2023 Best Electric Trikes For Adults – Top E-tricycle Review & Buying Guide

Here are some of the top-selling electric trike brands in the USA: Addmotor, Radpower, Emojo, Anywhere, Lectric and more.
Electric trikes are designed with safety in mind and are suitable for seniors and individuals with mobility issues, this article will walk you different etrike brands in details.
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Electric trikes for adults have become a popular mode of transportation in recent years. With their aesthetically pleasing design, updated features, and advanced technology, the popularity of adult electric trikes has expanded among people of all ages and especially among adults. The 3-wheel electric bike provides comfort, stability, and a smooth riding experience to the riders as three wheels provide maximum stability due to a low center of gravity. Due to the increasing popularity of electric tricycles, plenty of options are available in the market, making it difficult to pick the best electric trike. So our team at Addmotor has come forward to help you decide which electric trike would be best for you by researching and testing it. So here’s the list of best electric trikes for adults of 2023 with their pros and cons, and parameters and features that make them stand out.

1. Addmotor Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike

      • Up to 85 miles+ per charge under PAS 1

      • 48V*20 Ah Samsung battery
      • 750 Watts Bafang brushless motor
      • 450 lbs payload capacity
      • 20 MPH top speed     

Addmotor M-340 electric trike
is currently the top-selling adult electric tricycle in the USA due to its outstanding features. It is equipped with a 750-watt electric motor that provides a maximum speed of 20 MPH at PAS 7. The 4-inch-wide tires provide maximum stability, allowing a smooth and comfortable ride for adults. The powerful 750-watt electric motor along with the fat tires also allows a comfortable ride on rough terrain, hills, and sandy beaches, making adventures easier to ace. The most prominent feature of this adult electric tricycle is its long range due to a 20 AH high-capacity lithium-ion battery. You can easily cover 85+ miles on a single charge with PAS 1 mode, i.e., 8 MPH, without worrying about battery drainage or frequent recharging. The integrated lighting system that makes nighttime riding more convenient and the LED display that features all the necessary information together provides the riders with a safe and comfortable ride. The ergonomic design of the Addmotor M-340 electric trike with backrest and footrest also ensures a comfortable riding experience and you won't get tired or have back pain even when covering a huge distance. The comfortable design, advanced features, and top-quality manufacturing make Addmotor Grandtan electric trike a great investment.  

• High-capacity lithium-ion battery                                                                              
• Step thru frame that makes getting on and off the e-trike easier for the adults               
• Large storage capacity
• 750-watt powerful motor
• Aesthetically pleasing design 

• Mechanical disc brakes instead of hydraulic brakes

• Heavy weighted

2. Addmotor M-360 adult semi-recumbent electric trike


      • 85 miles+ range per charge

      • 48V*20Ah lithium-ion batter
• 750 Watt motor power
      • World-first semi-recumbent design      

Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric trike as the world-first semirecumbent etrikes caters to anyone having back pain, joint pain, or mobility issues who couldn’t ride any bike or trike for long hours. With your feet inclined in front, a comfortable large-sized saddle, and the back supported with an adjustable backrest, the Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric trike is the most comfortable e-tricycle model currently available in the market. Along with the optimum comfort, it also provides you the updated and advanced features, making the riding experience smooth and convenient. It has somewhat similar features to Addmotor M-340 electric trike, such as an advanced 2.0 EB system, large 20 AH battery capacity that provides long-range, powerful 750 watts electric motor, 4-inch fat tires, integrated lighting system, and LED display. The puncture-resistant wide tires and comfortable position on a semi-recumbent design also allow you to ride comfortably for long hours, even on rough terrains and sandy beaches, without the risk of any physiological pain or injuries. The sturdy and durable alloy frame of the Addmotor semi-recumbent electric trike allows you to carry a maximum load of 450 lbs and accommodates riders of a height range between 5’6” and 6’6”.  
• Best for people with back pain, joint pain, and mobility issues
• A low center of gravity provides maximum stability
• Provides a long range of 85+ miles per charge
• Great for low-impact and longer workouts
• Large storage capacity
• Sturdy and durable alloy frame

• It may get difficult to make turns on a semi-recumbent electric trike

3. RadTrike adult electric tricycle

      • 55+ miles range per charge
      • 415 lbs load capacity
      • 750-watt motor power
      • 14 mph top speed
      • 48V 10 Ah battery


Another electric trike that made it to our 2023 best electric trike is the Radtrike by rad power bikes. Introduced by the big name of electric bikes, the Radtrike provides maximum comfort and stability to riders. Its lower step-thru design, extra cushioned saddle, and backrest ensure that the rider receives the optimum level of comfort. A 750-watt motor power having a 14mph top speed may seem to be a downside, but it may benefit the adults who prefer riding at low speed, and also you can ride it at places where only a low-speed e-trike is permitted. Its portable design also makes it convenient for people who travel frequently and transport their electric trike as it provides an easier and faster assembly with a quick fold-down handlebar, and you can load your e-tricycle conveniently in a van or your car. Another thing that the riders mostly struggle with is reversing their adult electric tricycle in narrowed spaces, but Radtrike has made reversing easier. It has a reversing feature that only requires you to hold down the PAS button to enter the reversing mode, and the electric trike will start moving backward, and you won’t need to get off the bike and manually push it through the enclosed space. Another great feature that a Radtrike has is a parking brake. Even if you leave your e-trike on a hill, it won’t move backward and stand still with the parking brake and would remain in its place when you come back.   
• 750-watt powerful motor
• Reversible function
• Parking brake
• Easier storage and transportation
• top speed is less as compared to Addmotor electric trike
• battery capacity and range is less as compared to Addmotor electric trike


4. Lectric XP electric trike



     • 48 V, 14 Ah battery
     • 60 miles range per charge
     • 14 mph top speed
     • Hydraulic brakes
     • 1092 watts peak motor power


When talking about the 2023 best electric trikes for seniors, we had to include the recently launched Lectric XP electric trike by Lectric. We were stunned to see the price of the Lectric XP adult electric trike and had to make sure it had all the features and specifications that provide safety and comfort to the riders. The XP 3-wheel electric bike is powered by a 500-watt motor with 1092-watt peak motor power mounted in the mid-drive, allowing more traction. It comes with an average-sized battery with a 14 Ah capacity that covers a range of 60 miles per charge. The top speed of the Lectric e-trike is 14 mph which is a reasonable speed and provides safety to the riders as they ride within the safety limits. The Lectric XP adult electric tricycle is also foldable, which makes it easier for transportation or moving through narrow spaces. It can be folded through handlebars, and the frame folds in half, making it compact and easily portable. The Lectric XP 3-wheel electric bike is also known for being lightly weighted, as compared to other electric tricycles for adults. It only weighs over 70 lbs with the battery. Its lower step-thru design makes getting on and off the bike convenient for adults and people with short heights. It has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs and can accommodate a wide range of heavily weighted riders while carrying 75 lbs in the rear storage bag and 35 lbs in the front basket. Lectric XP e-tricycle is equipped with efficient hydraulic brakes, and the front and rear have parking brakes, as the electric tricycles for adults do not have a stand to keep them in their place while parking. With as low a price as $1499, while being equipped with all the latest features and components, the Lectric XP is undoubtedly the best electric trike for seniors.
• Low cost
• Portable
• Lightweight
• Lower step-thru frame
• Large payload capacity
• It doesn’t come with a comfortable saddle with a backrest like a rad trike and an Addmotor electric trike. The saddle has to be bought separately at an additional cost.
• It doesn’t have a suspension
• Only one color option


5. Anywhere trike



   • 500-watt powerful motor
   • 48V, 15.6 Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery
   • Up to 31 miles range on a single charge
   • Tekro disc brake
   • Aluminum alloy frame
   • 14.5 MPH maximum speed


The rugged edition of anywhere fat tire electric trike as the name indicates is best for off-road riding on rugged landscapes. The powerful 500 Watt motor provides enough torque to ride the anywhere fat tire electric trike on terrains, hills, and beaches. This fat tire electric trike is great for adventurous people who want to experience some fun and thrill but also want to be safe. It comes with a 15.6 Ah lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 31 miles which may be great for covering shorter distances. The anywhere electric trike has a low step-through frame of 18.5 inches which makes getting on and off the bike easier for adults. The extra width of the tires allows a smooth ride on any kind of surface, such as rough terrains, snow, dirty pathways, or sandy beaches, without the risk of tripping or having injuries. The fat tire electric trike is also equipped with front and rear lights for a comfortable and safe riding experience at night. It also comes with an upgraded seat with a backrest to ensure that your back is well-supported and you ride comfortably throughout the journey. The anywhere fat tire electric trike has a carrying capacity of 400 lbs, so you can easily carry stuff in the front and rear baskets. In addition to all the safety features, the fat tire electric trike also has a parking brake to keep your bike in a standby position anywhere.
• Suitable for off-road riding
• Low step-through frame
• Large carrying capacity
• Safe and smooth riding experience
• Expensive as compared to other electric trikes for adults
• Relatively less mileage


6. Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike



     • DC brushless 500-watt motor power
     • 48 V, 15.6 AH lithium-ion battery
     • 35 miles range per charge
     • Hydraulic disc brakes
     • 20 MPH top speed

Another known name in the 3-wheel electric bike industry is the Emojo caddy pro electric trike. It has to be included in the best electric trike list as it is one of the top-selling electric tricycles in the USA. Emojo caddy pro is powered by a 500-watt motor that allows you to ride even on hills and rugged landscapes. It has a 48 V lithium-ion battery with a 15.6 AH capacity that allows it to cover a distance of 35 miles on a single charge, so you can cover short distances on the Emojo caddy Pro 3-wheel electric bike. You’ll also find a USB port on its battery which is very useful if you want to charge your phone immediately in case of an emergency. The safety feature that makes the Emojo caddy pro e-trike distinct from other adult electric trikes is its hydraulic disc brakes that require minimal effort to operate and has a strong breaking that wouldn’t require you to press brakes much ahead of time. The front fork suspension and suspension seat posts provide a smooth and comfortable ride even on the bumpiest roads by absorbing energy. The Emojo adult electric tricycle also has a thumb throttle that allows the e-trike to move forward without pedaling. It has a maximum payload capacity of 300 lbs and comes with a front basket and a storage rack built at the rear end, so you can use it to carry groceries or transport other things. The fat tires of the e-tricycle also provide a safe and smooth riding experience on terrains and hills, and the saddle with a backrest allows you to have a comfortable position throughout the ride.  

• Hydraulic brakes 
• Great value for money
• Durable and solid frame
• Front Suspension



• No reversible function makes it a bit difficult to drag the e-tricycle out of the garage o parking space.  
• Heavy weighted, so it would be difficult to pedal all by yourself if you run out of battery.
• The Emojo caddy pro electric trike is not waterproof, so the LCD of the e-trike is more prone to being damaged by water.


7. Pedego electric trike



     • 36 V, 11 AH Panasonic lithium-ion battery
     • 250 Watt brushless geared hub motor
     • Mechanical disc brakes
     • 30 miles maximum range per charge
     • 11 mph top speed    


The last one on our list of 2023 best electric trikes for seniors is the Pedego electric trike. Made in California with the highest quality components, Pedego 3-wheel electric bike is equipped with a 250-watt brushless gear hub motor that provides reasonable power and speed. The 36 V Panasonic lithium-ion battery has a decent capacity of 11 Ah that provides a range of 30 miles on a single charge which helps in covering short distances. It has an extended wheelbase and a low center of gravity, ensuring maximum protection and safety. It also has a low step-through aluminum frame with a pedal forward position making it convenient for the riders to get on and off the e-trike. You can ride in a comfortable position as it comes with a well-padded saddle and a backrest that provides support and doesn’t make you feel tired. You can adjust the handlebars of the Pedego 3-wheel electric bike according to your height and comfort through the handlebar stem. This adult electric tricycle has only two levels of the pedal assist system, which include the throttle-only mode and the pedal assist mode. The Pedego e-tricycle comes with an efficient lighting system with an automatic sensor. The rear and front lights provide safety and convenience when riding the e-trike at any time. Also, you do need to worry about carrying the groceries as the e-trike has an extra-spacious storage container at the rear end, which also includes the fenders, protecting your clothes from any mud or splashes of water.

• Extended wheelbase and lower center of gravity for maximum stability and safety
• Internally geared three-speed hub for easier pedaling and smooth shifting
• Low speed for safety purposes


• No reversing mode
• Weak torque sensor
• The pedal assist requires comparatively more leg effort due to fewer levels


► E-trike buying guide: how to choose an electric trike

With so many options available in the list of 2023 best electric trikes, it might get difficult to choose the best one for yourself. Buying an e-tricycle is a huge investment, so it is important to make the right decision before spending your money. To help you with this, we have compiled some important parameters that you should look for before buying a three-wheel electric bike. 

1. Range

It is important to determine the range of an electric trike. The range tells us how many miles an e-trike can cover on a single charge. The range of an e-tricycle depends upon the battery capacity. The large battery capacity will allow you to cover longer distances. It depends upon your usage what range of electric trike would be suitable for you. If you want to use an e-tricycle for grocery runs or to your workplace, which is near your house, you can compromise on the range of an adult electric tricycle, but if your daily commute requires a long route, then a fat tire electric trike with a large battery capacity should be preferred.

2. Motor

Another component to consider before buying a three-wheel electric bike is the electric motor, as the functioning of the adult electric tricycle depends on it. As adult electric trikes are usually heavier, they require more power to accelerate, especially on hills and terrains. Most electric tricycles for adults that we saw above were in the range of 250 and 750 watts. So if you want an e-trike for daily commuting or running errands, a 250-watt motor power of an e-tricycle would be enough. But for adventurous rides, such as mountain riding, or riding on terrain, a 750 or 1000-watt motor power would be required.   

3. Lighting system

It is important to ensure that the 3-wheel electric bike has an efficient lighting system. An efficient lighting system is necessary for your safety and protection. The headlight and taillight with long visible range and high brightness ensure a safe and smooth ride at night. A fully functioning lighting system would make you visible to the other riders and prevents any kind of accidents. Also, it is important to determine the percentage of the battery the lighting system consumes to work efficiently. If the lighting system consumes a large percentage of the battery, it will drain quickly and decrease the range of an e-trike.

4. Throttle

Electric trikes for adults usually operate on either of the two modes, i.e., the throttle mode or pedal assist system. Some adult electric trikes also offer both modes. But before buying an e-trike, it is important which adult electric tricycle you would prefer according to your usage. The throttle allows the electric trike to propel forward solely on the motor power and doesn’t require pedaling. This may be helpful when riding up a hill or mountain, or if you want to accelerate quickly to reach somewhere. On the other hand, the pedal assist system provides you with additional power from the electric motor while pedaling. This requires only minimum effort in pedaling as the electric motor contributes to the human force.    

Electric tricycles for adults can be a life-changing investment if only the right choice is made when buying one for yourself. There may be many choices available in the market, but not every e-trike is meant for you. We hope this piece of information helps you make the right decision and you can buy the best electric trike that you won't regret buying later.

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