Finding the Best Electric Bike: Addmotor CityPro vs. Other Brands

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With constant technological advancement, companies rush to adapt to new technologies to get ahead of their competitors. At the end of the day, the companies that provide the products equipped with the latest technology get a lead in the industry. Many electric bike companies also utilize new technology to constantly improve their ebikes trying to produce top electric bikes. The Addmotor company takes a similar approach. Today, we will be seeing how the Addmotor Citypro electric commuter bike competes with the ebikes of other companies.
Before diving into a direct comparison between the ebikes for commuting to find the best electric commuter bike, we will learn more about the start, goals, and production of Addmotor in the ebikes industry and some information about the top competitors in the same industry. We will then see what components make the best commuter ebike and how the ebikes from Addmotor and its competitors differ from one another. In the end, after reviewing the details we will see if Addmotor Citypro ebikes act as the best electric commuter bike.

CityPro E-Bike E-53 and e-43 Citypro Electric Bike Blue

An Introduction to Addmotor Citypro

The Addmotor company has marked a strong position in the electric bike industry, producing some of the best ebikes including electric bikes for adults. Since its start, its main goal has been to produce only high-quality ebikes with the latest technology and features. The company was founded in 2011 and since then has produced products for diverse customers. It covers ebikes and related accessories for leisure riders, urban commuters, off-road enthusiasts, and others. Some of its early products cover mountain bikes, commuter bikes, tricycles, and folding bikes.  
Addmotor launched its series of Citypro ebikes which contain some of its most popular products such as the Citypro E-43 and E-53 ebikes. The company launched these ebikes with powerful and efficient performance, unique designs, and ensured durability. These Citypro ebikes have some of the best features which explains why they are so popular and may be considered as best ebikes by many. We will be discussing these features ahead in detail.


Top Competitors in eBikes Industry

The electric bike industry has various companies competing with one another to reach the top of their game. Companies are constantly planning on improving their products to get a lead over their competitors. While Addmotors constantly improves its products and has been popular among riders, other companies are trying to get ahead as well. Among the top competitors are Aventon and RadPower. Both companies produce ebikes for commuting.
Addmotor, Aventon, and Rad Power have marked their positions in the electric bikes industry. Addmotor, since its launch, focused on producing electric bikes, and now all three companies sell ebikes along with their accessories. Now that you have some introduction about these companies, let’s see how these companies compete with each other in terms of the different components and features of an ideal ebike.

Components of the Best Ebike

Every product has some components or features that must meet some basic requirements to prove itself to be a useful product. It must have to reach some basic requirements and needs of the user. Similar is the case with ebikes. Certain components of the ebike must reach the basic requirements to be picked out by customers or to attract customers. You will need to consider certain factors when buying electric bikes for adults, teens or children.
We will be discussing some of the major components that make the best electric commuter bike. These components include style and design, a strong brake system, a well-designed frame, a long-lasting battery, an efficient motor, durable tires, and electronic features it provides.

CityPro E-Bike E-53 Citypro Electric Bike Blue

• Style and Design

Everyone loves an electric bike that is not only high functioning but also has a stylish outlook. If you are going to ride an ebike, why not ride it with style? Different individuals prefer different designs and outlooks for their ebikes for commuting. Some may prefer a simple-looking bike while others may want a more colorful bike. Some riders may also prefer some design on top of their bike. Therefore, when buying a bike such as an ebike you must have sufficient options to choose from when it comes to the range of colors and designs for your ebikes.
Addmotor Citypro ebikes offer a variety of colors to choose from ensuring that its customers have sufficient options to choose their preferred color from. For its E-43 product, you can choose from the beautiful rose gold, cyan, pearl white, and estate blue colors. As for the E-53 ebike you can choose from decent olive green, khaki, estate blue, and pearl white colors. Additionally, these ebikes have sleek and modern designs. Customers usually prefer if they have options to choose from and Addmotor Citypro ebikes provide them with such options.
Aventon's most popular ebikes come in different styles and designs. If you are looking for an agile, sleek, lightweight, and minimalistic ebike the model Soliera is for you. If you want a laid-back cruising-style ride, then you can opt for its Pace ebike. The options of color vary according to each product. You mostly will have the option of two colors for every Aventon ebike. If we compare the Aventon Pace ebikes with Addmotor Citypro ebikes, the color options of CityPro are more.
Aventon Ebike
RadPower ebikes also come in different styles and designs for their customers. You can find different designs for its different products. The Rad series of ebikes come in different colors, mainly in the neutral and timeless color palette. You can choose from the colors black, white, orange, silver, red, and blue, depending on your chosen ebikes. All three companies provide a variety of styles and designs to choose from, the amount of options depends on the particular product you choose.
RadPower in general has more options in terms of colors and styles than both Addmotor and Aventon. Addmotor and Aventon provide options too. It depends on the rider if they can find their desired choice of color, style, and design within the available options of either company’s ebikes.

• A Strong Brake System

One of the essential features you check of any vehicle is safety. You will want to ride any vehicle that is safe to be on. Having a good and strong brake system is essential for ebikes for commuting and any purpose of use. Whether you are traveling on a straight, rocky, steep road it is important to check that your brakes are secured and properly working to avoid any sort of accident or mishap. Having reliable and efficient brake systems is the most important. Your safety should always be the top priority. Therefore, when buying any vehicle including an ebike, it should have a reliable brake system.
Addmotor Citypro provides such a reliable brake system ensuring that riders have a smooth and safe ride. An efficient brake system is important for any commuter ebike. It contains hydraulic disc brakes that are strong and can help bring the ebike to a stop when necessary. These ebikes have rear and front wheels as well as 180mm rotors which are ideal for the ebikes. The Citypro ebikes prioritize rider’s safety and ensure that they have firm control over the bike with these hydraulic disc brakes.
Aventon ebikes, such as the Aventure and Aventure.2 models, are also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes use a sealed fluid system as the main system to make the ebike come to a stop when required.
The Rad Power ebikes have some models that have mechanical brakes which utilize a cable-operated system to make the ebike stop. Such mechanical brakes are usually low-maintenance and provide stopping power for diverse riding conditions. Other models, such as the RadRunner 3 plus ebikes, use a hydraulic disc brake system.
You can see that Aventon and Addmotor both provide strong brake systems with hydraulic disc systems while Rad Power has more models with mechanical brake systems which are not as efficient as the hydraulic ones. Thus, for a commuter ebike you may want to prefer an electric commuter bike that have a hydraulic disc system.

• Well-designed Frame

Another component of top electric bikes that makes its way to our list is the frame of the ebike. The best commuter ebike must have a well-designed frame. Frames play a major role in holding together all the components of an ebike and they impact the quality, balance, and durability of the vehicle. Therefore, when buying an ebike, you will have to compare the frames of the available options of ebikes before coming to a conclusion.
Addmotor CityPro checks off this requirement as well since it provides a strong and safe frame of polygon design (6061 Aluminium). This polygon design adds to the aesthetic outlook of the ebike as it provides a more modern and futuristic look to the overall design of the ebike. Additionally, it gives more stiffness, rigidity, strength, and durability, and gives weight optimization to the ebike. In conclusion, this polygon design of the Addmotor CityPro ebikes makes them even better.
Aventon ebikes of all models have aluminum alloy frames. Aluminum alloy frames are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and give balance and stiffness to the ebike. Although, these frames do limit shape customization and have less damping. Aventon Level gives customers the option to choose from 3 different frame sizes. Avento ebikes use a diamond frame, step-through frame, or mixture frame depending on the model.
Rad Power ebikes also use 6061 aluminum alloy frames for its ebikes. Many of its ebikes use step-through frames which is an open-frame design known as the low-step design. As the name suggests, these frames make mounting on the ebikes easier.
Rad Power Ebikes
Once again, it comes down to the personal preference of customers on which frame and frame design appeals to them the most. The step-through frames are easier to mount on and use but offer less rigidity and stiffness. The diamond frame and polygon frame differ in terms of strength, aesthetics, rigidity, and more. It depends on the customers as to what they prefer.

• Long Lasting Battery

If you plan on going on one long ride or plan to use your ebike various times without the need to charge it again and again, then you will require a long-lasting battery. An electric bike heavily depends on its battery to work, therefore having a good enough battery is one thing you should check and ensure. There are various factors that you will need to check to identify a suitable battery for your ebike. For example, you will need to check the battery chemistry, capacity, compatibility, quality, running duration/charging time, and compatible voltage.
Addmotor CityPro ebikes are equipped with a 20AH battery. They use the latest high-capacity 21700 battery cell combination of Samsung ensuring that the ebike can get 125 Miles (PAS1) on one charger only. Not only this but it also has a battery protection template as well as using charging low or high-temperature sensing protection function. These ebikes also have additional MOS tubes. They also have a battery case, snap lock, and an external replaceable fuse holder. You can find all this information and more on their official website.
To find the top electric bikes, you will need to test out their batteries and find out their specifications and choose the best ones.

• Durable Tires

While riding a bike, you would not want to have your tires go flat or for them to easily break down. It can be very dangerous and potentially cause an accident. Thus, you should look for durable tires if you plan to get top electric bikes. Tires are important to ensure that you have not only a safe but also a smooth ride throughout your time on the bike. There are further factors you will need to consider to check if the tires are durable or not. For example, you will need to check the tire type, load capacity, if tires are narrower or wider, and tire pressure.
Addmotor Citypro ebikes have durable and strong 26x2.3 Kenda tires ensuring that the rider has a smooth, safe, and flexible ride. These tires have huge convex glue tread patterns and are durable, strong, thick, and anti-slip. Whether you are on straight, steep, or rough terrain, these tires make your ride smooth and safe.
Rad Power ebikes usually have different tires for different models including having 20"x4.0 '' Studded Fat Tires 20 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide for certain of its models. Rad Power electric commuter bike such as the model RadMission have puncture-resistant tires but at 27.5×1.95 inches.
Aventon ebikes have usually tires wider than normal tires and are usually 27.5×2.2. These tires will give you speed but at the same time, there will be a struggle to go up a hill with such tires. These tires have tread patterns giving the overall electric commuter bike a good grip.
In this case, which company provides better ebikes tires depends on the purpose of the ride. If you plan on riding on different terrains then Addmotor will make a good choice. If you want an electric commuter bike that is rather easier to transport than Rad Power ebikes make a good choice.

• Comfortable Seats

While various components of the ebikes for commuting ensure your ride is safe and stable, seats ensure that your ride is comfortable. Having the right seats positioned in the right manner is essential for you to be at ease when riding the ebike. The preference of the seat angle differs according to each bike's design and handle positioning as well. The ideal type of seat on the best commuter ebike is subjective as every individual has their own preference but general preference is given to seats with cushion, memory foam padding, or ample padding. The size and shape of the seats also depend on the rider’s preference. Adjustable seats are part of an ideal ebike.
Addmotor Citypro ebikes provide seats to riders that can be adjusted as the rider wants. These seats also have a back handle which can be useful. The material used for the seat or saddle further creates comfort for the rider.  
Citypro E-43 electric cmmuter bike  Pearl White
Rad Power ebikes provide customers with padded and ergonomic seats that can ensure rider comfort for long rides. The design of the seats is to ensure that the seats are comfortable for the riders based on their riding styles.
Aventon also designs its seats to provide comfort to users as they too offer padded and ergonomic seats. These seats are designed for riders who use their ebikes for daily traveling or leisure and recreational purposes.
In this regard, the purpose of your rides on the ebikes can help you determine which commuter ebike seating will suit you the best which will help you choose the right brand of ebikes. It can be noted that Addmotor city pro provides both comfortable adjustable seats as well as a back handle for support. The best ebikes will be those that fulfill the rider’s requirements and provide them with utmost comfort.

• An Efficient Motor

One of the major benefits of using an ebike is that while you still have to paddle on it as you did on a traditional non-electric bike, you do not have to paddle as hard. This benefit is brought to the rider by the motor system of the electric bike. If you are planning on buying an adult electric bike then an efficient electric motor is a must for the ebike. You will need a powerful and efficient motor for your commuter ebike to assist your paddling and for your ebike to move ahead. For that, you will need to check the overall power and performance of the motor as well as the efficiency and range and eventually find the top electric bikes.
Addmotor Citypro ebikes have a 48V*500W motor installed in it covers 907 Peak Watts. It can be seen as an efficient and powerful motor for the ebikes. Overall, it makes Addmotor Citypro ebikes a good choice to use when going up any hills or if you want to accelerate your ebike with ease.
Rad Power ebikes use different motors dependent on the model. The model Runner 2 uses a Class 2 750W rear hub motor that further utilizes a 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) battery. The Runner 3 model uses a 750W rear hub motor but with a dual battery option that has a range of up to 100 miles.
Aventon ebikes have generally brushless rear hub motors installed in them. They have electric motors that range from 350 to 500 watts. Specifically, the Aventon Level ebikes, contain a Shengyi hub motor with a 500W geared hub motor giving 750W peak power.

• Electronic Features

While there are basic and common components of ebikes, there are additional electronic features that can vary in ebikes by different brands. Additional electronic features could include an additional light system, LCD display, smartphone connectivity, USB ports, GPS, theft alert, and much more. These additional features are to enhance the usability of the ebikes and allow ebikes to benefit from the latest technology and further benefit the riders. These features help distinguish one ebike from another and impact the buyer’s decision. These features can come in handy for an adult electric bike too.
Addmotor Citrypro ebikes provide such additional electronic features to its users. It provides a proper lighting system including flashing lights, left and right turn lights, driving lights, brake lights, and danger lights. Furthermore, these ebikes also have an Addmotor EB 2.0 Multiple Function LCD displays on them which can show the riders all relevant information including speed and left/right turns. These ebikes also have a charging port, speed sensor, pedal assist, and much more. Besides these, you can look for the stand-alone accessories they sell.
Aventon ebikes have a backlit and high-resolution display that makes reading data from it easy. It depends on the ebike model whether it has an LCD display or a full-color screen. These ebikes also have a fast charger and paddle assist. Aventon does sell electric commuter bike accessories from which you can buy additional light to attach to the ebikes.
Rad Power ebikes do come with a 200-lumen headlight but if you want additional lights then you can look at the supporting accessories they sell such as the 500-lumen premium LED headlight. It also provides an LCD display screen and a 3-button remote. You can get to know all relevant information about your ride and speed on the display screen.


Now that you have reached the end, you have been equipped with all the relevant information that you will need to decide which electric commuter bike stands better than the others. We provided you with some initial information about Addmotor and its competitors (RadPower and Aventon) and described the components of the top electric bikes along with what Addmotor has to offer in comparison to its competitor brands. The Addmotor Citypro ebikes in various aspects ahead of competitors’ ebikes while being in a side-by-side competition in other aspects.
It always comes down to the preference of each customer/rider whether you are buying an adult electric bike or general commuter ebike. It depends on their preferences, requirements, riding style, and purpose, and overall which feature of the ebike they prioritize. One rider may prefer a certain seat padding as well as the style and design of the ebike. It is about the availability of options for customers. After reviewing all the information mentioned above, you can easily make the decision on which ebike you plan on getting. It can help you choose the best electric commuter bike. Remember to ride safely!



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