How can adult electric trike help people with disabilities?

By Addmotor | 27 December 2023 | 1 Comments
Traditional bikes used to require a lot of energy expenditure not only for healthy people but also for people with disability, but riding it was somehow more debilitating for disabled people as it did not have all the needed safety features for them. But now the 3-wheel electric bikes are here to solve the problem. This electric trike is designed to cater to the needs of people with different health conditions or impairments. This M-360 adult electric trike is not only comfortable but also has all the safety features for people with special needs.

Biking the old-fashioned way used to be physically exhausting thanks to M-360's strong motor, riding an electric trike is now effortless and smooth. Now you can take pleasure in the ride without having to push very hard with the new 3-wheel electric bike. The sleek design of electric trikes is more than simply a matter of aesthetics. It is a game changer in terms of promoting confidence, especially for people with disabilities. The frame of the electric trike, is designed by keeping in mind the specific needs of disabled people who may require additional support. The M-360 adult electric bike offers controls that are, simple to operate, different customization options, and an overall user-friendly design, all of which add to a pleasant and comfortable riding experience. Adult electric bike customization allows riders to adjust their bikes to meet their unique needs.

semi-recumbent e-trike

The New Arisetan II M-360 2024

The Arisetan M-360 electric trike has a few improvements while retaining its unique design. This electric trike's updated features provide a more comfortable and enjoyable ride on your everyday commute.

#1.  750W Rear-Mounted Motor

The performance of the Arisetan M-360 3-wheel electric bike has been completely changed, by the placement of the engine at the rear of the e-trike. A smooth and safe ride is guaranteed throughout both acceleration and deceleration due to this smart arrangement in the M-360 electric trike. This also enhances the traction and stability and translates into amazing control and handling while riding the adult electric bike.

#2.  Safe Parking brakes

With its coherent parking brake, the Arisetan M-360 guarantees comfort whether you're driving on a flat surface or a little inclination. This adult electric bike eliminates any risk of accidental rolling by firmly stabilizing your 3 wheel electric bike and holding it accurately.

#3.  Ride with comfort

This adult electric trike is a statement rather than just a vehicle. It is a head-turner because of its elegant design, striking colors, and keen attention to detail. Get ready to experience the joy of riding this great semi-recumbent electric trike in peerless comfort and fashion.

#4.  Mid-axis Torque Sensor

The motor of the Arisetan M-360 e-trike responds evenly to your pedal power and simultaneously adjusts its output to your force. Regardless of your preference for a rapid acceleration or a slower-pace, this 3-wheel electric bike guarantees accuracy, making for an even and efficient ride. Easily navigate your trip, with the motor which adapts to your every cycling choice and ensures that every ride is memorable.

#5.  Upgraded With Rear Speed Differential

The e-trike achieves exceptional balance by introducing a speed differential for the rear wheels which reduces the possibility of tipping. This improvement in the e-trike ensures that even at faster speeds, the trip will be safe and enjoyable. Feel the comfort of stability as you travel with assurance and peace of mind, knowing that the 3-wheel electric bike is built with your pleasure and protection in mind.

#6.  Increase storage space with the trailer tube

With the improved trailer tube of the 3 wheel electric bike, you can carry more stuff. With this improved feature, you can easily attach a trailer and increase the e-trike's storage space. Connect the tube accordingly, and transfer heavier loads with ease, enhancing the amount of cargo you can travel on every trip without sacrificing convenience. Get ready for an e-trike that adjusts to your storage needs, giving you a solution for those trips on which you need to bring along a little more stuff.

#7.  Samsung Cell Battery

The e-trike runs on a 48-volt system and has a 20 AH battery for an estimated max mile up to 85 with pedal assist. The Samsung cell battery is compact and lightweight with 960WH of capacity and excellent longevity. The built-in battery of 3 wheel electric bike allows you to cover long distances with a single charge. It is a reliable and durable power source for your electric trike.

#8.  Display with USB Port                                                                

The adult electric bike offers multiple riding modes for your convenience with a 5-inch LCD and a USB port. With the user-friendly USB port enjoy having your phone or GPS at your fingertips during the ride.
This 3-wheel electric bike has an integrated EB2.0 Lighting System which is powered by the main battery and controlled by the display. With this display and USB port in this e-trike, you can bring your favorite songs along the ride.

#9.  Tektro 180mm Disc Brakes

Each rear wheel of the M-360 electric trike is equipped with its break, which provides an immaculate force for stopping and a balanced braking quality. In this 3-wheel electric bike, the braking load is distributed equally between the wheels, which reduces the overall wear and tear, which adds up to the longevity and durability of the braking system.

#10.  Semi-Recumbent Frame

The seating position of this 3-wheel electric bike is slightly reclined, which promotes the natural riding posture by distributing the body weight equally and allows comfort during longer rides by reducing the stress on lower back muscles and joints. This feature of the M-360 e-trike helps the rider to enjoy the ride with less fatigue and more comfort, enhancing the overall riding experience.

#11.  Integrated Headlight

The 3-wheel electric bike has 9 lamp beads headlights with a horn, powered by the main battery pack of e-trike and controlled by the display. This feature of an adult electric bike helps increase visibility in low light conditions, rider can have a clear view of the road and can become more visible to the other road users.


The e-trike meets the diverse needs of people with disabilities. This e-trike has all the adjustable features needed for a safe and comfortable ride. The adult electric bike empowers its users by offering innovative designs and sustainable technology that are easy to use.

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