Exploring the Addmotor Electric Trike Lineup: Which Model Suits Your Lifestyle?

By Addmotor | 17 November 2023 | 0 Comments
Commuting in the city or embarking on adventurous journeys demands stable and comfortable transport. Some of you would not fancy cars and noisy bikes for everyday commute and it is just as acceptable because no matter how easy and convenient they are, they might be not environmentally friendly.

But with the all-new enhanced electric trikes, you get comfort, reliability, and eco-friendly transportation. Speaking of which, it is utterly important to get to know your wants and needs to get something that works best for you. Addmotor has made it easy for you. With its e-trikes lineup, you can explore your expectations and choose something that makes you and your riding experience happy and fun. Let us look into detail for what these e-trikes have to offer.

Triketan M-330F:

The M330F folding electric trike is not an average trike you get while exploring options both cost-effective and optimal on the same page. A rear-mounted motor paired with a rear speed differential, something that is not seen in ordinary trikes gives you a great deal of security with top performance. Speaking about the dynamics the M330F is quite responsive and controllable which makes it easier for people who are looking for a durable option. The folding electric trike is easier to transport and gives great mobility to its users.
Triketan M-330F folding etrike

#1.  Motor specifics

With a 750W rear-mounted motor, you get a great deal of stability. The weight balance is exemplary providing you with a firm and smooth riding experience. The M330F high torque motor lets you fly past the roads at high and steady speeds.

#2.  Battery life

Integrated with a 20Ah UL-certified battery, the trike lets you accomplish great lengths up to 85+ miles per charge. This means better riding range and no hassle of constant recharging or battery dying mid-journey. The long procedures of the battery ensure a safer ride.

#3.  Independent wheeling capability

Safety concerns are one of the major domains where many trikes have failed. Since the three-wheel ride is not extremely firm while turning or cornering, the Triketan M330F takes care of it with the rear speed differential. It lets the rear wheels turn independently so the trike does not trip or lift while turning at higher speeds. It also works best for responsive braking.

Soletri M-366X

Want to double the fun while going on fun rides? The Soletri M366X electric tricycle for two adults has got you. The highlight of this trike is its 2-seater capacity which makes it an ideal choice for families. With stylish and comfortable design features, the trike is the best choice for family day outs or a ride to the office with friends.
Soletri M-366x etrike

#1.  Motor performance

The M366X, an electric tricycle comes with a powerful front-mounted 750W motor. A great deal of power with range. The motor is capable of giving a raving 20mph that makes your journey memorable. Get ready to conquer those hilly terrains and city streets at high speeds.

#2.  Suspension system

While riding a trike, you do not get used to the road bumps and jolts that might come your way. As much as it is frustrating it cuts down the experience in terms of comfortability. But with the featured suspension system, the trike absorbs any shocks and vibrations ensuring a smooth, steady, and comfortable ride.

#3.  Tire superiority

The M366X is a fat tire electric tricycle that aims to give you durability and convenience. The 4-inch Kenda tires are GIGAS puncture resistant which comes in handy riding on uneven and rough terrain. The M366X tries to accommodate its rider in every aspect possible so you get a safe and sound ride throughout.

#4.  Style with power

Integrated with an efficient lighting system, it is easier to maneuver the trike into dark alleys and cramped roads. Even when the sun sets the visibility is not compromised. The wooden footrest is another feature that ensures reliability. Now you don't have to force your foot not to slip while riding as the footrest keeps it in place. Moreover, the banana saddle makes it easier for you and your partner to share space while driving. Finished off with a stylish design and bold colors, the Soletri M366X is the perfect definition of style with power.

Arisetan II M-360

This electric trike incorporates upgraded components, which takes your riding experience to the next level. With better performance, style versatility, and dynamics, the trike makes its way to one of the most reliable trikes in the market.
Arisetan II M-360

#1.  Motor performance

Arisetan II M360 fat tire electric tricycle gives you a raving 750W motor that sits on the rear of the trike. The vision for the placement of the engine is straightforward. It helps in improving the stability of the bike while giving you better control and adaptability. Apart from the safety perspective, the rear-mount motor also helps in stable cornering, which is a considerable performance plus for the customers.

#2.  Braking power

The upgraded Tektro 180mm Disc brakes provide just the proper force to stop even at higher speeds. The braking does not feel uneven and rough. The individual brakes on each rear wheel provide stability so the trike stops precisely. The design of the brake system is simple, and the grip is solid.

#3.  Riding range and durability

The standard 20Ah lithium battery of the Arisetan M360 is capable of giving you 85+ miles per charge. No more hassle of recharging and battery shutdowns. The trike screams reliability.
Paired with 4-inch Kenda fat tires, the trike ensures to give you a stable ride with shock absorption and puncture-resistant tires.

Triketan II M-330

Carrying a stylish look with enhanced features the Triketan II M-330 is an upgraded version of the Triketan I M330

#1.  Rear drive motor and battery

Powered with a 750W motor the Triketan II M-330 e-trike gives you better traction and performance. The powerful motor helps you roll over various terrains with ease. The trike maintains its reliability and comfortability even on rough patches and cramped paths. Moreover featuring a 20Ah battery the range of the trike shoots up to 85+ miles per charge ideal for longer journeys and late-night traveling.

#2.  Torque sensors- climb the hills

The M-330 II has advanced torque sensors which serve best when trying to climb up the hills or going on long rides. The sensors are intelligent and avoid the feeling of hysteresis. That is the force you apply for pedaling gives out promotional mobility hence giving you a less-exerted ride throughout.

#3.  Braking power

The Triketan II M-330 features Tektro Mechanical brakes that help give you great braking power, especially in wet weather conditions. The trike doesn't skid or slip on roads which makes it a secure option.

The Verdict

The Addmotor has an extensive range of options for everybody. Whether it is styling priority or performance metrics, it has something in store for everybody. Therefore, the purpose of this article was to give you an overview of some prominent features of some of the electric trike lineups that can accelerate your imagination and meet your expectations.
For more information on each model please visit Addmotor.


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