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Own a Store

Dear Addmotor Friends

In 2018 we give you a big opportunity to open your own Addmotor retail store. We believe that the future will be electric and it brings more joy to all cyclers.

We started our business in 2005 by selling motorcycle parts to our customers. During this phase, we gained tons of experience in that sector. Later more and more friends were talking about electric bicycles. After about 10 years Addmotor decided to enter the E-Bike market with its first Motan M-150 Model.

After three years of selling E-bikes, we can see that our quality steadily grew and more customers become happy with their Addmotor E-Bike. Our head office is located in China, where we effectively can monitor our mother factory in order to provide the best quality to our customers. Each year we will come up with 5-8 new models, which will our product line. We will design and provide a large number of modifying parts, battery packs, accessories, clothing and much more which will be able to make your business more attractive and brings you extra profit. Also to be mentioned is that the majority of our bikes are sold for less than $2000. So it truly is popular with E-Bikes.

In 2017 the first three stores opened in California, Boston, and Hawaii, with great success.
Now Addmotor counts as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in America and we are well-positioned to face all the upcoming opportunities.
With you on our side, we can take E-cycling to create a better world.

Addmotor Team