standout features that make this e-trike a worthy investment.

Powerful Performance

The Addmotor GREATTAN L is a powerhouse of performance, tailored to deliver an exceptional ride that caters to the demands of varied terrains and longer journeys. At the core of this electric tricycle is its robust 750w rear-mounted motor that provides ample thrust and seamless acceleration to make every ride exhilarating yet smooth.

Complementing the motor is the GREATTAN L’s 960Wh high-capacity dual-battery system, which stands out in the market for its longevity and reliability. This system ensures that families can enjoy extended outings without the anxiety of running out of power, offering up to 130 miles on a single charge, depending on the usage conditions. Such an impressive range is ideal for longer adventures or multiple short trips without the need for frequent recharging.

Enhancing the GREATTAN L’s ability to tackle diverse environments is its longer-travel suspension fork. This feature absorbs the shocks and bumps associated with rough terrains. It ensures a ride that is not only comfortable but also stable and provides a critical safety element when carrying passengers.

Additionally, the trike is fitted with a sophisticated torque sensor that intelligently adjusts power output based on the pedaling force. This technology improves the overall efficiency of the ride and makes the trike easier to handle. As a result, riders enjoy a smoother transition and better control across different riding conditions.

Together, these advanced features of the GREATTAN L make it a top contender in the electric passenger trike market, where power and performance meet the practical needs of family transportation.

Convenience and Comfort


Out of all Addmotor electric trikes, the GREATTAN L is mainly manufactured with an emphasis on convenience and comfort to serve as a true extension of the family lifestyle.

Central to its appeal is the ergonomically designed rear passenger seat, which provides plush comfort and ample space for additional riders. This feature is ideal for family adventures as it ensures everyone from children to adults can enjoy the journey in comfort. Additionally, the trike has passenger footrests and footpegs, which enhance stability and safety for passengers during rides. These elements are crucial for maintaining balance and comfort, especially on longer trips or when navigating uneven terrains.

Moreover, the GREATTAN L is equipped with fat tires that offer a significant advantage in terms of stability and smooth riding. These tires are adept at handling a variety of surfaces, from paved roads to gravel paths, thereby reducing the vibration and bumps that are often felt on less than ideal roads. Meanwhile, the extra-wide handlebars provide riders with enhanced control and maneuverability, which is particularly beneficial when the trike is fully loaded. Coupled with a step-through frame, the design of the GREATTAN L ensures that mounting and dismounting the trike is effortless and accessible for riders of all ages and abilities.

Safety and Ease of Control

The GREATTAN L places a high priority on safety and ease of control. It boasts advanced features that ensure a secure and manageable riding experience.
A standout safety feature of this electric tricycle is its differential system, which enhances the handling by allowing the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds during turns. This increases the stability and cornering ability of the trike, especially when carrying passengers or navigating curves.Apart from this, the robust parking brake system provides reliable stopping power and prevents the trike from moving when parked, even on inclines. This feature is indispensable for safe loading and unloading of passengers or goods.

Further enhancing the safety features of the GREATTAN L are the electric horn and the multi-function rear taillight. The loud and clear electric horn ensures that other road users are aware of the trike’s presence in busy or visually cluttered environments. Meanwhile, the rear taillight provides visibility in low-light conditions. It also includes lighting functions such as braking and turning signals, which communicate the rider’s intentions to other road users. Thanks to these two features, the likelihood of potential accidents is reduced significantly.

This electric trike with passenger seat also comes with the EB 2.0 display. It’s an intuitive control panel that provides essential information at a glance, such as speed, battery level, and distance traveled. This feature allows for easy monitoring and control of the trike’s functions.

No Compromise on Aesthetics

The GREATTAN L not only excels in functionality but also stands out with its striking aesthetics. Riders can rest assured that their style will never be compromised.

The 7020 Aluminum Alloy frame is known for its strength and lightweight properties. This material choice enhances the durability and performance of the electric trike while contributing to a sleek and modern silhouette. The clean and uncluttered frame design emphasizes the smooth lines and engineering precision that Addmotor is known for. This minimalist approach looks great and improves the overall functionality by making the trike easier to clean and maintain.

Adding to its aesthetic charm, the GREATTAN L is available in two eye-catching color options: Neptune Blue and Army Green. These vibrant and appealing colors reflect a sense of adventure and robustness, aligning perfectly with the trike’s capability to handle various terrains and conditions. Riders can pick a color that expresses their personal style.

The Neptune Blue option radiates a cool and calming effect, suitable for those who appreciate a sleek, futuristic look. In contrast, the Army Green offers a more rugged, earthy appeal that enthusiasts of outdoor explorations will love.

Summing It Up

Addmotor electric trikes are designed to help people create lasting memories on every road and path explored. The GREATTAN L, in particular, caters perfectly to the needs of modern families.

This electric trike with passenger seat is a leader in its class for build quality, safety, performance, and ease of use. With its ability to accommodate multiple passengers comfortably and safely, the GREATTAN L ensures that family outings are inclusive, enjoyable, and stylish. Whether navigating urban environments or cruising through rural landscapes, this electric tricycle invites people to explore more, worry less, and maximize family fun.


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