7 Tips for Electric Bike Battery Health

By Jamie | 05 May 2022 | 2 Comments

How far can you go with your electric bike on a single charge? It depends on many factors. Such factors include wheel size, load, tire pressure, terrain, road surface, weather, pedal assist, and more. However, the most important factor is the battery. 
Some people may complain about the battery getting super-hot when charging, or the range of the e-bike is less than the range of a new car after several months of use. How can you prevent this from happening?
Take the Addmotor E-43/E-53 as an example, they both feature an EB2.0 Samsung 20AH (960WH) battery pack and the sustainable range on a single charge is 125+ miles (PAS1). How do you maintain the battery health and how can you make it last longer? Here we have some tips for you.
1. Fully Charge the Battery for the First Time
When you first get a new electric bike, make sure to get it fully charged. Simply because when the battery is used for the first time, it comes in a "hibernation" or sleep mode (just like a computer). As a result, it needs a substantial first charge to tell the cells that it’s time to work. This long initial charge ensures the current flows through all the cells and keeps the battery in good condition.

2. Don’t Overcharge Your Battery
It usually takes 9-10 hours to charge the E-43/E-53 battery, especially if the battery is totally dead. It’s easy to forget about the battery and let it keep charging. It would be best to keep an eye on it and disconnect the charge from the battery as soon as it's done. 

3. Don’t Fully Discharge Your Battery
Recharge the battery before it becomes completely discharged. We recommend recharging the battery when it has a 10%-15% charge left. A complete discharge will reduce the number of recharging cycles during the battery life and limit the capacity.

4. Don’t Store an Empty Battery
Fully charge the battery at least once a month when the e-bike is not in use for an extended time. Failing to do this can result in a loss of range per charge when you start riding again.
5. Use the Charger from the Original Manufacturer
Another thing you can do to optimize your battery health is to use the charger specified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides a charger that takes into consideration your battery specifications. Also do not use the battery or charge for anything other than its intended purpose.

6. Avoid Extreme Temperatures
The e-bike is sensitive to extreme temperatures. If it's 80 degrees outside and you have your e-bike charged, move it indoors where the temperature is lower. If you don’t have a good place to store your bike, at least remove the battery and keep it safe in your house. The bike battery needs to be kept in temperature-controlled conditions and kept clean until you need it. A day or two outside will rarely hurt too much, but regularly storing the battery in extreme temperatures can wear it down.

7. Keep the Battery away from Water
Take special care to keep your battery dry as it is particularly vulnerable to water, especially saltwater. It can cause damage to your bike’s electrical system. Never submerge your battery in liquid, as this could damage the battery and endanger yourself. Try not to ride your bike in situations where a large amount of water could enter your bike, such as a wet road where cars could splash water on your bike. 
Charging and care are the two most important factors when looking at the life and service of a battery. Follow these 7 tips to keep your e-bike battery charged and ready to go anytime. These tips should also help you take the best possible care of your battery and make it last as long as possible.

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